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Sat 4 Apr 2020
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Local Geography
I'm not an expert on the geography of Ireland, but I have google. I can get the basic dimensions, then place whatever terrain I like where I want it, of I can't find a place close enough to suit. It's a Fantasy version, after all.

This thread is to describe approximate locations for places, as those locations are determined, and if the party has some way to determine such. You have 2 members  (at game start) that have a fair knowledge of the island's geography, or a good memory for places they've been.

Be aware, this is NOT going to be na actual map, just rough coordinates.

Also, while most of you have distinct home villages, I'm leaving those undefined, for now, until such time as I find a need for such...if I ever do.
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Sat 4 Apr 2020
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Ireland is, more or less, a ring of low lying mountains around a central plain (according to that great, but diminutive, Bard; Wee Keith O'Pedia). Much of the central plain is woodland at this point in history.

It has about 2800 miles of coastline.
It'a widest point is 174 miles
It's longest is 486 miles.
It's highest point is a bit over 3400 feet.

You're never more than a couple weeks away from anywhere, terrain issues permitting.

Dublin, the Capital, is about halfway down it's eastern coast.

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Sat 4 Apr 2020
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Known Locations
Places you've been to and (at least) one or two of you could find again:

-The Bardic College: The Druidic library and headquarters. Also, of course, where the Bards are trained. It is 100 miles south of the northern point of the island, and about equidistant between the east and west shores.

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Thu 9 Apr 2020
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Bard College Support Village

The village that as grown outside of the Bard College/Druidic Library has anything a Druid might need, anything other villagers might need, and not much else.

Shingles for the following businesses can be seen:
-Leather worker
-Brewer (two or three)
-General store: Trail rations can be found here, as well as other supplies that don't fit into the above businesses
-Grocer: typical food stuffs (dairy products and fresh fruit and vegetables) and cheaper spices

There are also a few taverns and an Inn or two.

There may or may not be other, less obvious, businesses. The above are merely the most obvious.