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An Overview of Sharn

Sharn is the most populous city in all of Khorvaire, and arguably all of Eberron. The city literally towers atop a cliff above the mouth of the Dagger River in southern Breland.
Sharn is known as The City of Towers, but has also been called many other names, including The City of Knives, The City of Lost Souls, The City of a Thousand Eyes, the Gateway to Xen'drik, and The Gateway to Perdition.

The city now known as Sharn was built upon a foundation that dates back thousands of years before humans ever settled Khorvaire. During that time, the hobgoblin Dhakaani Empire's greatest city was carved into the jagged cliffs that Sharn now towers over. This city was called Ja'Shaarat. This metropolis didn't rise toward the skies, like Sharn does. Instead, the architects of the Dhakaani built a vast number of chambers and tunnels into and under the ground. As the city grew in size, the Dhakaani eventually would build great monolithic buildings on the plateaus above the Dagger River that would later serve as the foundations for Sharn. When the Daelkyr invaded Eberron, the city was devastated, and the hobgoblins never had a chance to restore it to its greater glory. Sharn coat of arms

Thousands of years later when human settlers from Sarlona began to explore Khorvaire, the Dagger River was stumbled upon. The river led Malleon the Reaver and his explorers to the site where Ja'Shaarat once stood. There he enslaved what goblins still resided in the ruins and erected a fortress within the ruins. He sealed off the lower wards of the ancient hobgoblin city and named the city Shaarat, as a result of stories told by the goblins he enslaved. For 600 years, Shaarat prospered and grew into a powerful metropolis once again. Breggor Firstking, the first ruler of what would become Breland, eventually conquered Shaarat and renamed it Sharn.

Over the course of the next 800 years, Sharn's towers began to rise and the city developed into something resembling Sharn today. Around this time, the Dragonmarked Houses began to prosper and this helped cultivate Sharn into economic power. But the Dragonmarked Houses also brought with them the War of the Mark. The leader of those who bore the aberrant dragonmark, Tarkanan, took control of Sharn and turned it into a home for all who wore the destructive marks.

Tarkanan couldn't hold the city for long, but in the end he used his terrible powers to destroy much of the city. For the next 500 years, the city was looked down upon and the city remained in ruins. Then, when Galifar I took control of the Five Nations he rebuilt Sharn. The metropolis felt the blessings of Galifar and would eventually develop into the center for trade, diplomacy, and intrigue that it is today.

Sharn looms atop the cliffs overlooking the Hilt, a bay at the mouth of the Dagger River in southern Breland. The city sits upon the foundation of an ancient hobgoblin city. Below that, a rumored lake of molten lava rests, but its presence can be felt only in the lowest parts of Sharn, the Cogs.

The inhospitable outcropping that Sharn sits on allows the city to grow only in vertical height. This might have been a problem for other cities, but Sharn happens to be located within a manifest zone linked to the plane of Syrania, the Azure Sky. The manifest zone enhances magic that creates flight and levitation. This allows Sharn to have towers that rise nearly a mile in height, transportational flight, and even a section of the city that floats above the highest towers.

Sharn is in a warm wet climate and beautiful tropical foliage will grown on every surface if allowed. One way to define an Upper district is by being full of light and air and vines and flowers. The towers above shade the Middle district so they only get indirect light and less wind.They are dim places of pale vines , shade loving plants and mild breezes. The lower district , however, are dark, dank places. The numerous structures above them, block the light and winds. Nothing grows there and the air is humid and stagnant.

Sharn is a vertical city. It is divided up into five distinct plateaus, as well as a district built into the sides of the cliff near the Dagger River. The five plateaus are known as Central Plateau, Menthis Plateau, Northedge, Dura, and Tavick's Landing. And, Cliffside is a neighborhood perched on the side of the cliff. While each plateau divides the city into districts, the city is also stratified vertically and divided into several sections. The lowest wards of the city are called The Cogs, and if you were to walk to the heights of Sharn you would pass through The Depths, the Lower City, Middle City, Upper City, and then finally you would need to find some method of travel to the highest section of Sharn, which is Skyway. Generally, the higher you are in Sharn, the wealthier the citizens are.

