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Sun 16 Feb 2020
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Posting Guidelines
  • Please try to make sure that you post regularly in the game - at least once every one to two days is optimal.

  • Please let others (DM and players) know if/when you will be unable to post for a period of time due to illness, family emergency, work obligations, travel, vacation, etc. All you need to do is either send me a private message or post in the OOC thread and it will go a long way toward ensuring the game runs smoothly.

  • I will NPC characters, if needed, while players are unable to post. The key here is to let me know in advance when you will be unable to post, so the game does not unnecessarily get held up.

  • Generally speaking, after a week of player inactivity, either via OOC or IC posts, I start to wonder whether or not the player wants to play in the game. When I start to look to either remove the character/player from the game is largely dependent on a player's track record. I am generally lenient toward players who are typically regular contributors to the game, as opposed to those who continually have to be prodded to post in the game. As always, please let me know if you are unable to contribute to the game so we can adjust accordingly.

  • Post in present tense, unless another tense is obviously necessary.

  • I will post as an all-seeing narrator, and you may do so as well (for those of you with literary inclinations: 3rd person omniscient).  Feel free to include thoughts or reactions that other characters may not be privy to.  I will trust you as players to know when to keep IC and OOC knowledge separate and when to judge that your character perceived someone's "hidden reaction."

  • Use colored text (pick a color and stick with it) for your character's speech, and italicized colored text for his/her thoughts.  Explanatory text should be normal black font.

  • Put OOC comments and game mechanics at the end of your post in orange text e.g., OOC: Cast Cure Wounds on Jen. Jen heals 7 hit points of damage..

  • Posts may be as long or as short as you feel the situation warrants.  Some of the best posts are one-liners.  For those long posts, please give our eyes a rest and break the post up into paragraphs.

  • Don't control -- actively or passively -- other characters or NPCs in your posts.

  • Let me know if another player's actions are inhibiting your fun.  I've read situations wrong before--thinking players were taking offense when really it was just good IC fun--so I will stay out of it until somebody tells me otherwise.

  • Please let me know if you need to leave the game for any reason.  Sometimes things don't work out.  That's fine.  Just let me know so we can move on with no hard feelings. This is a game and it should be fun.

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