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Sun 8 Nov 2020
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In the Season of Ravening Shadows
Upstairs, Kelly awakes with five nude and beautiful women atop him, and barely seems surprised at the situation, though whether that's because he thinks it a dream or because this is a normal way for him to wake up is unclear. Either way, his response is the same, which is to grope several of them and smile up at Shovash.

"Hello there, lovelies. Here to spend some time with the boss? That's good, I could use a celebration." His smile turns more openly predatory. "Just closed the biggest deal since Nidal's birth, you know." His tone suggests he's exaggerating, but not by much.

Meanwhile, down at the entrance hall, the guards look at each other in a way that suggests they're rapidly calculating who is exactly the lowest person on the professional totem pole in the room. Eventually, this turns out to be a scrawny young woman, perhaps twenty or so years old, human. She steps forward, clears her throat, and stammers out, "I'll go get him, um, just hold on for a moment."
Shovash Godsbane
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Sun 8 Nov 2020
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In the Season of Ravening Shadows
  "Really...? Tell me more," purrs the woman most entwined with him, as though one of the disguised succubi weren't already feeding her his thoughts. The two to his right press closer, kissing and teasing up his limbs as they slowly weave themselves into the tangle on the bed. The two to his left apparently decide there isn't room for six and turn to caress and undress each other. They are especially vocal about it.

  "Mmmmmorre," sighs another as her lips reach his collarbone. The fifth is already halfway under the sheet, and her commentary is muffled but enthusiastic. Their leader laughs and slides to the side to make room atop him. As slender as they all are, both still wind up mostly on his chest. "Ladies love a winner, Kelly," she purrs and turns his head her way. Lips meet his neck from the other side, and from the sounds under those sheets, not only there. But they tease, for now.

  "I want to hear all about it," whispers the breathy voice in his ear. "We heard a little. Something about fairies? It sounds exciting~" A whimper to his left when a breast is roughly kneaded punctuates the request. There's magic in the air, but whose isn't obvious.

There's a suggestion in there somewhere. I mean, on top of all the Act of Passion ones he's just laying himself bare to.

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Mon 16 Nov 2020
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In the Season of Ravening Shadows
Dharmesh turned His gaze from the man and fixed it upon the woman who stepped forward. He looked her up and down, taking her measure before responding. "Move quickly, the time you spend now is more valuable than any you will ever know."

After dismissing the woman, He fixed His attention once more upon the man he first communicated with. "I would await your master in his place of business here." As He delivered this message, He extended a third tendril of Thought to Rowan. "I have demanded we meet with Kelly in his office. It is a possibility that he will keep files on his business associates, be ready to search it if the man himself proves unwilling to speak."
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Tue 17 Nov 2020
at 19:17
In the Season of Ravening Shadows
Kelly moans, running his hands over the tangle of succubi, as well as Shovash. "Yeah, fairies," he says, not seeming to realize the sheer amount of magic being layered over him. "They called a favor in. Wanted something moved. Something real big in a special way, if you get my meaning. Had to be done by night, had to be done quiet. Move it and hide it for a few days, then move it again. So I put them in touch with one of my contacts, dhampir by the name of...oh, that feels of Varen. Owns an estate in the country, good place to tuck something away for a while..."

He trails off, laying back and just enjoying the waves of pleasure washing over him.

Downstairs, the woman nods and races off, moving near a sprint. The other guards shift about nervously, watching Dharmesh's every move.
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Fri 20 Nov 2020
at 04:19
In the Season of Ravening Shadows
  "Ohhh, wow. You must trust Varen a lot. How do you kno—oh!" The big talker jumps, but a second later she smirks back over her shoulder, where someone's hand is past the hem of her teddie. She turns back to him with a shrug and a wicked knife of a smile. "How do you know he won't try his own sale behind your back??"
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Sat 21 Nov 2020
at 23:17
In the Season of Ravening Shadows
"Varen don't have the kind of pull he'd need to do that," Kelly says, eyes half-lidded. "He's small fish and he knows it. And he owes me in a way that don't come clean. If he tried to sell me out, all I need to do is let some people know he's the one that robbed them, and he'd be dead by sundown. And that's without the Count lifting a finger which...oh gods below where did you learn to do this? Which nobody wants to mess with the Count, he's big news in the First World."
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Tue 24 Nov 2020
at 09:10
In the Season of Ravening Shadows
  "Mmmhmhm...  I thought you'd appreciate.  I picked that up from a lamia in Katapesh.  And—"

  "I invented it," one of the pair to his left casually remarks.  She goes back to being a display after that, but the partner she's petting only has eyes for Kelly—intense ones.  It takes the inventor nearly piercing her earlobe to distract her in the slightest.  She's probably smiling.

