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Fri 6 Mar 2020
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Death: She is an aspect of the Endless. Sole function - to retrieve souls and ferry them to their final destination.

End of the Road Tavern: a place where lost souls rest until Death takes them where they ought go. Powerful willed mortals sometimes stumble inside. They are well received and may leave of their own will should they resist the pull of death. She also allows mortals about to die to find this place such that they pass on in peace.

Seraphim: Corrupted Silver Dragon now a Dracolich in service to Ithslyndr. Once fought against Lady Q and died. There is likely to be enmity between the two on sight.

Ithslyndr: Powerful Lich Lord in possession of the Naga Crown. Has a castle roughly 1x1 mile. In area including the grounds. In service of a powerful Monarch.