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Episode 1: Siege of the Colossus

Episode 1 Siege of the Colossus

The frontier settlement of Eden Prime is named after the verdant planet that it sits upon, Edennia. Located in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy, the planet inspires wariness and caution in people, and the movement of immigrants to this planet has been fairly slow, even though it has been several years since the planet was mapped. Still, news of this promising frontier world has continued to spread, and the population is expected to reach 10,000 by the end of the solar year, with Humans comprising more than half of that number.

Several hundred miles to the west of Eden Prime is the Ellislis Deep, an ocean that is usually racked by storms and high winds. It is in this massive body of water that the Colossus has parked. Only the topmost part of the massive mobile supertanker is visible on the surface of the water - most of it is buried in the ground under the ocean, drilling for resources that it can then use to replenish its fuel reserves.

The Colossus has been parked in the ocean for a few weeks now, and the crew and passengers have come to understand how unstable the weather can be. Capt. Torra Doza, commander of the supertanker, has then allowed her Aces - a team of elite pilots that defend the supertanker against enemy forces - to conduct a sky race in this fine, sunny morning. The roars of the engines of these souped-up starfighters combine with the cheering of the crowd of onlookers to create a tumult of celebration and competition.

In Hangar Bay 3-B is a spacecraft of growing renown. The Normandy is among the newest ships in the Republic Navy. Configured as a stealth frigate, it is considered to be the only one of its kind right now, with the other stealth frigates still in production or in design already categorized as 'Normandy-class'. The frigate has come to the Colossus directly from Eden Prime, to refuel in preparation for their trip back to the Citadel, the new seat of government for the New Republic.

Located just outside the personnel entrance to Hangar Bay 3-B is the shop run by Frik Bdak. The Sullustan mechanic is rather old, and has been running the shop for several decades now, since the time of Capt. Imanuel Doza, the current captain's father; as such he has taken an employee to help him with the work.

That helper is Zec Lukarn, a young human who is running away from a dark and violent past in Serenno. He's proved himself to be a good mechanic and engineer, as well as a capable defender against pirates looking to board the Colossus.

Welcome to the game proper, Zec Lukarn. You may now narrate what you are doing. Are you working at the shop? Perhaps watching the sky races? It's all up to you.

Keep in mind that this is an introductory/setup scene. There is no need to make moves right now. ^_^

Zec Lukarn
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Tue 11 Feb 2020
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Episode 1: Siege of the Colossus

Zec Lukarn Serennian Gearhead/Trooper

"Would you look a' that!" Zec marvels at the sight of the Normandy. "Wow! Can you imagine what it'd be like aboard that thing?"

The young, dark-haired Serennian is seated on a cargo crate, working on an engine piece. He can't focus on his work, though - every now and then, he'd turn to take a peek at the state-of-the-art starship that is currently seated at the hangar bay.

Hovering just over his right shoulder is an extensively-modified ID-10 seeker droid, which he's named Ida. He had discovered the droid in one of the many junk piles on the Colossus a couple of years ago, had repaired and modified the thing, and it has been with him ever since. Now, he considers Ida to be a friend, not just an assistant.

"Wha'cha still doin' here, boy?" asks Frik Bdak, the Sullustan mechanic who owns and runs the shop. "Din't they 'nnounce a race today?" What began as a typical employer-employee relationship has grown over the years to be more like a father-son or teacher-student relationship.

Zec offers a shrug, then nods in the direction of the Normandy. "Well, what can I say, boss? Sky racing's pretty common 'round here, 'specially when the Colossus goes mobile again. But a stealth frigate like this one? That's pretty rare!"

Frik nods in agreement. "Yeah, tha' one's certainly a keepa'. I understand. Jus' don't drop stuff while yer oglin' her, a'ight?" Then the Sullustan heads back into the shop to continue whatever it is that he's working on.
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Tue 18 Feb 2020
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Episode 1: Siege of the Colossus


The modified seeker droid Ida gives a familiar series of beeps and whistles - a signal that Zec easily recognizes to mean that someone of potential importance or value is approaching. The young man looks up to find an older Chiss in a Republic Navy officer's uniform casually walking in his direction - well, "casual" would be used here loosely since the man still walks with a straight, militaristic stance despite the casual pace, as if he were sightseeing.

Walking over to stand near Zec, the officer says, "Forgive me - I do not mean to eavesdrop but I overheard nonetheless. She is the Normandy, and yes, she is a class all her own. The foremost frigate of the fleet. State of the art."

