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Mon 30 Mar 2020
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PHASE 2 Character Creation/Gear Info
Current players:  All Phase 1 Players get 2000XP! WOOHOO! This should put you at least level 4, if not, then you have 2700xp and are level 4.
If anyone would like to create a new character you can at an 1000xp cost.

New players: start with 2700xp level 4

New rule on magic items: All of your current magic items are gone. Everything except for level trophies.
Don't know what that is? That's because you didn't get one. Vlonwelv still lives. Extrimiton still lives.  Muiral has been killed. GG.

Take 1000gp to spend on magic items of up to uncommon quality only. It's FAIR!!!!

common magic items: 100gp
uncommon magic items: 500gp

common magic potions: 50gp each
uncommon magic potions: 100gp each

All your other equipment also resets to starting class equipment. You will have more opportunities to earn better stuff in the dungeon.

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