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Tue 11 Feb 2020
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NPC Thread
Blue Mask: A minor nonpowered superhero who apparently vanished 20 years ago, noted for extraordinary fighting skills, often demonstrated against the Matarella mafia family and assorted metahuman mercenaries such as the mysterious Omnithug.

Doctor Aranea: Would-be world-conquering scientist who follows a spider theme, and often unleashes gigantic robotic or cybernetic spiders as part of a scheme.

Baron Nocturne: The vampirelike ruler of the Kingdom of the Dead (located somewhere underneath Eastern Europe), he has made many attacks on America and other countries to locate important supernatural artifacts or get revenge against people who have wronged him, or their descendants.

The Matarella family: Long-standing mafia family said to control much crime in Centerville. Caesar Matarella is known to be the current head of the family.