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Wed 24 Jun 2020
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Vaults Info Consolidated
Locations to search for:

1.     Bird Shaped Boulder

2.     Red Rock Arch

3.     Waterfall
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Wed 24 Jun 2020
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Vaults Info Consolidated
Speech of Victor on the vaults:

I've got a proposition in line with your usual activities, though a bit further afield.  I'm willing to pay the usual 10 gold retainer for your guaranteed discretion with the information I'm about to impart to you."

With which he pours out of pouch and deftly counts 10 gp for each of you.

I've come across this map that shows the relative location of fifteen underground domiciles that were made in ancient time, as near as I can figure by longitude and latitude cross referenced in this record in the old language somewhere near The Cones, an outlying village under Denethix rule to the north by northeast, it looks to be is ripe for development.  If these domiciles are still intact and relatively close to where they appear to be they would be very valuable once rehabilitated.

There's a few things you'll need to overcome.  The first is that the general area is known to have some devil lurking about that's got the residents scared, and being one of the furthest villages is also prone to have a number of unfriendly creatures encroaching from the wilds, so it's not the safest place to be poking around outside of. Which brings me to why I've called so many of you here.  I've already sent first one then three valuation technicians to locate these domiciles separately.  I've received no word back from them and a messenger sent reported back that neither have been seen since the day after they arrived, which was weeks ago."

The second obstacle to overcome is the exact location of these domiciles isn't known and being underground will be difficult to locate.  As you can see on the map, there's approximately 15 of them shown as the lighter blue rectangles, though from these documents they're actually unusually shaped hexagonal rooms of beehive-seven design.  All have 1 entrance, 7 rooms, 6 in a circle around a central 'living room' and may or may not have an additional vehicle bay which serves as a separate entrance and exit.  The dark blue boxes here are houses, but according to the document they're all of fairly flimsy construction and likely haven't survived, though some artifacts of their existence may remain which would help locate them. There's also the streets, but I'm sure they've mostly deteriorated and there's enough of those everywhere that I can't see them of being much help.

There's also 3 larger landmarks which if two can be found, this map can be used to point to the location of the entrances.  The first is this vaguely bird shaped boulder, it's fairly rudimentary and one large stone so unlikely to have moved, and is your best bet to find first.   The second is this red rock arch, I'd bet it has at least fallen but red rock isn't natural to the area so could prove a useful point, unfortunately I can't find what kind of red rock which would help.  Lastly there's a stream with a waterfall over here, which may have shifted.

If you find any of the domiciles themselves they're each numbered and referenced on the map with a B and 4 digits, of no apparent order. One combined with another landmark or two would allow us to triangulate and find the location of all the others.

The last obstacle is that they are likely sealed and would be very difficult to breach, especially without ruining some of the value of the domicile.  However, I also came into some keys which are numbered the same as some of these domiciles.

Out of a vest pocket he fishes a blue card with some black streaks, brown stains, and a faded and flaked off yellow logo that looks like it might have vaguely resembled a blocky beehive on it, and waives it around for a moment to show it off.

These keys may be of some value themselves, so I'll only relinquish them should you return with the verified location of one of the domiciles I have a key to.

You are entitled to any non-appliance non-furnishing items you recover as usual, unless any sentient squatters evicted can provide identifying descriptions.

I'll cover traveling expenses - room and board shouldn't be more than 100 gold total. (The 100 and then some spent on a night of wild partying at The Off-Key Inn.)

I'm offering up to 1000 gold pieces for each domicile found in good condition, prorated depending on condition, if they're found with seals intact I'll provide the keys so you can verify their condition and perform exterminations if necessary.  If by some stroke of bad luck, they all happen to be blasted beyond repair, I'll pay your usual rates.  Even just confirming that these exist is valuable information, so I'll sweeten the deal, if you can locate them at all even without entry, I'll pay say 500 gold pieces.

My interest is solely as real-estate, though my clientele prefer privacy, the fewer who know where these are or that they even exist the better for prices and my reputation.