Each ward of the city is further divided into smaller districts. The districts are briefly described below.

Central Plateau
  • Highest Towers (Upper Central) - The seat of city government, this district is also where airships arrive and depart (Council Hall, City Archive, Airship Docking Tower)
  • Korranath (Upper Central) - Named for the great temple of Kol Korran that lies at its center, this district is dedicated to wealth and finance. Moneychangers, banks, and grand vaults are found here, in addition to the estates of powerful merchants.
  • Platinum Heights (Upper Central) - Catering to Sharn's elite, this district provides a wide range of shops and services of wealthy to aristocratic quality.
  • Skysedge Park (Upper Central) - Home to three sprawling rooftop parks, this district provides a touch of wilderness in the heart of the city. A small community of immigrants from the Eldeen Reaches maintains these groves and gardens.
  • Ambassador Towers (Middle Central) - This district contains the embassies to the Thronehold nations, along with Aerenal and Riedra. It's also the seat of the Citadel and home to the Brelish Museum of Art.
  • Dragon Towers (Middle Central) - This is the primary place to do business with representatives of the dragonmarked houses. All the houses have outposts here, and Sivis, Tharashk, Jorasco, and Cannith have their primary enclaves in Dragon Towers.
  • Sovereign Towers (Middle Central) - A district filled with a vast assortment of temples and shrines. It is home to the two most important temples in Sharn: the Pavillion of the Host and the Cathedral of the Cleansing Flame.
  • Sword Point (Middle Central) - This garrison district houses the forces that police and defend Central Plateau, including the Sharn Watch and a detachment of the royal army.
  • Tradefair (Middle Central) - A merchant district offering legal goods and services of modest to comfortable quality.
  • Boldrei's Hearth (Lower Central) - A haven for travelers, this district contains reliable inns ranging from modest to comfortable quality.
  • Olladra's Kitchen (Lower Central) - Neither the best nor worst Sharn has to offer, Olladra's Kitchen is home to a wide number of taverns and restaurants of modest to comfortable quality.

Dura Quarter
  • Clifftop (Upper Dura) - This district caters to adventurers, with a wide array of businesses aimed at explorers and fortune hunters. It is the home to the Clifftop Adventurer's Guild.
  • Daggerwatch (Upper Dura) - Daggerwatch holds garrisons for both the Sharn Watch and the Brelish army, along with businesses and residences for those who support the garrison.
  • Highhold (Upper Dura) - A district built by dwarves for dwarves, Highhold has strong Mror influences in its architecture. It's a good place to find Mror goods and is home to talented smiths and brewers.
  • Highwater (Upper Dura) - The finest residential district in Dura and the seat of House Vadalis, Highwater is largely comfortable in quality with a few wealthy estates.
  • Hope's Peak (Upper Dura) - A relatively new temple district, with shrines and churches that have relocated from Fallen in Lower Dura. Hope's Peak includes several monasteries and a sacred grove.
  • Overlook (Upper Dura) - Overlook is notable for its kalashtar community, which maintains a community center, a shrine devoted to the Path of Light, and a few restaurants serving Sarlonian cuisine.
  • The Bazaar (Middle Dura) - The largest commercial district in Sharn, an excellent place to buy or sell used--and possible stolen--goods.
  • Broken Arch (Middle Dura) - Once a proud residential district, Broken Arch has fallen into disrepair. Its housing is poor to modest in quality, though the shells of wealthy manors can still be seen.
  • Hareth's Folly (Middle Dura) - A jumble of architectural styles, Hareth's Folly is a place to gamble and enjoy modest food and drink. The Hollow Tower is a center for aerial sports, and Hareth's Folly is where the Race of the Eight Winds begins and ends.
  • Rattlestone (Middle Dura) - Rattlestone is a tenement district. Its people have little but their pride, but there's a strong camaraderie between them.
  • Stormhold (Middle Dura) - A comfortable residential district, Stormhold is home to a few powerful families that have remained in Dura. It's in better condition than most of Middle Dura, and Deneith mercenaries protect the streets.
  • Tumbledown (Middle Dura) - A poor residential district, Tumbledown has experienced recent incursions from the monstrous gang, Daask.
  • Underlook (Middle Dura) - The center of Sharn's nightlife before Menthis Plateau was built, Underlook is a collection of poor inns and taverns.
  • Callestan (Lower Dura) - Home to an assortment of squalid and poor businesses, Callestan is a nexus for criminal activity and known as the stronghold of the halfling-run Boromar Clan.
  • Fallen (Lower Dura) - Sharn's oldest temple district, Fallen was abandoned after a floating tower crashed into the district during the Last War. Now it's a collection of wretched ruins.
  • Gate of Gold (Lower Dura) - A squalid slum, providing miserable housing for desperate people.
  • Malleon's Gate (Lower Dura) - A poor district originally inhabited by goblins, Malleon's Gate has become a haven for monstrous immigrants from Droaam and Darguun, along with members of Daask.
  • Oldkeep (Lower Dura) - Another poor slum, largely home to dockworkers from Precarious.
  • Precarious (Lower Dura) - The skydocks of Precarious pass goods between the towers and the port on the Dagger River below. The district is filled with warehouses, along with a handful of poor taverns. A small community of Sarlonians also lives here.
  • The Stores (Lower Dura) - A warehouse district with a large halfling population, along with ties to the Boromar Clan.

