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Sat 11 Jan 2020
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The selection of races is limited, and options for specific non human races is even more limited in some cases. All to make this a Irish game. Gremlins just won't work, and Brownies are English <shudder>. Sorry.

The overview:
Humans, of course
Leprechauns, because...well, it's Ireland
Sidhe, both types.
Firbolg because..well, because we can, finally.
Fey Touched: Because when elves are away from home they do the same thing with farmer's daughters humans do.

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Sun 12 Jan 2020
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Humans and Fey Touched
Human and human variant are open
Humans are limited to Wild Magic for sorcery, and are unlikely to be city born.

Fey Touched does NOT (necessarily) mean half elf, but it DOES mean that the elf blood in your family line(s) is particularly strong in you. As such you re human raised with all limits that confers, including a lack of elven weapon training. Moreover, WHICH Sidhe race is in your ancestry is unclear. In fact, both may be.
Borrowing from SCAG and adjusting for the local elf races, you may choose Skill Versatility, Fleet of Foot or Mask of Wild from Half Elf or Wild Elf abilities. OF course, your choice tells you which elven race dominates, but it's still an open choice.

Fey Touched may be Storm sorcerers.

Any time "human" is used in any of these threads, it includes Fey Touched, unless otherwise noted.

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Sun 12 Jan 2020
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The Sidhe are comprised or two differing groups. Humans think of them as Noble and Commoner, but that's not exactly true. Or Untrue. It's...well, they're elves.

Noble Sidhe, prone to whatever passes for cities in Faerie, are, mechanically, the DMG (page 286) version of Eladrin. Remember that the stats given there are only the subrace stats, and that standard elf stats from the PHB also apply.

Common Sidhe, the rural sorts, are Wood Elves.

Storm Sorcery is the sorcery of Elves. Well, these two tribes, anyhow.

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Sun 12 Jan 2020
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The Firbolg. Erin's chosen. Irelands protectors.

While the options for a typical firbolg are a little broader than for this game, a typical firbolg doesn't actually go out in the world. They work quietly and are gone before anyone knows they were there.

For this game, the most likely class/path choices are;
Ranger: path open
Fighter: Champion: something that takes advantage of their muscle and builds on it.
Paladin: Ancient Oath

Druid or rogue/scout is not impossible, but the druids are looking for muscle from a firbolg.

Firbolg don't do sorcery, their magic is exclusively druidical.

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Sun 12 Jan 2020
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Well, Forest gnomes, really, but gnomes tend to be insular, at least amongst themselves. Leprechauns and brownies are both Forest Gnomes, but have little else in common. In fact, leprechauns have more in common with Denmark's Elves(Rock Gnome Guild Artisans)...and not just the belief that they are all shoemakers.

Leprechauns form societies of middle class artisans. As such they actually cover the gambit of any and all useful trades that go into making a working township. And, yes, that DOES include some cobblers.

Leprechauns consist of only two classes: Rogue(Arcane Tricksters) and the occasional Wizard(Illusionist). They don't produce sorcerers, but then, what need do they have for them? Their magic manifests differently.

They have only one background, really, which is Guild Artisan. Any artisan trade is possible.

There is a rare Noble class. Generally their king and his heirs. Their background is Noble, but replace the game choice with an Artisan Tool choice.

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