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Some Concepts Before Moving Forward
Welcome to the alpha test of Dawn of Darkness!

Glad you could make it. This guide will have the basics so that you can get started making a character. Hopefully this won't take you long, and you can get straight to having some fun and exploring this wild and crazy world.

Feel free to offer criticisms and ask questions, as I will require your input to hone and improve the game and appreciate your input absolutely.

Okay, enough of all of that. You need a hint as to where to start, I reckon.

This game will be one of endless possibilities. I want to cut out the repetitive details of "I attack. You hit. Roll damage. I damaged X amount."

I want to focus on the bigger picture! I want you to adventure and craft and build a home in this fantastical world. I feel that RPOL requires a certain type of play that is lost with a normal campaign setting. Waiting a day or two or seven for someone to roll one die for a skill check destroys forward momentum and makes it difficult for everyone to stay interested or on task.

Instead of this problem, I hope to stream line certain features and borrow from other games for a sort of AFK type progress in crafting, gold farming and xp farming. How does this work? Well that's what we're play testing! Lets get started with class, race and skills.

The first thing you might need to know about the world is that because of it's nature, I'm liable to allow players more than one character. They would be required to be roleplayed separately (they couldn't cooperate specifically or share the same agenda).

You will need to decide if a combat style character, or a crafter based one, might better suit what you're in the mood for. More importantly, if you so choose, you could try to achieve the highest ranks and levels for one character, but in multiple disciplines! There will be no limit to the customization for any given character. However, as you add skill packages to your player, it will increase the total amount of experience required to level up. So someone with all of the skills for combat and crafting and so forth, might need 50,000 xp per level, making your life very slow and grindy, but that option is available to you, if you so choose.

You should also know, that in game events, like purchasing a lot for your house or business, or farming a particular special mob or boss, will permanently change the world. (Certain drops might be one time drops, especially high level gear, same goes marketplace items and your property. If you buy the lot beside the marketplace first, then it will no longer be available to anyone else. If there are close calls between one or more players, then I will literally be using time stamps...first in, first to act, there isn't a more fair way to do it, imo). This means that if you craft some swords and want to sell them, that other players might be able to buy them. There will be random checks for the npcs and so forth, so that consumption occurs regardless.

Okay, so now to the races and classes of the world.



There will be base stats and their modifications posted for both race and class. Each class will give you a base kit, a starter group of skills and abilities that will essentially equal a base amount of xp per level. These won't necessarily be even or fair, and are subject to change. Remember though, you can add other skill packages, if you so choose, just be ready for the increased xp requirements!

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