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Fri 22 Oct 2021
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My Star Wars Space Combat Rules
Quick and Dirty space combat rules for Star Wars

I have this more abstract space combat mode that I believe will be fairly easy to grasp, even for me. Lol.

I hope this will be fast and fun, and will capture a reasonable feel of space combat in Star Wars.

Star Wars Space Combat

1) Captain (Commander) rolls Initiative (before start of combat), gives commands.

1B. Engineer can make Repair checks on damaged systems.

2) Pilots declares a maneuver and makes a pilot checks.

3) Opposing pilot(s) make Pilot Checks

4) Shield Operator, Angling of Deflector Shields takes place.

5) Gunner (for each ship, by initiative) fires any guns that can fire.

6) Repeat.

In relationship to one another, ships are always at one of four ranges. These ranges are (from closest to farthest):

Firing Range
Long Range
Sensor Range
Out of Range

Facing and Firing Arcs will be notes and updates in each GM post.