Menthis Plateau
  • Den'iyas (Upper Methis) - Founded by gnome immigrants from Zilargo, Den'iyas is a haven for those interested in Zil culture. It's home to many sages and artisans, and a hotbed of schemes and intrigue.
  • Ivy Towers (Upper Menthis) - This residential district includes comfortable homes and modest apartments. Many of the students and faculty of Morgrave University live in Ivy Towers.
  • Seventh Tower (Upper Menthis) - A shopping district, with restaurants and goods of comfortable to wealthy quality. Seventh Tower is especially noteworthy for Little Xen'drik, a collection of galleries whose owners buy and sell goods from Xen'drik.
  • University (Upper Menthis) - This district is dominated by Morgrave University. It's also a nexus for sophisticated entertainment, including the Art Temple, the Grand Stage, and the Great Hall of Aureon.
  • Cassan Bridge (Middle Menthis) - A mercantile district with goods of modest to comfortable quality. Home to a significant number of immigrants from the Shadow Marches, Cassan Bridge is the place to visit for exotic Marcher herbs and cuisine.
  • Everbright (Middle Menthis) - This district is the source of magical goods and services. Exotic components, magewrights for hire, common or uncommon magic items--all of these and more can be found here.
  • Little Plains (Middle Menthis) - Founded by Talenta halflings, this district includes a central campground for visiting halflings nomads. The permanent residents are mostly halflings as well. Talentan food and crafts can be found here, along with displays of traditional skills and pastimes.
  • Smoky Towers (Middle Menthis) - Safer than the lower wards and less expensive than Upper Menthis, Smoky Towers has plenty of entertainment options. The Classic Theater is its most popular venue, but Smoky Towers offers a wide variety of more exotic fare. Dinner theater, changeling burlesque, and other diversions can be found in Smoky Towers. Thovanic Hall has begun performing works from Darguun and Droaam featuring monstrous performers. Smoky Towers has also become a haven for Cyran refugees wealthy enough to avoid High Walls.
  • Warden Towers (Middle Menthis) - This district is the primary garrison of the Sharn Watch in Menthis. It's home to a community of Lhazaar immigrants, and the Broken Anchor is a tavern catering to Lhazaar travelers.
  • Downstairs (Lower Menthis) - The Downstairs district is primarily known for food and drink. Though most of its taverns and inns are only of modest quality, the Four Sails serves some of the finest seafood in Sharn. The recent success of the Diamond Theater has also drawn travelers to the district.
  • Firelight (Lower Menthis) - This district is a destination for those who seek illicit forms of entertainment. Many forms of illegal gambling and paid companionship can be found in Firelight. It's also the most common location of the Burning Ring.
  • Torchfire (Lower Menthis) - A district with a notorious reputation, celebrated for cheap entertainment and infamous for its dangerous alleys. Its theaters specialize in musical comedy and lowbrow entertainment, and there are lots of opportunities for hopeful amateurs to get on a stage in Torchfire.

