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Welcome, O Princess, to the land of your birth. The idyllic Kingdom of Able is under your parent's influence, and has been your ancestors' heritage for five generations before you. You have grown up capable and beautiful in the castle of Truus, informed in all of the duties and mannerisms of court.

Your father, King Karvasse (Neutral Good Aristocrat 7/Adept 13), gained his throne through a combination of divine right and his own personal ability. He is an expert of religion and healing magic, though your uncle Larule (Lawful Good Cleric 20) is the greatest cleric in the realm. Your mother, Queen Paula (Warrior 11/Aristocrat 4), is an experienced warrior and mostly has practiced herself with containing the western border against the Davruon Conquests. They met at court and their shared principles are what drew them together (they are both Neutral Good). Their romance was a treasure of the court for some time until they became married and your mother bore you. Some time later, your brother Russel (too young for class levels, but on the edge of Zealot 1) was born, righteous in intent but often petulant in act. Your maternal aunt Lucille (True Neutral Rogue 15) serves as a quiet but dutiful spymaster for your mother and father. By your own judgement, she pines for Larule, though you've never confirmed it and the match would be impossible.

Judith (Lawful Good Warder 5) is your bodyguard, closest friend, and the effective enforcer of the kingdom, having trained from youth to defend you and enforce your father's law. She also trains Russel, who does his honest best to impress her despite the obvious difference in their skill. Jester Serena (Chaotic Good Bard 11) has served as a kind of mentor for you and your friend, lending wit and kindness to situations that can often be cruel.

Kingdom's Status Quo:
Ruler: King Karvasse (Father): Cha +7
Consort: Unoccupied, but can be filled by Queen Paula
Councilor: Jester Serena: Cha +6
General: Queen Paula (Mother): Str +6/Cha +4
Grand Diplomat: Ex-Warlord Vurlen: Int +5
Heir: You
High Priest: Hierophant Larule (Paternal Uncle): Wisdom +9
Magister: Sage Nurrende: Int +5
Marshal: Judith's Father: Wis +4
Royal Enforcer: Judith: Str +4
Spymaster: Lucille (Maternal Aunt): Dex +6
Treasurer: Judith's Mother: Wis +4
Viceroy: None
Warden: Duke Elrin of Maselvo: Str +5

Alignment: Neutral Good (+2 Stability, +2 Loyalty)
Ruler: Loyalty +7, Stability +7
Councilor: Loyalty +6
General: Stability +6
Grand Diplomat: Stability +5
Heir: +2 Loyalty (Half of +4)
High Priest: Stability +9
Marshal: Economy +4
Royal Enforcer: Loyalty +4
Spymaster: Economy +6
Treasurer: Economy +4
Viceroy: N/A
Warden: +5 Loyalty

Ruler Loyalty: +2 +7 +6 +2 +4 +5 = +26
Ruler Stability: +2 +7 +6 +5 +9 = +29
Ruler Economy: +4 +6 +4 = +14

Your home capital is the city of Truus, a metropolis which is Neutral Good (Society +1, Lore +1) and has six qualities:
Abundant (Increase Economy +1. Reduce the purchase price of most forms of locally-grown food and livestock by 25% or more.)
Good Roads (Economy +2)
Romantic (Society +1. Double the amount of minor magic items available for sale in the marketplace. Such trinkets are a popular, if expensive, token of affection here.)
Royal Accommodations (Increase Economy +1, Law +2. Decrease Society -1. Increase the Purchase Price of high quality or luxury items, such as jewelry, fine clothes or food, entertainment, weapons and all magical items purchased in the settlement by +10% due to widespread inflation.)
Strategic Location (Economy +1; increase base value by 10%)
Well Educated (Lore +1, Society +1)
Quality Modifiers: (Economy +5, Society +2, Lore +2, Law +2)

I can go further into this as youi want.
Princess of Able
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Tue 18 Feb 2020
at 18:23

I've just finished reading everything and that all sounds fantastic!

I am getting the character sheet template now so I can put everything together.

As far as my character's name, how about Princess Amavia?
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Tue 18 Feb 2020
at 23:52
That's more than fine. I'm slowly going to be preparing your internal and external rivals (romantic or non), as well as your your most up-to-date missions or kingdom's goals.