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Sun 12 Jan 2020
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Local Extras
A few things that apply mostly to the game, although some may be of use elsewhere.
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Sun 12 Jan 2020
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Non Human Background: Fey Guardian
A Fey Guardian is a Folk Hero with a twist: Instead of being a local that stood up when the village needed it, it's a fey that lives nearby and has adopted the village and guards it anonymously.

I started with a Folk Hero, removed all village specific items, and added in some Outlander choices to represent a being living on it's own in the wild for whatever reason.

This background may be taken by any Firbolg, Sidhe, or Leprechaun, and a Land druid with Hermit tendencies.

Feature: As Outlander

Skills: Animal Handling, Survival,  two related artisan tools (related to each other or Survival Syngeries)
Gear: As Folk Hero, but traveler's clothing
Background picks: a mix of Folk Hero and Outlander

Supplemental tool proficiencies:
Using the system from Xanathars, and the Survival and Animal Handling from above:
-Cooking Aids Survival in producing more foragable foodstuff.
-Woodcarving keeps one in clubs, staves, bows, and arrows.

Paired professions (if one is your artisan tool choice, the other is supplemental to it):
-Leather Working and Cobbling are related.
-Brewer and Cook are related (mostly a Leprechaun choice)
-Calligrapher and Cartographer are related. This is mostly an elven choice.

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Sun 12 Jan 2020
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Human Background: Fisherman
For coastal villages: A Fisherman. A mix of Guild Artisan and Sailor.

Feature: As Guild Artisan
Skills: Athletics, Survival
Tools: Weaver, Vehicle(water)

Equipment:As Sailor, replacing Silk rope with fishing tackle and a net, and upgrading clothes to traveler's

Background picks mostly as Guild Artisan

Survival is the skill of foraging, which covers fishing, although fish gear would be useful.
Weaving repairs ropes, nets, and sails.

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Sun 12 Jan 2020
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Erin's Faithful
Like many Warlock Cults, The Faithful are part Cult and part Faction.

Few members are actually Faction Agents. Most Chain and Tome Warlocks empowered by Erin are just helpful village Wise Women and Cunning Men, by whatever name is used locally.

Oh, the witches live in a glade outside of town and are rumored to have a few pixies hanging about. Those are sprites. No one can actually see pixies without a bit of help. Erin's Chain pacts tend to Sprite familiars. Some one to talk to, possibly.

Folk Hero Blades are possible, but quite rare. Most Blades are actually Faction Agents.

There is, somewhere, a place where Erin's Secrets are kept. A library with information even the True Bards don't have. This is where you find Faction Agents. Those born and raised, often for generations, to the Cult.

A handful are Tome pact and Guard the library. Another handful are Chain pact, and usually have a pseudodragon for a familiar. They tend to wander the countryside as scouts.

And, when something needs to be done, the Blades are called to duty. Well, to be fair, several of them are already in cities in the north, keeping an eye on things amongst the "civilized", but they are the muscle when things get bad for Ireland.

And, of course, Firbolg are Erin's Chosen, and all can be considered members but never faction agents. They're Firbolg, and are already born to it.

The rare Sidhe member probably IS a Faction Agent.

Skill choices for Faction Agents: Arcana, Nature, Survival.

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Thu 26 Mar 2020
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Background: Firbolg Tribal Member
This is a default background for a Firbolg, based off SCAG's Uthgardt Tribe Member background. It is by no means the only possible background for a PC Firbolg.

Feature: As written in SCAG, but using Firbolg rather than Uthgardt. Knowledge is of all Ireland, friendlies are all land druid circles and Druids/Bards (but not village druids, who aren't in Circles), plus Erin's Faithful, and Leprechauns.

Tools are generally Artisan's tools. Woodcarving, Leather working, or even Cooking. Anything useful for surviving outside of society and being self dependent.

Equipment: Replace Hunting Trap and Totem with: Artisans Tools

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Fri 27 Mar 2020
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Water of Life
It's Ireland, folks. Anyone with training in both Brewer's tools and Alchemist's tools may make whiskey. The beer will need to be made or bought first.

Note: Mere possession of the tools is not enough in this case. Actual skill with both is required. Bards with Jack of All Trades can try with just the tools, but..well, it'll be an inferior product. If that's an issue.

Remember it'll be a craft chore for Downtime,a nd will take some time to age appropriately. Again, if that's an issue. It actually IS an issue for Beer, as it needs time to ferment, not just to suck the vanillin compounds out of the oak cask.
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Tue 7 Apr 2020
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Bardic College as a Patron
Using Eberron:RFLW patron guidelines:

The Bardic College and the Bards and Druids that man it can offer some services. This list may grow over time.

It combines aspects of a Religious Order with a University and, if you're a Bard, it adds in a bit of Espionage Organization support, too.

Allies... Land druids, firbolg tribes, and most Leprechauns. Presumably Erin's Faithful. Occasionally the Church of Manannan mac Lir.

-5th level and below Druid/Bard spells...if they deem such necessary, and you can provide the components (if any).
-a Yew Wand (Druidic Focus) if requested.
-Room and board when in town.

-A dorm room has been set aside for you:
50' by 30'. 5 beds with chests at their feet line each long wall, head at the wall, feet towards the center.  Between the two rows of beds are a couple tables, with benches on each side. Each of the tables can hold 3 on a side comfortably, 4 on a side much less so. The privy is down the hall and outside, but a tapped barrel of water and some wooden mugs are on a small table along the short wall that doesn't have a door. The door is in the other short wall, and leads to a hallway with a door out.

By all means, use the chests. Unless you don't trust the Druids and Bards, feel free to leave anything behind you don't wish to pack along. Chests hold 12 cubic feet not to exceed 300 pounds of gear.

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