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Sat 11 Jan 2020
at 23:07
This game uses my Fantasy Earth setting which can be found here link to another game

This particular game is set in Ireland, and has  a somewhat restrictive set of class/Background/Race options. The Druids are recruiting a team, and they have their own ideas about what is and isn't useful or appropriate.

And the theme: The Snakes have returned to Ireland. Patrick the Sainted made sure this could never happen, but it has. Find out why and fix it.

This game is for Irish characters ONLY, of whatever race. The Druids doing the hiring are particular.

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Sat 11 Jan 2020
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Please no not just send me your favorite Realms or Eberron character. They won't work here. Take a few minutes and read the Races Thread and the Classes Thread. The Druids Thread might be handy, too.

THEN submit a character idea (not the whole character) that fits with the limits of the game, which are fairly restrictive compared to most games I do in this setting, and highly restrictive compared to most Realms or Greyhawk games.

I will need: Class, path, background, and race. Please include all 4 aspects. If there is an issue with the combination I'll try and work it out with you.

Please be aware, however, I will NOT adjust my game world to allow for your special character. The character needs to be adjusted to fit the setting, not the other way around. But I will try and find a solution/combination of the 4 above aspects that works for both you and the setting. Just be aware that it may not be possible unless you can be a little flexible.

Some other limits:
-Int 10 or greater, please. I'm tired of Int 8 min maxers who play the idiot character like it's a genius.
-No Chaotic Neutral. No, not even for YOU. It never works out, so let's not get it stuck in your head that's the Alignment, and have you forget you changed it.
-I truly doubt I'd accept Evil either.

So, if you've read the other threads and are still with me, please, send me that RTJ.

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Sun 12 Jan 2020
at 01:28
Oh, and please be aware:

I am allowing ONE each of the non humans:
Half Elf
Elf (of any sort).

This is a human dominated setting, and the party should be as well.

I MAY relax the limit on half elves to two, actually, but I'm still considering it.

Sorry, folks, Human is all that is left. Unless someone drops out, of course. Always possible on RPoL.

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 Face it: I'm the Druid
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Sat 11 Apr 2020
at 19:50
Take Pity on the DM
Please, folks, a few things to make life easier for me, and less frustrating for all of us:

Blue for Speech, Orange for OOC, Red and both Greens for the DM.

If you are doing something in the IC thread that needs explanation, by all means, explain in your private thread or the OOC thread if you feel it's too long for the OOC section of the IC post or a private line in the IC post. HOWEVER please put an OOC or Private line in that original IC post to let me know I need to read another thread or two before responding.

Strange as it may seem, I do not routinely check multiple posts before responding to IC or OOC thread posts.  So, if I should, on occasion, let me know it's such an occasion.

Thank you.

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