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The DM
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Mon 10 Feb 2020
at 09:32
1: Don't be rude to each other. In character arguments are fine, but don't take it out-of-character. We're all here to have fun, don't ruin that for others.

2: You can roll skills to see if your character knows something (like History or Arcana) at any time. If your character does not know something, but you as a player do, please don't use that knowledge. Don't read the Monster Manuel to know exactly how strong an enemy is.

3: Please speak in color. I prefer it over plain text, and it's easier to read. The only color that is off-limits is orange, as it's used for OOC and rolls.

4: Please write proper English. We all make mistakes, but there is spell-check for a reason. There's really no excuse for not using it.

5: If you don't like the game, my DMing style, or just want to leave, please let me know. I won't be offended. It's just nicer to me as the DM and to your fellow players if they know you're not here anymore, rather than you simply disappearing.