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The Slipstream Universe Gazetteer
Presented here is the basic knowledge of the main fragments known to all inhabitants. New fragments, usually no larger than a quarter the size of the main worlds, are constantly discovered, and many more alien races inhabit Slipstream than there are worlds.  {See main Map for chart:}

The tech level for each fragment is represented by a symbol.
  • (+) = Hi-tech: Unless otherwise stated, the natives manufacture and repair rocketships.
  • (-) = Low-tech: Most fragments retain some hi-tech, such as domed cities or defense cannons, but no longer manufacture these items. Hi-tech items cost 5 times the normal price.

Akwas (+ submersibles only, no rocketship repair):
Akwas has no landmasses. Several aquatic and semi-aquatic races, including the Akwasians, make their home here. The semi-aquatic races dwell in domed underwater cities reachable only by submersible.

Amazonia (-):
A hot, steamy world inhabited by the Raptor Men and the primitive Cavors, cave dwelling aliens stuck firmly in the Stone Age and hunted by the Raptor Men. Crumbling ancient ruins lie covered by the vegetation. Several species of carnivorous lizards inhabit the jungles.

Amicus (-):
The fertile home of the Amici, a peaceful race with a love of the arts. Though ripe for conquest, no race has ever managed to subdue the Amici. Amici musicians are popular in noble courts.

Angelis (+):
Angelis is an uninhabited rocky wasteland. The natives, the humanoid Angeli, live in floating cities high in the clouds. Their culture is based around honor and dueling. They mine the fragment for mineral resources.

Arachnea (-):
Arachnea is home to the Arachnids, or Spider Men. The surface is thick forest, interspersed with high hills. The Spider Men are fearsome hunters and anything caught in their webs is considered prey. A massive artificial structure in the densest part of the forest is home to their living god-queen, Arachnee.

Arid (-):
The inhabitants, the Aridians, import all of their food and water, but export precious radioactive ore mined from the southern hills.  Violent sandstorms are frequent and can last for days, blanketing parts of the surface in swirling clouds of fine sand.

Avia (+):
Home to the Bird Men. The fragment is covered in thick forests comprised predominantly of towering Nest Trees, which grow to over a thousand feet. Travel across the surface is difficult due to the dense vegetation.

Babel (+ no rocketship repair):
Home to the Babelonians, a race of highly intelligent creatures with a fondness for languages and knowledge. Their libraries and museums are said to contain artifacts from across Slipstream, from its origins to the present day. The surface of Babel is exceptionally rough, with Babelonian tower-cities, called Depositories, perched atop rocky crags.

Formed by heavy chunks of debris thrown clear of the Slipstream as it spirals toward the Graveyard, the Barrier is a swirling mass of space debris. Only mining outposts and frontier cities exist here.

Barter (+ rocketship repair only):
Also known as Trade World, Barter consists of a single city centered around the only water supply on the otherwise desert fragment. The original inhabitants are unknown, but it is currently a major trading centre. Pirate attacks on merchant ships visiting Barter are on the rise.

Borealis (-):
A forest world ravaged by electrical storms, which produce fantastic lightning shows. The Borealians, yellow-skinned humanoids, are capable of harnessing the static electricity to power their machines or deliver shocks to opponents.

Boroosh (-):
The surface of this dusty world is crisscrossed with a labyrinth of gullies and ravines, all of which lead into massive cave networks that run for many miles beneath the surface. The Borooshians live in these cave networks. They are considered to be the best navigators in Slipstream.

Cauldra (-):
Cauldra is a world choked by plumes of sulfurous fumes venting from numerous volcanoes and fissures. The native Cauldrons live in a large domed city, protected from the poisonous fumes. Surface lighting is Dim (–1).

Charadon (-):
A world of deep seas and thick tangles of seaweed. The Shark Men, an aquatic race that follow an ever-hungry god, live in the depths, while the Charadonios, a race of semiaquatic fish men, make their homes on the large seaweed islands. The two races share no love for each other.

Crystalus (-):
Save for the Crystaloosians, every form of animal and plant life is crystalline in nature. The Crystaloosians are tall, willowy beings with the power to stun opponents with their voices. Their Singing Forests are one of the natural wonders of Slipstream.

Dracos (+):
Dracos is the home of the Dracsos, a race of reptile men. They are the remnants of an advanced psionic race, though few modern Dracsos possess the talent. Ancient cities dot the fertile landscape and a small number of artifacts
have been discovered in them.

Dust Cloud:
A swirling mass of thick dust lying between two currents. Pilots flying through the cloud must do so by instruments alone. Visibility in the cloud counts as Pitch Blackness (–6).

