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For your notes concerning this amazing city.
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As you walk you see an abundance of shops lining the streets. A few casual inquires will have locals filling you in on some of the fine shopping to be had in Dwarven.

Inns with Taverns - (from cheapest to most expensive) Max's Place, The Bustling Britches, Down Trodden, A Ladies Affair, The Diamond Beard
  Max's Place is a run down tavern on the river front.
  Bustling Britches is known to have chicken racing.
  Down Trodden run by a female human with orc blood.
  A Ladies Affair openly gay bar.
  The Diamond Beard - Dwarven hangout.  1gp per drink.  Initiation for new patrons.

Inns without taverns -  (from cheapest to most expensive) Horses Handle, Milly and Marx, , The Wandering Imp,The Spire.

Other shops in town....... (You can find any shop you want. if your looking for something specific let me know.)

Heggs Outfitters: Renowned for his selection of survival equipment.

Madame Ortho’s Oddities: Run by Madame Ortho.  A curiosity shop that sells useful (sometimes cursed) trinkets. Examples of some of her wares: a mummy hand that tries to strange it’s owner while they sleep, a compass that points to the person that hates the owner the most, and a stuffed Vargouille.
Madame Ortho:
"The shop is a living thing Master Dragon. It both gives and takes. It desires to grow and multiply like any living thing. Should you wish to possess such an item merely step up to the counter and place your hand here," she points to a small triangular symbol on the table. "This is your pledge to return with two trinkets you feel are adequate to replace the one you take. You must truly believe in the value of your items for she judges the heart. Should you fail to return and do so within a single year the tooth will vanish from your possession."

A Man’s Burden: A gnome named Gnaggity Nills is the blacksmith who displays and sells exotic weapons, made using blueprints gathered from across the land. He is able to silver weapons.  Supposedly has magic weapons in the back.

Row after Row: Run by a rude human named Perdoux Monteltaugh who only seems to want to cater to the rich.  A store specializing in boats.

Gertha’s Topography: A woman who sells maps she has found and made across the continent, from huge full continent maps to small maps of ruins and towns.

Fran’s fortuitous froths: potions

All the RAGE: battle axes and fashionable shirts.  Run by Hagendass Bril.  Traded Branagan's Shackle for enchanted armor and ring.  Home of Bubbles, the rust monster.

Caesarean’s Palace – “Veni Vidi Veni”: The strip club on the bad side of town.

Rock Candy: Sells and buys a wide variety of gemstones..

Furever Homes: Offers small and under-sized creatures as animal companions and pets. They have the basics, like rats, spiders, etc., but if you have enough money, you could adopt more exotic creatures.

The Mountaineer’s Bandolier: Sells survival kits, supplies

Fizzlesprocket’s Dairiticiary: A quirky gnome runs this ice cream stand and tries to pawn off bizarre treats. You won’t know if you like it till you try it.

Fallen from a star: A well known bar/pub can find different celebrity style characters like Worgen Freeman or Clint Westwood. know to be expensive.
  Miley the Sorceress
  The fearsome warrior Bitney Spears
  Swift Tailor - clothing shop owner
  Johnie Deep a finely dressed sailor
  Waquin Phoenix the Fire Genasi
  Pink the female Dragonborn
  Bradd Pitts the dwarven miner
  Tom Shanks the newly reformed criminal
  Markie Mark the male gnome model
  Sylvester Stallion, a big beefy human

The Sizzler: An exotic restaurant run by a very jovial, and very fat, half-ogre named Thog. They specialize in rare meats of all kinds and will pay well if what you have is fresh. From drake wings to spider legs, if it’s fresh and serviceable they’ll buy it. Their meals are renowned for being tasty and surprisingly filling, and the exotic nature of their ingredients has been known to impart certain temporary boons to the consumer. The house special is constantly changing, so get in quick before the line forms!

Mendelsen’s Magnificent Mending: Mendlesen is the most talented mender in the world. Clothes, artifacts, magic items, you name it & he/she can mend it.

Carts & Crafts: Every kind of vehicle for sale & rent. Can purchase passage on different methods of transportation as well. Purchases come with option to register as a transporter to provide passage & collect fares.

Whispers & Secrets: The only goods bought and sold here are rumors, secrets, other generally unknown information. You cannot pay with traditional currency, must offer hidden information of your own to barter with.

The Potato Is Just An Illusion: A comedy club and tavern frequented by illusionists, diviners and enchanters. Patrons dine, drink and listen to wizards from the local guild tell comedy that is usually highly academic in nature and augmented by various creative illusions. STRICTLY NO IMP FAMILIARS ALLOWED.

Piander’s Books: A poorly lit bookshop filled with books of ancient lore.  Run by Josephine Piander.

Dundragon Family Goods: An average general goods store run by a small family of three, a father, a mother, and a daughter

Kesheki’s Weapon Shop: The shop sells all kinds of the most exotic and vicious weapons imaginable.

The Meat Place: A luxurious, popular tavern with really good food, mainly specializing in meat.

The Gold Chain: They sell gold. Great place to exchange currency types, trade figurines or valuables for gold. Also can melt gold into shapes like rings and earrings.

Notable Figures and Groups:
 Human Supremist Group that hates non-humans
 Local Watch patrols Dwarven

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