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Setting & background information
The group had played this game for several years. They'd started at level 1 and grown with the characters as the GM ran them through a few adventure modules, some homebrew dungeon crawls, and their own homebrew adventure featuring a villain who seemed unbeatable at first glance.

After years of seeing friends come and go, NPCS and even a few players, the group was left with only one final quest to complete. to defeat the Villain and stop them from taking over  Golarion. A pretty typical goal for most Pathfinder villains. The party had infighting, reconciliations, and even ran through plenty of side-quests to get themselves leveled up enough to take on the Villain the GM had spent hours building and longer building up in the eyes of the campaign.

And then? It was over. The villain's last Lieutenant was dead and buried, their last bastion had fallen, and the villain themselves paid for their crimes with their life. The only thing left was to wrap things up. Tying up loose threads as the GM wove the story of what happened together for the final session of that game, and someone else would propose a game to play next. Talk was made of 'trying a new system' or just 'taking a break' for a month or two before coming back fresh.

The trappings of the campaign were all laid out on the table, and loose threads were tied up. it was truly a good place to say 'The End.'

But somehow? It wasn't. The pizza, or maybe the beer (or soda, depending) tasted fine. The ambiance Music was nothing out of the norm... But for some reason, the last thing anyone remembered was falling asleep. Nothing out of the ordinary, given the usual practice of the group (sometimes they stayed over at the GM's apartment for the night, watching movies or just sleeping and pretending their weekly lives didn't exist.)

When they woke up, however, they were NOT in the GM's apartment. They were absolutely not in their home city. They weren't even in their own bodies. They were in the bodies of their characters!? And the room they were in? It looked to be built of stone, and yet the sea of clouds outside the windows... They were in the flying castle the party had initially 'liberated' from the Villain! How? Why? Did we mention HOW!?

New World Setting:
Pathfinder Gods can be worshiped, though gaining Divine Spells direct from a God will feel... Oddly 'off.'

New Gods:
Racial deities exist, yes. (More to come on them as they're finished.)

Main human deities:

Rugyn, the Mother Goddess of the Sun, Rulers and Leadership
Favored Weapon: Scepter (Mace)
Domains: Good, Law, Sun, Healing, Glory, Nobility, War

The 'Twins' Obum and Admera, Twin gods of the Twin moons.

Obum is known as 'The traveler' who circles the world further away than his Twin sister, Admera.

Obum, God of Travel, Mystery and Diplomacy
Favored Weapon: Staff
Domains: Chaos, Travel, Moon, Knowledge, Magic

Obum travels far from both the earth and his Mother, searching for new secrets in the darkness. Known as 'The Wanderer' of the Twin Moon gods, he is worshipped often by those who seek knowledge wherever it may hide.

Admera, Goddess of the Home, Beer, Water, and Fire.
Favored Weapon: Spear
Domains: Good, Fire, Water, Community, Weather

Admera is the Goddess of the Home, as she stays close to the world, and closer to her Mother, caring little for what lay beyond her borders, though always trying to keep the family connected. She controls the storms, the floods, the hearth, and the joy of a well-cooked meal. Patron Goddess of Inns and Taverns, she teaches her followers to always be welcoming, yet to defend their homes to their dying breath.

Nolona, Goddess of Coin and Commerce
Favored Weapon: Shuriken
Domains: Trickery, Luck, metal

Nolona is a relatively minor Goddess, though her reach is far more widespread, as she is the Patron Goddess of Merchants, Coin, and Trade. Merchants often invoke her in the hopes of getting a good deal, or around tax-collection hoping she'll see their profit-margins through the troubles ahead.

Jodum Ietis, God of Death, Funerals and Murder
L/N (oft seen as L/E)
Favored Weapon: Sickle
Domains: Law, Death, Destruction (Grants the Evil Domain, begrudgingly)

As with all societies, Jodum Ietis is oft seen as a scapegoat for Death. he resents his title as 'God of Murder' though he accepts the worship it brings him from assassins throughout the world. His Priests often oversee funerary rites, for a price. The more grand the funeral, the higher the price. Rumor is that for a price his Priests might even put protections against the deceased rising as Undead.