Equus (-):
A world of rolling grasslands populated by the Equines, a race of horse men. They are a nomadic people, moving with the seasons to find new grazing lands. They are led by Spirit Whisperers, shamans who can talk to the ancestors.

Frigim (-):
A world of open tundra and constant snowfall. The native Frigims, a hairy, ape-like race, share their world with several species of carnivores which they hunt for food.

Gemopia (-):
Gemopia is a world comprised of crystal spires and caves. Unique crystals used in the manufacture of vibro weapons grow here, but harvesting them is dangerous, as many crystalline entities haunt the wilds. The major native race, the Gemopians, is crystalline in structure.

Glade (-):
A fragment of forests and meadows caught in perpetual spring. Two warring races make their homes on Glade; the Antelopos, a race of horned herbivores, and the Tigra, carnivores with the features of Earth tigers. The forests and meadows are home to many species of plants and flowers, some of which are carnivorous.

Lies at the centre of the universe. Debris brought in by the black hole swirls through the Slipstream wind until it is deposited here to form a massive cloud. Rumors circulate about a planet hidden in the centre of the debris field, but no pilot has ever flown that far into the cloud and survived.

Graviton Energy Wave:
Spiraling wave that exists out of the black hole into the Slipstream universe, pushing space debris to the Graveyard.

Gyptos (+):
Primarily a desert world. A single river flows from the polar mountains, allowing some agriculture along its banks. There is one population centre, New Gyptos City, which is surrounded by the ruins of an older civilization.

The Queen’s most feared warriors, serving as her bodyguard and enforcers. Clad in power armor of unknown design and armed with deadly weapons found nowhere else in Slipstream, these fearless warriors are hated by all races.

Hosbec (+ rocketship repair only):
Hosbec is home to Hosbecites, a furry race with a natural affinity for trading and a desire to see the destruction of Barter. Much of the fertile surface has been built over with warehouses and trading posts. Recent attacks on rocketships traveling to and from Barter have been blamed on Hosbecite-sponsored pirates.

Hvergilmir (-):
A world inhabited by several races. The most populous race is the Hvergelmirions, small, agile creatures with a prehensile tail. The steam rising from the jungle makes surface lighting Dim(–1).

Ice Cloud:
A massive cloud of icy debris caught in the gap between two currents. Floating chunks of ice make travel hazardous.

Idunn (-):
Idunn can only be described as a paradise. Comprised mainly of tropical islands lying in shallow pale green oceans, the world is rich in exotic fruit and animals, all of which fetch great prices on other worlds. The native Idunnians, a race dwelling in simple log cabins, are said to be the most beautiful race in Slipstream. Many races believe the Idunnians have discovered the secret to perpetual youth.

Koldos (-):
Koldos is a world gripped in a perpetual ice age. The native Koldosites build their cities over geothermic springs. Without this source of heat, the planet would quickly become uninhabitable. Blizzards and crevasses make surface travel dangerous.

Krieg (-):
Kreig is home to the barbaric tribal race known as the Kriegers. Though they possess no hi-tech weaponry, their warriors are fearless and highly skilled with melee weapons.

Levitos (+):
Levitos is actually a massive floating city. It was originally a colony ship, but the engines have not worked properly since entering Slipstream and so the fragment remains hovering close to Amazonia. The Levitosians are the native species.

Lill (-):
The fragment is one vast steppe inhabited by the Lill, a race of two-headed beings. Each head has a separate personality, which often leads to arguments over who gets to control the body. The fragment is best known for its alcoholic beverages.

Lupos (-):
Lupos is the native fragment of the wolfheaded Lupines. A mixture of forests and plains, it is populated by great herds of herbivores which the Lupines hunt for their meat and bone.

Magroz (-):
Magroz is a lump of iron riddled with caverns and fissures. Its vast hill ranges are home to the Magrozites, a metallic race possessing the power of magnetism.

Mechanos (+):
The surface is one enormous city populated primarily by the Robot Men. Small enclaves of other aliens exist throughout the city. The fragment operates on a very structured system and civil disturbances are severely punished.

Memnon (-):
Home to the Memnites, a race of brutish giants(by human standards). Colossal statues of their former rulers litter the grassy landscape. The Memnites pride physical strength over any other trait and delight in blood sports. Visitors willing to risk their life in the arena and surviving are showered with wealth.

Mire (-):
The entire surface consists of large, grassy islands floating in a mangrove swamp. The entire surface is in motion; the islands moving around the planet on the currents. Several races, predominantly reptilian and insectoid beings, call Mire home, each race living on its own island.

