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Races of the Slipstream Universe
The races below appear as presented in Slipstream and as such are built in accordance to that universe's Alien Race Generator.  These are not completely compatible with SWADE, having predated that product.  Many other aliens exist within the void, please inquire if you have an idea as to a new breed.

  • ANARCH -

    Anarchs are well-muscled, sturdy creatures formerly used as slave labor by a more advanced race. They look much like gorillas, though they have no body hair and their skin is dark grey and rough to the touch. Though bipedal, they walk hunched and their arms hang down almost to the ground.

    Anarchs arrived in Slipstream when a convoy of slave transporters carrying them was caught by a black hole. The ships arrived during an asteroid storm and suffered damage to their engines and navigational systems.

    Unable to steer through the Graviton Wave, the ships were sent spinning out as it began its spiral toward the Graveyard, and crash-landed on the fragment now known as Scar. Fortunately for the Anarchs, their masters died in the accident (or shortly after the mass breakout).

    Finding themselves on a mineral rich world and with no one to push them around (Scar was uninhabited before they arrived), the Anarchs dismantled their wrecked ship and built their own settlement. For the first time in racial memory, they began working for themselves.

    With no concept of leadership skills and unwilling to assume an overlord-slave relationship with their own race, their society is anarchic, hence their name.

    Names: Anarchs had no concept of names before coming to Slipstream. They usually pick the same name as the first alien they meet, believing it to be the “right thing to do.” A player character Anarch might well use the same name as another character in the party.

    Racial Edges & Hindrances
    • Pacifist: Rebellion was actively discouraged in their days as slaves, with strict punishments meted out to those who became defiant. The race learned not to strike back at their masters. Recent generations have suffered from Anathraxa’s privations and have learned to fight in self-defense. They have the Pacifist (Minor) Hindrance.
    • Pack Mule: Anarchs are used to carrying excessively heavy loads. They have double the standard Load Limits.
    • Primitive: Technology was forbidden to the Anarchs. They have the All Thumbs Hindrance.
    • Sheep: Anarchs are used to taking orders, not giving them. They receive a –2 penalty to Intimidation or Persuasion rolls when trying to lead Extras. They treat all Leadership Edges as having a Rank requirement one Rank higher than listed.
    • Slave Labor: Anarchs are strong, tough, and used to physical labor. They start the game with a d6 in Strength and Vigor instead of a d4.


    Babelonians are a bipedal race immediately distinguishable by their pale blue leathery skin, four eyes (all forward facing), a pronounced lump on the crown of their heads, and a long, tapering snout. The lump on their heads is actually a second brain. It controls no bodily functions, but serves as additional memory storage, allowing the Babelonians to recall truly impressive amounts of knowledge.

    The Babelonian quest for knowledge is an overriding part of their mentality. Babelonians spend much of their lives traveling to other fragments, following up any snippet of information that may lead to new knowledge. Their remarkable ability to get into trouble is well documented.

    The planet Babel is a rocky world, with towering cities built on bluffs and crags. The correct name for these cities is Depositories, for each houses a wealth of texts and alien technology from across Slipstream. To non-Babelonian eyes, the actual storerooms are a jumbled mess, lacking any form of categorization or semblance of order. Fortunately, Babelonians seem to have little difficulty tracking items down.

    Names: For all their love of knowledge, the Babelonian’s native language is actually rarely spoken. It is considered a sign of good breeding among Babelonians to speak at least one other language, even if no one else understands you. Babelonians choose names from the alien languages they speak.

    Racial Edges & Hindrances
    • Brainy: Babelonians are renowned for their intelligence. They begin the game with a d6 Smarts instead of a d4.
    • Correction: If the Babelonians have an annoying trait it is their insistence of correcting any tiny mistake in other people’s facts or use of language. Their constant interruptions and corrections, even over the most trivial of matters, cause them to subtract 2 from their Charisma.
    • Curious: The quest for knowledge can be a dangerous business. Babelonians are notorious for sticking their snouts into anything that sounds even remotely interesting. They have the Curious Hindrance.
    • Educated: Well versed in knowledge, lore, and languages, Babelonians receive a +2 bonus to all Common Knowledge rolls.
    • Secondary Memory:  Babelonians possess two brains; a primary brain and a smaller secondary brain. The vital brain functions are contained in the main brain, with the second being used for additional data storage. A Babelonian who fails a Common Knowledge roll or Smarts-based skill roll (except arcane skills) may immediately make a second roll using a d6 (but with no Wild die), regardless of his usual die type. This roll uses the same modifiers as the initial attempt. The character has the choice of which result he keeps.

  • BIRD MAN -

    Were it not for their large feathered wings and clawed feet, Bird Men could easily pass as humans. Though of similar build to Earthlings, their bones are much lighter, and the average Bird Man weighs only two-thirds that of a human. Their 6-foot wings can carry them through the space between planets with ease,  though the distances between fragments make wing-powered space travel impractical. They can’t break out of a fragment’s gravity, but they can fly once in space.

    Bird Men hail from Avia, and construct their cities high in the boughs of the giant Nest Trees. No roads or sidewalks clutter their cities, and visitors must climb or fly to reach their lofty abodes. Though lacking in many aspects of technology, their glass-topped rocketships are a common sight across Slipstream.

    Bird Men follow a feudal system of government, with the King at the top and lesser nobles, sometimes related to the king and sometimes not, further down the social ladder. As befits their aerial nature, Bird Man society is actually quite informal. The King is not cloistered away, but is available for all his citizens, no matter their social status or wealth.

    The Queen has a fondness for keeping Bird Men as pets, clipping their wings and imprisoning them in gilded cages. Her current favorite pet is Prince Boolar, son of King Throx, high ruler of Avia. It is said that she makes him sing for her pleasure.

