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Wed 5 Feb 2020
at 03:18
We are here to have fun. If your way of having fun is to make others miserable, don't bother coming here. That means no stealing from or killing of other players or friendly NPCs. If 'that's what my character would do', don't make a character like that.

Don't make your posts too long, leave others a chance to respond to what you are doing. Instead of telling how you run to the door, slam it open, shout at everyone inside and attack the closest enemy, just say you start running to the door so someone can have the chance to stop you if they want to.

You should be able to post at least a couple times in a week, preferably more during combat.

There will be no initiative. How combat starts defines who goes first: players or enemies. Players can then post what they do in any order, and I will decide in which order things happen (most likely in posting order). But, for example, if you would attack someone already dead, I can move your attack to hit someone else. You can react to what the enemies did on your post next round, but I may also send you a private message asking if you want to react (like use shield against a hit).

You can throw something you expect you should, I may decide that was unnecessary or the wrong thing to roll and roll for you. I may also roll something for you unannounced, or go with the passive. Insight and searching for something will only be rolled by me, because seeing the roll can tell you too much. Just say you try to see if someone is lying or you are searching for something.

We can discuss some variant rules, but remember that what you can do, the enemy can do too.