Northedge Quarter
  • Crystal Bridge (Upper Northedge) - A peaceful residential district with many wealthy and aristocratic estates.
  • Oak Towers (Upper Northedge) - A residential district where housing ranges from comfortable to aristocratic. Construction in Oak Towers uses materials and styles drawn from Aerenal, and the district is home to many of Sharn's established elf and half-elf families.
  • Shae Lias (Upper Northedge) - This district is a bastion for the culture and traditions of the elves of Aerenal. It includes a variety of businesses specializing in Aereni goods, as well as a temple of the Undying Court.
  • High Hope (Middle Northedge) - A center for worship for the people of Northedge, High Hope includes temples of the Silver Flame and the Sovereign Host, along with many smaller shrines. It lacks the grandeur of Sovereign Towers in Central Plateau, but has an atmosphere of solemn devotion.
  • Holdfast (Middle Northedge) - Holdfast is the heart of Sharn's native dwarf population. The ancestors of the Holdfast dwarves helped build Sharn, and many of its people are stonemasons, architects, and smiths. Holdfast dwarves are proud of their Sharn roots and have little interest in Mror customs or traditions.
  • Longstairs (Lower Northedge) - The population of this peaceful residential district is mostly made up of dwarves, humans, and half-elves. Neighbors here generally stand together to deal with any trouble.
  • North Market (Lower Northedge) - The open market in this region largely deals in simple, locally produced goods. Due to the significant shifter population in Lower Northedge, North Market offers goods and services aimed at shifters (grooming services, claw care, and so forth) as well as those reflecting Eldeen influence.
  • Stoneyard (Lower Northedge) - This residential district is home the majority of Sharn's shifters, including both recent immigrants from the Eldeen Reaches and long-established local families. The district includes a makeshift hrazhak court and a shrine devoted to the Wardens of the Wood. Conditions are poor to modest.

Tavick's Landing
  • Copper Arch (Upper Tavick) - The district is built around the Deneith garrison that polices the upper ward. It contains shops and services catering to the wealthy elite.
  • Ocean View (Upper Tavick) - This residential district is home to some of the most influential citizens of Sharn. It has a mix of wealthy mansions and aristocratic estates.
  • Silvergate (Upper Tavick) - This shopping district is patronized by those with gold to spare. All manner of fine jewelry and expensive clothing can be found here, along with aristocratic food and lodging.
  • Sunrise (Upper Tavick) - This district provides housing for the shopkeepers and servants who keep Upper Tavick's Landing running. Housing is largely modest in quality, with a few comfortable towers.
  • Twelve Pillars (Upper Tavick) - This is the civic heart of Upper Tavick's Landing. The twelve pillars it's named for surround a courthouse, the Tower of Law, where visitors can get licenses to carry weapons in the ward.
  • Cornerstone (Middle Tavick) - A haven for travelers, Cornerstone has a range of comfortable inns and taverns. It's built around the vast Cornerstone arena and is a center for activity for many sporting events.
  • Deathsgate (Middle Tavick) - Named for the nearby City of the Dead, this district houses the Deathsgate Guild and businesses that cater of adventurers. House Deneith recruits mercenaries at its outpost here.
  • Graywall (Middle Tavick) - This district was founded long ago by Karrnathi immigrants, and its people are proud of their heritage. It is a haven for any Karrnathi travelers passing through Sharn. Rumors say there's a temple devoted to the Blood of Vol in Graywall, but if that's the case, it's kept well-hidden.
  • Tavick's Market (Middle Tavick) - This district specializes in produce and other goods brought in by the farmers from the surrounding countryside.
  • Black Arch (Lower Tavick) - This district is filled with checkpoints and enchanted gates. These portals are generally open, but in times of trouble, Black Arch can become and impassable fortress. The Sharn Watch maintains the local garrison. House Orien and House Sivis maintain outposts here, ensuring messages can be swiftly delivered through the city and beyond.
  • Cogsgate (Lower Tavick) - This warehouse district is the gateway to the Cogs, and shipments of ore and other goods regularly pass through here. House Kundarak has high-security storage facilities for rent, and a House Deneith outpost hires out Blademark mercenaries for venturing below.
  • Dragoneyes (Lower Tavick) - Dragoneyes tends to the needs of weary travelers, providing a wide range of lodging, food, and entertainment for tourists. It's also home to most of Sharn's changeling population, and many changelings use their gifts to entertain and amuse travelers. Some say that it's the home to the Tyrants criminal guild, but if so, that place is well-hidden.
  • High Walls (Lower Tavick) - This district was converted into an internment center during the Last War. Since the end of the war, it has been transformed into a refugee camp. Most of he residents are Cyrans who fled the Mourning, but High Walls also includes Brelish citizens who lost their homes in the war. It's a crowded, dangerous place, but it allows residents to maintain a squalid lifestyle at no cost. Currently the gates are open, but the Sharn Watch could seal them at any time.
  • Terminus (Lower Tavick) - This district is based around Terminus Station, where the lightning rail enters and leaves Sharn. Most local businesses serve the station or travelers.
  • Wroann's Gate (Lower Tavick) - Travelers who arrive on the main road enter Sharn through Wroann's Gate, passing below a huge statue of the legendary Queen Wroann. Many of the dragonmarked houses maintain shops here so travelers can send messages, hire bodyguards, or make use of other services.

