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Druids/Bards...and druids/bards
This game is based on the area the classes of Druid and Bard were based off of. Of course, "druid" now encompasses pretty much everything shamanistic and "bard" now encompasses pretty much everything in the way of a traveling entertainer. Or even street corner performer.

So..Let use define Druids with a capital D, Bards, with a captial B, and the lesser druidic and bardic styles of character.

In Ireland, at least in modern Myth, Druids were somewhere between Priest and Wizard (and somewhat skilled in astronomy, as well, based on the Henges and Standing Stones left behind) while Bards were a sub class of Druids that traveled, carried news from town to town, and kept aware of what was going on in the broader countryside. At least back in the early editions of the game.

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True Druids, those who carry the actual name, are Moon circle. They are the magically active senior most protectors of the land (well, from the human standpoint, anyhow). They are the makers of the Henges and Standing Stones and other such areas about the islands.

But they aren't the only ones. There are "lesser" groups, if only in authority and oversight. Druids of the Land are, by their nature, concerned with narrower areas than all of the parent island.

I have used names from myth for the land druids that don't always match exactly with the domain and nature of the druids, but are close enough that one can see where myth and legend might have changed things. And it might give a hint as to common attitudes amongst members of the various sub cults.

Selkies: Coastal Druids: They tend to hold off on shapeshifting, especially in public, until they can take swimming shapes then they restrict themselves to pinnipeds. This is custom, not a requirement.

Fear Gorta: Grasslands. Treat them well and they help stave off hunger. Otherwise they keep Erin's Isle that magical Emerald Green.

Grogoch: Mountains. Often hermits or Folk Heroes (more or less Fey Guardians) to mountain communities. Well, those respectful of Nature.

Ballybogs: Bog (Swamp). Again, often hermits.

The Gardeners: Forest. They maintain the old growth forests, occasionally going so far as to expand them. Second only to True Druids, and about equal to True Bards.

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True Bards are College of Lore and are exclusively Druidical, as the Druids are the ones that train them.

Their Library/College is somewhere in Ireland, and is also the main meeting hall for Senior Druids to conclave when necessary. True Bards are considered lesser Druids, and rank at least equal to Land druids.

Other bards are generally either Valor, if wealthy and rural, or Blades if City born and wealthy. The sheer expense of an education that teaches all that even a non-Lore bard knows in magic and skill pretty much necessitates a wealthy background. In Cities this would be Noble or the Merchant variant of Guild Artisan, in rural areas, it's mostly just Nobles.

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Recruitment and Druids as a Patron.
The Druids are recruiting those they think they can trust to do what needs to be done to save Ireland. They are limited in their influence, and have prejudices in keeping with those limits, so: NO Church of Light or City bred and raised characters will be recruited. This mostly affects background choices, such as Urchin and Courtier. Celt clerics are possible, but not too likely. Choice of deity may affect the decision, as well.

Specifics about class limitations will be covered in the class thread.

The benefits of Druids as Patrons, at lest for this campaign, are listed in a post in the Local Extras thread

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