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Sun 16 Feb 2020
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Request to Join Information
Game is now full and I am not accepting new applications at this time. Thanks!

Please submit the following information with your Request To Join (RTJ) application:

1. Your experience with 5th edition D&D, Eberron, RPG's in general and/or PbP's.

Note: Knowledge of 5e D&D or the Eberron setting is not mandatory--I just need to know whether you're familiar the game and/or setting.

2. One sentence character concept:
3. Character Name:
4. Race and Class:
5. Brief Character Background:
6. Brief Character Personality:
7. Brief Physical Description of Character:

Note: Brief means a couple of sentences, so please don't devote a lot of words to what is essentially a screening process to assemble a starting cast.

Sources Allowed - Characters will be created using the following resources:

Players Handbook or Basic Rules (
Eberron: Rising from the Last War
Volo's Guide to Monsters
Xanthar's Guide to Everything

Note: Unearthed Arcana content will not be used in this game.

Important: Please do not send completed character sheets with your RTJ Application. I won't read applications that include a character sheet in the RTJ and I don't want to waste your time.

Character Selection -  Characters will be selected  based on a combination of the following factors: interesting one sentence character concepts, fulfilling iconic party roles, and my gut-feeling on what will make for a cohesive party.

Note: I will respond to all RTJs to let you know whether your character makes the cast. I won't leave anyone hanging.

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