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Campaign Information [Read Second]
Several days ago, the village of Socanth recruited you to help fight a plague of vile undead sent against them by an angry sorcerer-turned-necromancer named Thomas Ochan. Now it is late at night in the Grey Hawk Inn and you’re devouring a well-earned meal. A band of more experienced heroes has gone north into the Barrier Mountains to finish off the necromancer while you rest and ensure the town is protected, leaving you to enjoy the fruits of your labors.
As you commiserate with the villagers who fought beside you, an aging bard takes the stage. He sings of the defense of Socanth and the heroes who saved it—including your small band. Drinks flow freely and by the witching hour you and your companions have overcome the exhaustion caused by the week’s events. Hours later, the reverie winds down and the crowd disperses. Only your closest companions remain. You yawn, and begin to think of the warm bed granted you at the inn when the door opens...
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Available Languages
The following languages are spoken in this world. Each player can speak up to half their smarts die in languages EX: D6 smarts, means you speak 3 languages. Characters with the linguist edge speak a number of languages equal to their full smarts die level (6 in the example above instead of 3).

Half Folkish

Bonus Languages
Thieves Cant (Secret meanings in otherwise simple sentences)
Sign (sign language, hand signs)
Elder (ancient language, costs 2 language slots)

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