  "Aren't they clever? I like you, Kelly.  Such a... naked opportunist.  Wouldn't it be nice to have an estate in the country?  Take a few fans there for a week or two and let give them a taste of real decadence?  Imagine it baby: just like before, but with a new monograph on the gate.  One, two, three knives, making a 'K'.  Hell, just imagine the anticipation on the way!  I'm sure you can remember the whole trip out there, every step; now imagine it all, but you're heading to your private retreat from the bustle of the city, one of your very favorite companions at either side."

  Dropping her voice, she wriggles gratuitously close to the man's ear.  "I could do that, Kelly.  I could make it happen."
Thu 26 Nov 2020
at 02:04
In the Season of Ravening Shadows
The gang leader nods slowly, his eyes drifting half closed as he pictures the scene. Through the succubus, Shovash gets a flickering spatial impression - snapshot glimpses of the path to the estate, seen through a haze of pleasure and confusion. Three-Knife Kelly is starting to realize that something is wrong with what is happening, but hasn't yet put together quite how much danger he is in - the haze in his thoughts is too strong to fully grasp that just yet.
Shovash Godsbane
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Thu 26 Nov 2020
at 20:41
In the Season of Ravening Shadows
  The dhampir's lips curl into a smile so wicked it might eat him without her help, with lips plusher than they really ought to be.  She leans in and presses them to his cheek.  "Mmm, you've been perfect Kelly, really.  Now I want you to enjoy my friends without a care in the world.  I'm going shopping. እያመጣሁ ነው!"  And then without fanfare, she is gone.  It's only Kelly and four creatures of the night.

  Seconds later, and back in her own shape, Shovash comes into being with her hand already on the front door of the Dysamorato, Nidal's most ironic nightclub.  She's still in the teddy.  She pushes inside.
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Sun 29 Nov 2020
at 21:41
In the Season of Ravening Shadows
Shovash hurls herself through space with her hand on the Dysamorato's door, pushing it open. It's crowded inside, the air throbbing with a heavy bass drum and shivering with harp that can barely be heard over the hum of voices and pounding of feet - even with magical amplification. The room is so dim that it's hard to see without some kind of ability, and the lights are scarlet, and the scarlet is bloody.

A nosferatu-type vampire sidles up as soon as she steps inside, his features withered and cadaverous. His voice, though, is smooth as honey as he speaks. "Good evening, madame. Would you care for a table, or prefer to dance? And may I interest you in something to drink? Our special tonight is a high elevation blend that's rich in thrombocytes and has just a little spice, or we have a sickle cell anemic that we just got in if you'd care for something on the lighter side. Or I can bring you the full menu." The maitre d' smiles. He doesn't even try to hid the fangs.
Shovash Godsbane
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Mon 30 Nov 2020
at 09:49
In the Season of Ravening Shadows
  "I'm thinking vegetarian today, actually.  What do you have in Ghorans and Dryads? And let's discuss it on the way to a table.  I'll dance, but I need a first place to lure him to, you know?  Establish the habit?"  She grins.  And then, still grinning, she pricks a finger on the sharp point of the crystal set in her jaw and uses a few drops of blood to paint her lips.  It behaves considerably more like actual cosmetics than blood should.
  On the way to the table, she comports herself so politely it's almost coquettish.  Her wings are large, though, and she has to stretch them behind her through one doorway.  Admittedly, she could have ducked.  When she gets to the table though, she lifts a chair by the back and shakes it like you might shake a crumpled garment.  "አሻሽል."  She says it like an instruction—"Upgrade,"—and the fabulously opulent chaise lounge that lands on the floor has clearly obeyed.

  "I'm looking for someone rich and pretty.  Bonus points if he appreciates keeping his neighbors out of his... affairs."  If etiquette had suggested reserve before, the way she pours herself onto her impromptu change to the decor now dispels any such illusion.  The furthest she strays from a demeanor of total entitlement is a glance down, then back up at the maitre d', and a perfunctory "Temporary." before she settles in.

  "But that's to consort with, not to drink, so I suppose I oughtn't burden you with the information."

She's pretty blunt even when she's working in innuendo.  Definitely part of her charm and not off-putting in the slightest.  Regardless, that is an eighth-level spell just to intimate that even being in this high-end nightclub is slumming it, for her.  Gotta bait just the right hook.

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Sat 5 Dec 2020
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In the Season of Ravening Shadows
The maitre d' nods and smiles, showing fangs that aren't even pretending to be human. "Oh, absolutely, we have a marvelous dryad on tap - notes of maple and cinnamon, with a lovely aroma to it. Quite invigorating, if I do say so myself, pairs nicely with a little vinegar to give it that extra zing." The table is small, a table for two set at the edge of the room by the dance floor. The maitre d' shows impressively little reaction to the magic.

