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Mon 30 Mar 2020
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Game premise and Introductory post.
You're found, one day by a representative from the Druids that oversee the health of Ireland. Villagers by a Bard, wilderness and fey adjacent types by a Druid. You are convinced, one way or another, to  come to the College of Bards, in the north. For some it's the mere hint the country might be in danger, for others it's the idea of adventure...for at least one of you, it's because Daddy said to quit embarrassing the family name and get going. Or get disinherited.

You collect in a lounge at the College a few days later. In size you range from..well, a leprechaun to the really big hairy guy in the chain mail. A few humans, but one each elf and leprechaun, and whatever the big guy is.

The minstrel in the corner that's been strumming a quiet tune stops, suddenly, as an older man is leather armor walks in. He looks you over, "Three village champions, a wandering protector, and two...well, you're here, that's what matters." He sits and looks pensive a moment, "You've been selected, for a variety of reasons, to help save Ireland from the return of the snakes. If they aren't dealt with, we may all die. The Crozier of Patrick the Sainted has gone dormant, possibly destroyed, possibly just ...moved. It needs to be recovered, if possible, and replaced. If that isn't possible, it need to be rebuilt...and all the while the Dark Times will be returning."

He looks up, "Will you help?"

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