After taking a moment to drink in the sight of the stealth frigate parked at the hangar bay - as if he hadn't seen it before - the officer continues, "Ah, but you must forgive me again - I forget to introduce myself. I am Commander Elli Zander of the Galactic Republic Navy, captain of the Normandy. Only the best of the best get to work aboard her, kid. But don't get me wrong - I do not mean to discourage you. I only mean to say that if you wish to work aboard such a craft, you'll have to give it your very best - anything less would be tantamount to failure."

From behind the counter, Frik Bdak's head pops out as the Sullustan mechanic looks the commander over. He meets eyes with Zec, but doesn't speak up. Instead, Bdak just pops back behind his counter and out of sight.

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Zec Lukarn
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Wed 19 Feb 2020
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Episode 1: Siege of the Colossus

Zec Lukarn Serennian Gearhead/Trooper

His military training kicking in instinctively at the authoritative presence of the commander, Zec promptly stands straight. "Commander," he says as he gives a quick salute. "Zec Lukarn, sir. Mechanic and all-around gearhead." Over his shoulder, Ida the Droid gives its beeping pattern of greeting.

Nodding toward the Normandy, Zec continues, "Aye, she's a beauty indeed, commander. If I may say so: it would be a privilege to work on her, sir."

Zec then stops at that purposefully. He has fled his home world of Serenno to escape a civil war, and is in no hurry to jump right into another military assignment. True, serving aboard the Normandy is tempting but the thought of having to kill another living being as a course of work still claws at his soul.

So, he quickly diverts the direction of the conversation a smidgen. "What brings you to these parts, commander, if I may ask?" he dares to ask. "Eden Prime's pretty far out of the way. You have to admit, sir: the Republic's finest frigate being here is rather intriguing."

In the back of his mind, he is hoping that the commander doesn't arrest him for probing too deeply.
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Episode 1: Siege of the Colossus


With an impassive, inscrutable look, Cmdr. Zander directs his red-eyed gaze upon the young Serennian. In an equally impassive tone, he replies, "Ah, yes, she is a beauty indeed. Many of the officers aboard do find it a privilege to serve there, and I am sure you will find it to be the same. She is state-of-the-art, after all."

The commander clasps his hands behind him before continuing. "Your curiosity is intriguing but your reasoning is sound. Yes, it is unusual that the Normandy is here - so far away from Citadel Space, in a fledgling colony. But I have my orders, and I live to serve. I can only trust that the Republic has a greater purpose in sending me here."

Suddenly, the alarm lights switch on, bathing all corridors and platforms in the Colossus in flashing amber light. Having been working aboard the supertanker long enough, Zec recognizes it as a call for readiness. A potential threat - not yet confirmed as a threat - is approaching, and all personnel of the supertanker should get ready.

Still with an impassive look upon his face, Cmdr. Zander merely looks at the alarm lights that line the ceiling and floors of the platform. That kind of alarm is not of Republic standards, and so it is understandable that the Chiss commander doesn't quite grasp the situation completely, though he has a good idea about it. "Hmm, danger, perhaps?"

With a curt nod to Zec, the commander begins marching toward the Normandy, speaking into his wrist computer as he does. "Situation report. I see an... amber alert in the Colossus. I need to know what's happening."

Since Zec has helped in the defense of the Colossus once or twice before, he has some leeway in asking/radioing the supertanker's officers regarding the situation. For example, he might run up to an officer, or maybe even call Capt. Doza or one of the Aces.

Zec Lukarn
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Wed 11 Mar 2020
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Episode 1

Zec suppresses a knowing smile from forming on his lips as the Republic commander explains that he is here to follow orders without really seeing the big picture. Such is the life in the military, and the young gearhead understand it, having served in the Serennian military some years ago.

Before he could dredge up the dark memories from his own military service, the alarm lights flare to life. With the Normandy aboard, Zec suspects that this isn't a false alarm. That ship is among the stars of the Republic Navy fleet - if it's here, then it's for a very important purpose. This approaching threat might just be related to that purpose.

He sits up, and turns to Frik. "Close up shop, boss," he calls out. "I'll check things out."

Without really bothering to wait for a response, Zec turns and heads further into the Colossus, to meet up with any of the supertanker's officers. As he moves, he whistles and calls out, "Ida, my Alpha and Delta, please."

The seeker droid issues a series of beeps and whistles, flies into the shop, and returns with two packages that are magnetised to its body. Those are the Alpha, his custom-built sniper blaster rifle, and the Delta, a custom-built assault carbine blaster.

"Thanks," he says as he takes the weapons and attaches them to their designated slots on his worker armour. The seeker droid Ida then transforms into a smaller disc-shaped form by tucking its "appendages" into its main body, and attaches to Ida's back like a backpack.

"Alright. Now let's see what's going on."