Mayja, Goddess of Insanity, War, Pain and Chaos
Favored Weapon: Bastard Sword or Whip
Domains: Chaos, War, Madness, Evil, Trickery

Meyja is... A controversial figure. She is seen, often, as the instigator of war. She is often pointed to as the source of the constant conflict between nations in the world, and she revels in it. She loves to see the madness of battle, the terror in the eyes of dying men and women, to hear the screams of the innocent and the cries of the wrongly-accused. She is worshiped only in secret, save by the barbarians in the West who believe that through the Pain she brings, they become stronger.


Racial Deities:

Rumir, Elven God of the Hunt
Favored Weapon: Longbow
Domains: Animal, Plant, Liberation, Good
Leader of the small Elven Pantheon worshiped on the continent, Rumir is beaten, bloody, and has nearly been forced to withdraw entirely from the continent. Only his absolute loathing of his children's situation on the continent keeps him from doing so. legends say he shot his bow and pulled the veil of sleep from the minds of the Elves when they first awoke in the world, taught them to hunt and craft, and taught them the first songs ever sung... Human interference, however, has squashed all of these myths, save a few told by elderly elves deep in their forest refuge.

Beklah, Dwarven God of Stone, Mining, and the Forge
Favored Weapon: Pickaxe
Domains: Law, Earth, Metal, Artifice, and War
Beklah is a tough God. He has led battles, lost, and pulled himself back up. He is depicted as a battered Dwarf of carven stone with a great golden beard, though statuary of him in the last few hundred years have been progressively more beaten, more weathered, more bloodied, but standing tall, as though to tell his worshipers to stand tall and unbowed before the blows of fate.

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Setting & background information
The 'Central' Continent.

This is where the Party finds themselves, flying high over the central Kingdom of Neavell.

Kingdom of Neavell:
Ruled for the last 130 years by the royal Kondir family, the Kingdom is in the 'perfect' place for a constant uphill battle just to maintain their territory. border skirmishes are a weekly thing in slow times, hourly when their 5 neighbors are getting ansty. In the case of the Western 'kingdoms?' They're always 'antsy.' Three major cities make up this kingdom, with farmland difficult to maintain, but managed through use of alchemical treatments to speed plant growth and maintain the soil. Many, MANY militant forts dot the wide plains and rolling hills of Neavell.

Avrica Empire:
Technically a 'queendom' though the ruling monarch refers to herself as 'Empress,' Avrica is set along the Eastern coast of the continent. Separated from the rest by tall snow-capped mountains, they have a naturally defensible position with abundant resources in both the sea and in the mines... Now if only they weren't nearly-religiously human-supremacist, treating non-humans as little better than slaves and constantly at war with the Dwarven Kingdom of Bosian.

Dwarven Bosian Kingdom:
In the mountains which separate Avrica from the rest of the continent, the Dwarves settled, mined, and carved out their own kingdom within three of the tallest mountains. Only by taking the treacherous Red Pass can one find the doors to this kingdom, and non-Dwarves are only allowed to stay for 3 days and nights before being 'politely escorted' out of the mountain by an armed troop. They deal mainly in finished goods, and trade for food and raw materials when they can.

The 'Red Pass' is a winding road through the mountains, and only one of seven Passes that would allow ingress or egress from the Empire of Avrica. it's named for the fact that if it hasn't snowed or rained recently, one can oft find stains of blood on the stones. Human, orc, Elf, Dwarf, it doesn't matter.

