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Everything You Need to Know (Game Info and RTJ)
In the spring of 1884, in upstate New York...

The Everleigh Lakeside Grand has been a rumor for several years. Algernon Everleigh, a reclusive millionaire, bought a huge tract of land on the edge of Lake Ontario near Rochester, NY, in the 1870s. Once word got out about the purchase, speculation began about the astute businessman's plans. In 1879, the rumors said construction on a hotel had begun, but it wasn't until the winter of 1883-84 that they were confirmed. No one knew any details, but all agreed: with Everleigh's fortune backing the enterprise, the Lakeside would be spectacular.

As the spring of 1884 begins to wind to a close, you have received a mysterious invitation from Algernon Everleigh himself to spend the summer season at his new resort. Although you have never met him, this is hardly an invitation anyone who wishes to maintain their position in society can afford to turn down.

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Everything You Need to Know (Game Info and RTJ)
An Important Note About System and Setting

We will be using the 20th Anniversary Mage: the Ascension rules, along with Sorcerer Revised should anyone wish to play a sorcerer.

The game is set during the Victorian era, and as such we will be using things from the Victorian Mage supplement that will be released At Some PointTM. However, I was too excited about this concept to wait, so until that books comes out we're just going to do our best. Travel is still done by steamer and steam engine; technology is a novelty, not a day-to-day necessity; social mores are vastly different. Please take these things into account.

Characters should be of the appropriate social class to be spending a summer at a grand resort. It is highly unlikely that Algernon Everleigh would be inviting factory workers or accounting clerks to his hotel's grand debut. This is your invitation to go absolutely crazy with things like Resources, Status, etc. Victorian upper class society was wild, guys, and we should run with that wildness.
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Everything You Need to Know (Game Info and RTJ)
An Important Note About Player Expectations

1. ST rulings are final.  Asking questions or having discussions is fine.  Arguing once you've been given an answer will serve no purpose other than to piss off your STs.

2. Everyone has lines, and sometimes we don't notice them before we go barreling over them.  That's okay.  What's not okay is acting like a dillhole when someone informs you that you've crossed a line.  Also not okay: shifting your line to keep a given player on the wrong side of it.

3. For the sake of my sanity, all posts need to be made in 3rd person simple past tense.  Grammar and spelling rules need to be observed.  If I have to work too hard to understand your posts, it makes me cranky and makes updates take longer.

4. Also for the sake of my sanity, all PMs to me need to be made in your original RTJ thread.  If you clutter up my PM inbox, response times for the entire game suffer.  That's not really fair to me or the other players.

5. My games tend to be fairly slow-paced and relaxed. If you can post twice a week, you'll be fine. That does not mean it's okay to go out of town or take a break from posting without telling anyone. If you need a break, tell me so that we can remove your character from active threads until you're back.
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Everything You Need to Know (Game Info and RTJ)
If you scrolled down to this point, go back to the top and read everything above here. There's not much and it's all important. There are things of which you simply must be aware before you can submit a concept for this game.

If you have already read all of that, thank you, please proceed. :)

First Things First
Since this is a story focused game, this is not the place to put forth mindless combat monsters, cardboard stereotypes, or emotionless loners.  You are not the first or last of some obscure tradition, nor are you the specialest of special snowflakes.  All character concepts need to make sense with respect to the setting.

RTJ -- First Contact
In your first RTJ message, I want to hear more about your background than your mechanics. Tell me who they are as a person, and why they might have been invited to the Lakeside. After we have that pinned down, I'll ask for a character sheet and we'll talk about any mechanical issues.

According to the books, Sorcerers start with mundane human stats. That's some bullshit, y'all. Sorcerers will have the normal 7/5/3, 13/9/5 spread, the same starting Willpower as normal mages, but only 15 freebies. I am not here to make anyone start with a mathematical handicap compared to the rest of the characters.

If you wish to belong to a Tradition that came into being after the time period of the game, talk to me and we'll figure out what their precursors were and what makes sense.

Character Creation
My normal house rules are in use:

1. Attributes get one specialization at level 4; Abilities get two specializations, one at 3 and one at 5.

2. I loathe alternate abilities. If you want to take one, talk to me about it. I will probably make it a specialization of one of the primary abilities.

3. Willpower may not be higher than 8 at creation (this includes XP spent on WP at creation). Arete will be capped at 3 at character creation.

Experience at Creation
We've all played base-gen characters. We're all probably bored with it. So. You are not a newly-minted mage. You have been at this for a few years. You will make your base gen character, and then add 60 XP (you can bank up to 10 for use once the game starts).

Shared Backgrounds
For the first and probably only time, I am not encouraging shared backgrounds. You do not know each other except possibly in passing or by reputation.

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