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Happy Mage
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Wed 5 Feb 2020
at 18:35
Hall Of Hopeless Heroes
Here we honor Happy Mage and those he has sacrificed for our utter enjoyment!
Xen Kell
Wed 5 Feb 2020
at 18:38
Hall Of Hopeless Heroes
When Happy said that he could poof people away like Thanos and didn't even need an infinity gauntlet, Xen Kell said "Prove it."
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Wed 5 Feb 2020
at 18:39
Hall Of Hopeless Heroes
Valaric, after the most baller use of Instant Fortress, became inactive when the fortress didn't instantly kill the entire other team.

He will be missed.
Kersarge Hewnaxe
 Dwarf, 78 posts
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Wed 5 Feb 2020
at 23:25
Hall Of Hopeless Heroes
We lost two of our ranks in a dungeon crawl, may their nameless npc souls rest in peace as another sacrifice in this hall
Happy Mage
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Wed 11 Mar 2020
at 21:08
Hall Of Hopeless Heroes
Therkom Stonefist.

While being a regular poster in the waiting list, once Therkom was bumped into team 4 he curiously stopped posting, even though he checked in a few times and ignored my pms. Ce le vie.
Yuirkinshirka Krumplefesset
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Wed 11 Mar 2020
at 21:27
Hall Of Hopeless Heroes
Unfairly, Rhogar, after unfairly being treated most unfairly was unfairly ejected unfairly from the dungeon unfairly.
Happy Mage
 GM, 994 posts
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Fri 20 Mar 2020
at 16:51
Hall Of Hopeless Heroes
Therkom returns to slay more zombies and drink more ale!
 Tabaxi Female, 23 posts
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 Psychic Blade/Psychic Bla
Sat 21 Mar 2020
at 02:41
Hall Of Hopeless Heroes
In reply to Happy Mage (msg # 7):

Bridget became goo as a new warrior entered the dungeon.
Therkom Stonefist
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Sun 22 Mar 2020
at 02:25
Hall Of Hopeless Heroes
No luck with these rolls! hahahah
Dox the Immortal
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Sun 22 Mar 2020
at 04:40
Hall Of Hopeless Heroes
Dox had to concentrate on college finals (although it seemed really early and Happy is super sure that was just a lame excuse).
Jimmy Switchblade
 Gnome, 178 posts
Sun 22 Mar 2020
at 18:24
Hall Of Hopeless Heroes
Corona virus puts Jimmy on hiatus, though there are fond wishes to return.
Rangrim Stormaxe
 Dwarf, 148 posts
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Fri 27 Mar 2020
at 03:44
Hall Of Hopeless Heroes
After Happy accidentally mistook him for Kersarge, Rangrim couldn't handle the pressure of having to distinguish himself as a dwarf.
And Kersarge killed him.

Actually, Joe Dirt killed him, Kersarge just mooned him.
 Human, 15 posts
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Sun 29 Mar 2020
at 06:36
Hall Of Hopeless Heroes
Lir was completely rekt by Muiral, who gave him the people's elbow.
Joe Dirt
 Half-elf, 128 posts
Sun 5 Apr 2020
at 15:58
Hall Of Hopeless Heroes
Joe Dirt finished strong but decided PVP was too much work for his frail mind. When asked to create his own eulogy Joe declined by never replying. So you get this.
Elhorn Hartgard
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Sun 5 Apr 2020
at 16:00
Hall Of Hopeless Heroes
Elhorn was actually a ring of mind preserving or whatever its called. He was controlling the body of the character you all thought was Elhorn. It was going to be a really great twist when he was killed in PVP and another player took the ring and then he took over their body.

I'm glad that never happened bc I would have allowed it and I'm sure the other player would have been like "WHAT?"
Yuirkinshirka Krumplefesset
 Gnome, 214 posts
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Sat 11 Apr 2020
at 19:52
Hall Of Hopeless Heroes
I've had a lot of fun with (most) of the other players, and I feel bad for the attachments they may have formed with some of my characters.

Except for Jimmy Buchanan. Fuck that guy.
Ront the Brawn
 Half-Orc, 109 posts
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Wed 22 Apr 2020
at 19:41
Hall Of Hopeless Heroes
Ront hasn't posted in 1.5 weeks.
Sveitha White
 Human, 165 posts
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Wed 29 Apr 2020
at 04:41
Hall Of Hopeless Heroes
Who knew that light clerics will melt like a purple flavor kool aid popsicle if left in a cave for too long?