"Certainly, certainly. Far be it from me to gossip, but just between us, that's Miss Erika Tornal over there, such a shame how her family has fallen on hard times in the past few years - don't you believe her if she says she's turning their fortunes around. And he's Varen Raknel - not from a good family, but he's made quite a name for himself in merchant circles lately, I believe he's an estate in the country now." His tone drips contempt as he says the word "merchant," somehow, despite being utterly mild and polite. He passes her order to a server and smiles at her. "May I get you anything else, my dear?"
Shovash Godsbane
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Wed 9 Dec 2020
at 00:21
In the Season of Ravening Shadows
  She waves nonchalantly at the question.  "No, no, you've been wonderful.  I love Nidal's natural splendor, you know?  I can't wait to see more of it.  And the parvenu seem to be in rare bloom this year."  When the first-line bouncer masquerading as a butler finally leave, Shovash...

  Shovash waits.  Shovash never waits.  But she does, now.  It would be ludicrous to call her subtle; she is a succubus built on an orc's frame, magic running so bright and fevered through her blood that she actually outshines the conjuration aura of her own sheer negligee, which is all she now wears for lounging like Calistria Herself in what is also Nidal's most chic nightclub.  But she is there for quarry, and there he is, but put she stays.  And waits.  The dryad must have really sounded good.  And while she waits, she smokes, personally, entertaining herself with the eddies and ripples she makes as she moves.

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Fri 11 Dec 2020
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In the Season of Ravening Shadows
The server (who, judging from the bites and the collar, is himself on tap tonight) returns a surprisingly short time later, leading a leaf-haired woman with the characteristic glazed look of the heavily enchanted. She doesn't struggle, and approaches easily, her warm brown skin marked with scars seemingly everywhere. She smiles dreamily as she sees Shovash. Whatever spells they have her under, they must be strong ones, or else she's heavily conditioned - she almost seems excited at the prospect of being drunk from.

At the same time, Varen approaches, looking at Shovash from a few tables away with a smile that emphasizes rather than hiding the fangs. He is a very typical dhampir in appearance - pale, gaunt, handsome in a wan fashion - but dressed in exceptionally fine clothing, rich shades of violet and charcoal gray that flatter his pale complexion surprisingly well. Tailored to fit, of course. One does not wear clothing that doesn't fit well, when one is noveau rich with something to prove.
Shovash Godsbane
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Sun 13 Dec 2020
at 19:24
In the Season of Ravening Shadows
  To be fair to the boy, Shovash hasn't worn something not magically tailored to show something off for as long as the psychic singularity back at the compound has known her. The negligee is no exception, and it shows off more or less everything. Between gets precisely enough direct attention to let him know she's aware of his attention; one doesn't give away more than that if one is talking the hunt seriously. And a queen is not beholden to her courtiers.

  The dryad has the great bulk of her attention instead; Shovash pulls her down into the chaise facing the same direction, back arched in pantomime ecstasy over the demon's swollen belly. Shovash takes her time securing the fairy girl—one hand on her throat and tail entangling her legs. But the dryad was writhing within seconds then, one hand dreamily stroking the one on her neck. With her free hand, Shovash finally looked up for more than an instant and beckons for the sharp young man to approach them.

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Sun 20 Dec 2020
at 01:15
In the Season of Ravening Shadows
The dryad writhes, squirming, gasping, despite having no clear reason to - that hand on her neck is clearly getting to her intensely. More than a few of the dancers and diners nearby are watching by now, curious as to what exactly Shovash is doing.

Varen is among them, and at the gesture he murmurs a few words to the person he was chatting with and then steps closer. The dhampir watches closely, smiling at the dryad's writhing. "Good evening, madame. May I join you?" His voice is smooth and polite, with a faint accent to his Common. At her nod, he slides in on the dryad's other side, stroking her cheek with one hand.

"It's so rare to see someone else taking their time about drinking," he says, his eyes gliding over Shovash quite openly before returning to the dryad. "So many people just treat it as a chore to get out of the way."
Shovash Godsbane
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Fri 25 Dec 2020
at 00:33
In the Season of Ravening Shadows
  Even her laugh sounds hungry. She raises the fairy girl's chin, her hand briefly glowing the kind of white that burns, as she does so. It really is a gorgeous throat, she reveals when she moves her hand to a breast. "The maitre d' told me to look out for you. He warned me, said you were headstrong. Ambitious. The kind of Young Chel who makes waves. He said it like I should avoid you."

  Shovash grins, and her (mismatched) pair of sharp, prominent teeth shine as they catch the low light. "It must be terribly boring, trying to keep the world the same. Bit of sap? I was just about to spice it. Orcish specialty."

If you can think of a better parallel for "Young Turk", I'm all ears.

