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Wed 29 Jan 2020
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Shattered Beginnings
In the year X792, the great Emperor Spriggan fell in the midst of what was to be his greatest conquest. Against all odds, the champions of the small country of Fiore, our target across the sea, waged an uphill battle against our mighty leader and managed to strike a decisive blow. Alvarez crumbled beneath the weight of the fallen. Unable to hold onto the immensity of the vast boundaries once conquered by Emperor Spriggan, much of the Empire's territory crumbled away as various factions fought to gain control of an uncontrollable expanse.

Nearly four years have passed, and as those factions continue to wage a war for ultimate dominion over the broken continent, the innocent continue, unseen and unimportant, to survive as their world, their very lives, face utter annihilation.

It has become known, and not without a sense of irony, as the Second Savage Age. After all, it began with the fall of Emperor Spriggan, whereas the first began with his rise.

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