Neptuna (-):
A world covered by violet colored oceans. A single mixed-race city stands on a small, mountainous landmass and serves as the market for visitors. At least two aquatic races, the Drel and the Squelmon, dwell deep in the oceans. Fierce storms are common and travel by sea is inadvisable without a local mariner.

Nivek (-):
A sweltering jungle world and home to the multi-legged insectoid Nivekians. A giant winged statue lies deep in the jungle and is said to be an oracle. The Nivekians believe it is a god and treat it with great reverence.

Psidonia (+):
Psidonia is the former homeworld of the Psiclops. It is under interdiction by Queen Anathraxa’s forces and no one is permitted to land there. So far as anyone can tell, the fragment is now uninhabited.

Pyre (+ rocketship repair only):
Pyre is a world of oozing lava flows. The native Pyrites, a race of stone-like beings, live in cities that hover just above the molten surface. Pyre has great mineral wealth but few other natural resources.

Quan (unknown):
Queen Anathraxa interdicted Quan as soon as the fragment was discovered and a blockade of heavily armed rocketships fires upon any ship approaching the fragment. Some suspect it is the location of her palace. Slipstreamers usually refer to the world as “Anathraxa’s Nest.”

Queen Anathraxa:
Anathraxa does not so much rule Slipstream as terrorize it. She strikes with impunity, carrying off technology, food, natural resources, and male specimens. Few have seen the Queen and lived to tell the tale.

Radiation Cloud:
A large cloud of radioactive particles streaming from the black hole. Frequent and unpredictable radiation storms make travel through the cloud dangerous.

Radios (-):
Home to the Queen’s slave mines. Only prison ships are allowed to visit, flying a secret route through the morass of the Barrier.

Reflet (-):
Also known as Glass World. Its entire surface is comprised of a single glassy plain with few discernible depressions or ridges outside of the glass mines. A large cylindrical object of unknown origin has been glimpsed beneath the surface, but explorers have yet to reach it.

Ruros (-):
The main agricultural fragment in Slipstream. Its lush meadows and arable plains are well-fed by a network of rivers and streams. The Rurites are a multi-limbed race of vegetarians with an extensive knowledge of agriculture. Their markets teem with fresh produce.

Sandpit (-):
Sandpit was once a tropical paradise called Tropico, its surface covered with lush forests and crystal clear water. That was before the Queen bombarded the planet with her Death Gas. Now the vegetation is dead and the waters brackish and barren of life.

Scar (+ rocketship repair only):
Scar has a heavily cratered surface. Space debris ejected from the Slipstream toward The Barrier often collide with the fragment. The surface cities are domed and protected by batteries of heat rays. Those willing to risk being crushed to death by crashing rocks can find great mineral wealth in the craters. Anarchs are currently settled here.

Septis (-):
Septis is a stinking swamp populated by the equally foul Septosians, a race of sluglike beings. Their cities are built on vast wooden platforms projecting from the oozing mire.

Simba (-):
Simba is the home of the proud Lion Men. Its surface is nothing but grassy plains broken by small oases and clumps of brush. The native fauna comprises many different types of game beast, but hunting is restricted and poaching highly illegal. The Lion Men live in a series of townships spread across the fragment.

Skalin (+):
Skalin is a world covered in smog. The Skalinites are renowned as expert crafters and their cities boast huge numbers of workshops and factories. The constant smog means the surface is Dark lighting (–2).

Stygia (unknown):
Located in the heart of the Dust Cloud is Stygia, a world in perpetual darkness. Surface lighting is Pitch Blackness(–6).

Tempest (-):
Tempest is a mud ball. Its rolling hills receive near constant rainfall, resulting in the surface being a thick layer of mud. The original inhabitants, the Mud Men, have been forced to live in caves by recent settlers, who have taken over the land to grow hardy grains of cereals that thrive in the nutrient rich mud. Due to the constant rain clouds, surface lighting is Dark (–2).

Vitin (+):
Vitin is also known as Pirate World. The Queen exterminated the Vitin race long ago and pirates moved into to their abandoned cities.

Xaq (unknown):
Xaq is inhabited by bands of Primals. The fragment is off limits to visitors and little is known about the surface, which lies hidden beneath clouds. The surface is Dark lighting(–2).

Zeebor is populated by the Zeeborites, a race of jellyfish-like beings. The surface is comprised entirely of warm shallow seas rich in nutrients.  The Zeeborites live in cities built on stilts.

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