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Sat 26 Dec 2020
at 05:02
In the Season of Ravening Shadows
"I consider that a compliment. It means that I'm doing what I set out to do." Varen says, moving closer, stroking his hand along the dryad's neck. "If I weren't scaring people like old Assarno, I wouldn't be living, would I?"

His smile shows teeth more clearly for just a moment before they're buried in the dryad's neck. Her writhing intensifies and she moans, sounding almost erotically thrilled at the sensation of having the dhampir drinking from her veins while she's stretched over Shovash.

And then the spells break, and she screams, a loud scream of confusion, terror, agony, and a strange, twisted pleasure. She thrashes but is completely unable to break the grip Shovash has on her, and her gyrations only serve to drive the teeth further in. She starts sobbing, gasping for air between sobs, whimpering and shaking.
Shovash Godsbane
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Wed 30 Dec 2020
at 05:27
In the Season of Ravening Shadows
  This is when she gets what she wanted, it seems, from the way Shovash loosens her shoulders and tilts her head to hear better.  "What would you give to end this?" she coos in the fairy's ear.  Her sylvan sounds like she learned it from a zephyr.  "Do you want to go back to your tree?  Or do you want to go back to the bliss?  Decide quickly."
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Sun 3 Jan 2021
at 08:01
In the Season of Ravening Shadows
The dryad whimpers, moans in pain, continuing to thrash ineffectually as Varen tightens his grip on her, helping Shovash hold her in place (as though Shovash needs help).

"I...I would give...please, make it stop, I want to go...I don't understand..." And then the dryad's voice cuts out, and she answers in a clearer way, her hips gyrating once again. It seems that even without the magic, the conditioning she's been given is enough to have her reflexively reaching for pleasure from the pain and the sensation of her vital fluids draining out of her body.

Her climax comes quickly, and has little to mark it but her body going limp and a slight stain on the demoness's lap, and the slightest whimper as Varen drinks a little more from her.
Shovash Godsbane
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Sun 3 Jan 2021
at 14:48
In the Season of Ravening Shadows
  "There you go, darling. That's what I want you to remember having done, for the rest of a very long life. Ah, Varen, careful there. I must have had half a pint already and we wouldn't want her drying up." With a few "words" of the sort only qlippoths make, Shovash points the dryad's battered heart at the shelter of her handlers. They might complain of the extra work, but they ought to be more put out at the suggestion they needed the help.

  "I know, I know, public clubs are such a bore. But what can you do?" The hand no longer casting spells glides up his shoulder and through his hair with an especially affectionate touch. But then, he is suckling not far from her breast, and she looks like there's probably a habit built up.
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Sat 9 Jan 2021
at 14:03
In the Season of Ravening Shadows
The dryad shudders further, her features going back to a smile of lost bliss as Shovash reweaves the magic around her mind. Varen just smiles as Shovash strokes his hair, finishing his drink and coming up for air. The troubles of being only halfway undead, perhaps.

"Ah, thank you, that did hit the spot," he says, his voice quite cheerful, as he takes a cloth and dabs reddish sap away from his mouth. "You do have taste, my dear, quite pleasant company. I don't think I've seen you around these parts before, it's such a shame we were missing out. I do have business to attend to at my estate, though - I was only in town to finalize some of the fine details."
Shovash Godsbane
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Fri 29 Jan 2021
at 13:45
In the Season of Ravening Shadows
  "Ohh, an estate~" On one hand, there's no way the... whatever she styles herself... is young and inexperienced enough to be impressed by tracts of land. Why, she has some enormous ones herself. On the other, it is the kind of game that works even better when it doesn't fool anyone. There's a wicked gleam developing in her eye.

  "Even more of a threat than Assarno let on, I see... Have you been there long? You'd have to be able to imagine it very clearly for me to get us there. Or, well, hmm." Whatever had crossed her mind, she seems to be cross at the thought. Her face softens before she focuses on him again, though. "I suppose I assume too much. But, then, why did you come over to meet me?"
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Sat 30 Jan 2021
at 21:17
In the Season of Ravening Shadows
<purple>"You seemed so intriguing, and novel. I simply couldn't resist. If you do n't mind waiting for a bit while I finish my business, I'd love some company this evening."<purple> His grin is sharp.
Shovash Godsbane
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Tue 2 Feb 2021
at 22:55
In the Season of Ravening Shadows
  "...oooOOhhhhh," said Shovash, emphasizing the shape it put her lips in.  "Now I see.  You're more deliberate than I expected.  I appreciate that."  It wasn't clear at all what sort of appreciation that was, given the free-floating layers of innuendo, but her voice still sounded hungry.  She turned away and sat up with a motion that slapped the heavy talons of her tail against his shoulder.

  "I came to dance.  You have until I'm bored of it."  She shrugged as she sauntered toward the floor, ceding space only as far as to take her wingspan with her to the edge of the room.

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