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Tue 14 Jan 2020
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Crew & Campaign Information & Rules
Current thoughts on campaign parameters:
Ancient Fantasy, typical D&D/LoTR feel perhaps.
Tech Level: 2 (Iron Age) primarily, 3 (Middle Ages) as advanced aspirations speckled about, 4 (Age of Sail) heights of achievements sparsely peppered in with purpose, an example being some steampunk'ish items like a blunderbuss or an Eberon/Faerun style zeppelin.

Playstyle: High emphasis on character creation phase and further development with leans towards freeform gameplay where applicable in either realism or cinematic moments. Roleplaying, not Rollplaying.

Character Strength: Characters potentially starting in ordinary domestic lives, practically comparable to NPCs. Think character typical backstory actually being where the characters start and slowly ramp up gameplay mechanics learning and customization of characters as a campaign of adventure takes the players away from their roots.

Primary References in mind:
GURPS 4E Basic Set
Fantasy Tech 1 - The Edge of Reality
Low-Tech Companion Daily Life and Economics
Martial Arts + Techniques