Above and Below Sharn
  • Skyway (Above the city) - Skyway is a district that floats above the Central Plateau and Menthis, built atop an island of solidified clouds. The richest people of Sharn live here.
  • Cliffside (On the banks of the Dagger River) - Boats bring cargo and passengers to the docks at Cliffside, on the edge of the Dagger River. From there, enormous lifts carry people to Precarious. This dangerous district contains an assortment of taverns, shabby inns, and warehouses.
  • Ashblack (The Cogs) - The first foundries of Sharn were built here. The district is devoted ton industry, and the environment here is sweltering and claustrophobic.
  • Blackbones (The Cogs) - Blackbones is newer than Ashblack and it shows. The district's corridors are wider and better lit. The foundries are well maintained, and the district has a few thriving businesses. Most of the warforged that reside in Sharn work in Blackbones.

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Power Groups of Sharn
City Government
Although the Lord Mayor appears to have the most power in the Sharn government, in actuality it's the City Council who appoints the Lord Mayor. The City Council also commands the Sharn Watch. The Council of Sharn is made up of a councilor from each ward in the city (although Cliffside is merged into Dura, and one councilor represents both Ashblack and Blackbones), to a total of 17 councilors. The City Council establishes laws, determines how to use resources (taxes), and also appoints high officers of the city. While the City Council holds the true power, the Lord Mayor does represent considerable influence in Sharn by being in direct contact with the Brelish Crown.

Forces of the Law
  • The Sharn Watch - responsible for enforcing the laws of the city
  • The King's Citadel - direct agents of the Brelish Crown
  • The Redcloak Battalion - an elite unit of war veterans called upon when a situation requires extreme military force

Guilds and Groups
  • Clifftop Adventurer's Guild - an organization with a sterling reputation as a source of reliable explorers and champions
  • Deathsgate Guild - Adventurers who are willing to take on any job and do whatever it takes to triumph might find themselves suited here
  • The Circle of Song - an informal organization of bards operating throughout Sharn

Arcane Orders
  • Esoteric Order of Aureon - Sharn's largest arcane order, its members using their talents to preserve and advance civilization and to operate within the confines of the law
  • The Guild of Starlight and Shadows - an arcane order that encourages independence and innovation
  • The Closed Circle - a sinister cabal of transmuters and necromancers who were wiped out more than two hundred years ago, though whispers still exist of secret cabals operating within the city

Criminal Organizations
  • The Boromar Clan - a halfling crime syndicate specializing in gambling, theft, and smuggling operations
  • Daask - a monstrous gang specializing in violent crime
  • House Tarkanan - an elite force of mercenary thieves and assassins whom possess aberrant dragonmarks
  • The Tyrants - a collection of primarily changeling forgers and grifters who specialize in deception and the acquisition of information

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