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Seven Hills
Shrouded in mist and surrounded by thick green forests is the city of Seven Hills.  Located in Franconia,  north of Nuremberg, Seven Hills rests on the banks of, and is divided by the river Regnitz.

The forest surrounding Seven Hills is oppressive. Tall leafy trees shade and often choke the road into and out of the city. The citizens have cut back a couple hundred yards around the city but it is a constant battle to keep the forest at bay.

During heavy winters and springs, the river can swell and completely cut the city off from trade and supplies for days at a time. Many of the residents keep small boats for these occasions.

The hills are famous for more than the houses of God that rest on them. Residents mine copper and silver from the mines, panning  out the metal in portions the river that have been diverted to the base of mines. The most important export from Seven Hills are emeralds. These precious stones go all over Europe and Asia.

The city extends over seven hills, each crowned by a beautiful church. Seven Hills is often called the "Franconian Rome." The hills are Cathedral Hill, Michaelsberg, Kaulberg/Obere Pfarre, Stefansberg, Jakobsberg, Altenburger Hill and Abtsberg.

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