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Tue 4 Feb 2020
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Character Creation
4C rules will be used but being lower power level will use these charts for character creation:

Male Only it's GENTLEMEN folks so you must have WEE WEES on your character - sorry ladies.

Character Origins:
00-25% Manly Skills [Skillful Power Free]
26-50% Imbued [+1 Power]
51-75% Creature [Trait Increase Power Free]
76-99% Invention [Armor, Unique Weaon OR Vehicle OR Weaponry Power Free]

00-15%  6   Typical
16-40%  10  Good
41-70%  20  Excellent
71-98%  30  Remarkable
99%       40  Extraordinary

Number of Powers
00-40%  One
40-80%  Two
81-98%  Three
99%       Four
May expend two in order to choose any power except Magic you wish before rolling.

Number of Skills as per the Rules.

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