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Thu 20 Feb 2020
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House Rule - Fatigued Condition
The Fatigued Condition seems to be broken when dealing with activities outside of combat. So here is my intention. It is up for discussion. It was taken from this thread -"

"Mathmuse's Conclusion:
I think that the fatigued restriction on Exploration Activities was intended by some developers to apply only during an active exploration while the party is pushing themselves to cover new ground and on their toes for sudden dangers. However, if we accept that "While exploring" means such a situation, it is, nevertheless, not clear and not accurate. It is not clear because parts of the rulebook treat all exploration-mode activities as exploring. It is not accurate because some restful, sitdown activities are part of a real exploration. For example, Deciphering Writing on an ancient ruin is part of exploring that ruin.

Replacing the phrase, "While exploring," with "While traveling and exploring," would be more clear and accurate. An fatigued archeologist sitting down to decipher ancient writing in a ruin can do so, because it is exploring but not traveling. A fatigued wizard learning a new spell in his cabin on a sailing ship can do so, because it is traveling but not exploring. A fatigued sailor in the crow's nest of a ship cannot scout with a telescope, because that is both traveling and exploring. A fatigued bard in a new town cannot Gather Information, because that is traveling from building to building while exploring the town, but a fatigued bard in her familiar hometown can Gather Information, because she would not be exploring.

And the FAQ clarification on fatigue could explain that fatigue causes a loss of focus so that the character cannot focus on two things at once, except during the adrenaline-fueled rush of an encounter. If traveling requires attention, such as walking or guiding a mount, then the fatigued character lacks the ability to focus on a second activity, such as scouting or covering tracks. If the fatigued character does not have to pay attention to traveling, such as staying in one room or sitting in the back of a moving wagon, then he or she can focus on a single non-travel activity, such as treating wounds."

To this I will also keep the -1 penalty to all dice rolls.

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Thu 20 Feb 2020
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House Rule - Fatigued Condition
In reply to Michael (msg # 1):

Sounds like a good compromise to me.
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Thu 20 Feb 2020
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House Rule - Fatigued Condition
Just to clarify. While fatigued you can only perform one activity at a time (outside of encounter mode) at a -1 penalty to all rolls.

For example: A bard can sing a song or he can scan the crowd for information. He cannot do both while fatigued. You can search a chest for traps but you cannot search for traps as you walk through a room.

I hope this clarifies the new interpretation.