To the North lies the Oyontis Union.
Set up as refugees from Avrica, the Guilds of Oyontis rapidly fell to their own special brand of bureaucratic hell, with every matter of trade being regulated to within an inch of their lives. Hilariously they still cling to the traditions of the Avrica Empire in their Human-Supremacist views, though the slave-trade is rather strictly regulated, and such slaves are protected as 'valuable property.'

To the Southeast lies the small Elven Kingdom of Lutis.
Xenophobic, isolationist, and violently defensive, this small kingdom amounts to one city, built in the massive trees of the Southwestern forests. Barely 6,000 Elves live within the sprawling treetop city, hidden as much as possible by the canopy and patrolled constantly by squads of Rangers, and diplomatic ties are maintained with the many, many dryads living within the forest.

The Southern Dynasty of Ikhisea:
To the south lies a sprawling, mostly prosperous and near-tropical paradise. Renowned for its staunch military, and cycles of isolationist to expansionist policy with each new ruler (Or 'Grand General,' which is a hereditary role,) the Southern Kingdom produces some of the finest weapons on the continent, with a large Magical academy dedicated to the making of magical armaments and Clay Golems.

The Petty Fiefdoms of the West:
The West has no unified name. Because no one can agree long enough to solidify it. it's ruled by brutal barbarian tribes constantly fighting either each other or their neighboring kingdoms. Slavery is Taboo, thankfully, but one must constantly fight to maintain their independence in the harsh and rocky landscape. Warlords rise and fall within the span of months, and any lack of attention will lead to a violent uprising. This is the ONLY place where the worship of Meyja is openly accepted.

The Northeastern Rorus Kingdom:
...Is a pile of ruins. Overrun by the Undead and demonic incursions, any living mortal presence was wiped off the map after the Necromancer's Guild, which previously ruled the region under the High Archmage, made a magical 'whoopsie' and... No one knows exactly what happened. One day they were normal and fighting everyone, like everyone else, and the next? They were all zombies, Ghouls, Vampires, Mummies, Ghosts, Wraiths, and Shades, 'supported' by squads of Demons from the Infinite Layers of the Abyss.
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Setting & background information
Organizations of the New World:

Adventurer’s Guild:

The Adventurer’s Guild is much like the Pathfinder Society of Golarion, wherein people can find odd jobs to do, anything from domestic work to para-military missions and everything inbetween. If one wishes to have a nest of monsters exterminated? They post a job at the Adventurer’s Guild hall in whatever city happens to be closest to them... And sometimes in much further locations if they have the money for it. One of the few organizations allowed to operate in most nations on the continent as they are, by nature, continent-spanning, they still have their own nationalist tendencies.

Fights can, and often do break out between members from different countries, and opposing missions. Officially, the Adventurer’s Guild only exists to facilitate the hiring of ‘extra help’ for such ‘odd jobs’ but unofficially, the various national chapters have their own goals. Most Freelance workers work for the Adventurer’s Guild, with a moderate ability to go wherever there might be work, so long as they do not openly claim allegiance to an ‘enemy state’ (Read: Any but the one they’re entering.)

The Inquisition:
The inquisition is... Complicated. It sprung up after the destruction of the Northeastern Rorus Kingdom, to route out any further evidence of Necromantic studies or use of Necromancy. Their mission expanded to cutting off contact between the Prime Material Plane and any other Plane of existence through the use of exceedingly rare wardstones, erecting large areas of Dimensional Locks... The fact that their idea of ‘redemption’ for suspected violation of their policy of ‘no necromancy’ and ‘no contacting other Planes’ is ‘kill everything within 5 miles’ doesn’t do them many favors, but few are strong enough to oppose them.

The White Citadel:
In the south, within the Dynasty of Ikhisea, lies the White Citadel, a college of Magic reporting advancements of Magical pursuit the likes of which are difficult to come by anywhere else in the world! Along with a select few being able to craft Golems! Members of the White Citadel are known to be haughty, confident, and some might say ‘arrogant’ given that they are given the equivalent rank in the Ikhisean Military as Captains.

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