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Fri 10 Jul 2020
at 00:19
Reboot introductions
Let's all give some brief introductions to your new or old characters here and can use the How did the party meet? one for well... how you all meet.
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Fri 10 Jul 2020
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Reboot introductions
Dark and craggy in his appearance, Blackfoot is a tall figure with broad shoulders and a triangular build that speaks of his time in the Alderland army south of the Iron Lock. His hair is dark and cropped, though beginning to be flecked with grey, and he wears a beard that has grown ragged in his recent confinement. He has scars on his face, from war, and his wrists, from manacles.. perhaps elsewhere. His eyes are brown, dark and moody, constantly scanning as his weight shifts from foot to foot.

Presently he is clad in muted colours: dark dun trousers and boots, the latter beginning to crack; a ragged undyed linen shirt, and heavily waxed studded leather armour. At his waist, he carries a mismatched pair of axes and a notched knife upon a belt, together with three small pouches. Atop his armour, concealing it from casual observation, a sombre umber woollen cloak, stained from travel; slung over that, furs wrapped in a tough hide with a spare belt. In one fist, as he walks, a short spear used as an aid when not needed as a weapon.

Beside Blackfoot is another figure, much younger and shifty in his bearing: a young thief, Tasser. When the two of them speak, it is clear the younger man is a native to the Ravenlands and that Blackfoot is not.

Between them, they seem wary. They will have met the others coming from the south-east, harried and travelling swiftly - pursued half-heartedly by a wolf pack, who would have been driven off by the sudden strength in numbers. Days before they lost the rest of their companions to the pack, seeing them torn apart. Blackfoot is keen to continue that and hints to an errand to the east
Durin Clayhand
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Sat 11 Jul 2020
at 05:53
Reboot introductions
Bushy raven-black hair dominates the young dwarf's features, from his full beard and thick eyebrows to his swept-back mane of hair. Like his folk, his features are craggy and his nose bulbous and bold, his eyebrows furrowed in harsh consideration of the world. Unlike his folk, Durin is not often encased in steel and ring, preferring simpler woollen tunic and hose, cut to permit freedom of movement and to show off the many swirling and symbolic tattoos upon his arms - though the way they continue into his sleaves suggests a broad canvas at play. He carries a simple staff and a cloth bag

He has traveled with the two elves for some weeks now, having come across them to the north from whence his hearth and kin lie, and seems to itch for a place where he can settle for a time
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Fri 24 Jul 2020
at 20:33
Reboot introductions
The lithe athletic elven male moved with little to no wasted motion. Having led the newly formed group for several weeks now, Durin the dwarven druid, Korena his elven partner and  peddler.

Having traveled with his partner for longer than most have been alive, the team well balanced to each others skills. Well equipped thanks to his partners well stocked pack and his skill at arms to protect them both.
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Fri 24 Jul 2020
at 20:41
Reboot introductions
The beautiful elven maiden moved with practiced skill complementing her partner Khaaven easily. Her exquisite pack always close by herself or Khaaven as it is her most treasured possession. Having traveled with a dwarven druid for several weeks now too, Durin seemed to be a capable companion and worth befriending.

Having traveled with her partner for over one hundred years now, they work well together with her being the brains and beauty. Khaaven being the muscle and protection of the duo.