    Names: Names are a series of squawks and whistles in the Bird Man language. To assist other aliens, they translate their names into Streamer. Even then, there is a certain birdcall quality to them. Example names include Twoot, Tweet, Whoot, Bagawk, Squeet, and Wheet.

    Racial Edges & Hindrances
    • Aerial Race (+2): The wings of a Bird Man are not just for show. Their lofty cities contain large open spaces to allow them to fly freely, but nothing that would equate to a road. Bird Men can fly at their standard Pace, with a Climb equal to half their Pace. Bird Men do not require a skill to fly in the same way that other races have no walk skill. However, ground vehicles and beasts of burden are unknown in their culture, and they must pay double the cost to purchase the first die in either Driving or Riding. Further increases are at standard costs.
    • Agile: Bird Men are graceful creatures. They start with a d6 Agility instead of a d4.
    • Claustrophobic: Bird Men cannot abide being in enclosed spaces. A Bird Man suffers a –1 penalty to all trait rolls while indoors.
    • Claws: Str+d6. Bird Men have razor sharp talons on their feet, allowing them to grasp prey while airborne.
    • Light Bones: The bones of a Bird Man are frailer than those of Earthlings and break more easily. They suffer a –1 penalty to Toughness.


    Earthlings may be the most common name for humans in Slipstream, but they are also known as Terrans, Earth Men (and Women), and Earth People. Earthlings of all shapes, sizes, creeds, and color exist in Slipstream; they are the most diverse race in the universe.  Earthlings in Slipstream are usually from one of two sources—they were born here or they’re recent arrivals.

    For those of you born here, let’s take a little trip back in time. Earth, the home of your ancestors, was on the verge of destruction. Memories are a little hazy now, and whether it was because of ecological disaster, global war, or famine is neither here nor there anymore. All that matters to this story is that the people of Earth pooled their resources together and headed off into space in thousands of huge rocketships called arks, destination Mars.

    No one really knows exactly what happened, but somehow the ark your grandpappy was on got sucked into a black hole. When it emerged, it was in Slipstream.

    The majority of humans adapted to the presence of the alien races already inhabiting the universe, learning new languages and customs, and freely sharing ideas and knowledge. The minority either fully adopted alien ways and “went native” or refused to mix and maintain their own Earth customs.  Some became popular heroes, actively fighting against the tyranny of Queen Anathraxa and the depredations of pirates and cruel overlords; others willingly joined the forces of oppression. Most, however, simply started a new life and try to make the best of the current situation.

    Though the ark arrived 100 years ago, Earthlings still arrive in Slipstream in the present day. Some are the descendents of those who fled Earth, born and raised on the ark ships and never knowing any life other than in space. Others are from new colonies founded by the ark ships that reached Mars and beyond. Though Earth is gone, humans have prospered both inside and outside Slipstream, though they don’t govern any fragments.

    Racial Edges & Hindrances
    • Free Edge: Humans begin play with a free Edge of their choice. They must meet the requirements of the Edge as usual.

  • LION MAN -

    The Lion Men are one of many races that resemble animals native to Earth. They stand a head taller than humans and have well developed bodies. Though humanoid in appearance, their heads are distinctly leonine, even down to possessing whiskers. Much of their body is covered in short, straight fur, usually of tan coloration.  Distinguishing the sex of a Lion Man is extremely simple— males have manes; females do not.

    Their hands and feet each have three fingers and an opposable thumb. Descended from a hunter race, they have kept their ancestors’ natural weaponry, possessing retractable claws on both hands and feet. Few wear shoes, even on rough surfaces. Tough spongy pads on their feet protect them against sharp stones and also make them stealthy hunters.

    The local star (before the planet was lost in Slipstream) provided only dim light to the Lion Men’s homeworld, Simba, and their eyes are adjusted to operating in low light conditions. This gives them an advantage on cloudy fragments, where the glow of the Slipstream is reduced. The fragment of Simba remains the stronghold of the Lion Men.

    Honor is important to the Lion Men and a strict and complex code pervades their entire culture. There are rules on eating order, addressing social superiors or inferiors, how close one may walk to another Lion Man, giving and taking insults, and so on. Honor challenges are commonplace (again with strict rules governing them) and many males sport scars from previous duels.

    Other races are not considered exempt from this code and dealing with Lion Men, especially the more aggressive males, is akin to walking a tightrope—one must follow a rigid line or risk insulting them.

    Names: The Lion Men’s native language is full of vowels and rolling “r’s.” Names have meaning to the Lion Men and many have chosen to adopt these meanings in the common language. As such, you may find Lion Men with traditional names, such as Rrowrr, Raaror, or Yowl, or descriptive names such as Silent Hunter, Razor Claw, or Long Mane.

    Racial Edges & Hindrances
    • Code of Honor: The Lion Men’s rigid code of honor governs every aspect of their culture. Breaking the code can lead to banishment, or even death.  (See below)
    • Hunter: Though an advanced race, the Lion Men have never forgotten their primal skills as hunters.  They start with a d6 in Stealth.
    • Low Light Vision: The eyes of Lion Men are adjusted to hunting in the half-light of their former homeworld. They ignore penalties for bad lighting except in pitch darkness.
    • Proud: Lion Men are very proud as a race. Insults are not taken lightly and they are more than happy to duel over any perceived slight. They receive the Vengeful Hindrance (Minor).
    • Retractable Claws: Str+d6. ‘Drawing’ or retracting their claws does not incur a multiaction penalty.
    • Size +1: Lion Men average 7 feet in height and weigh 300 pounds.

    * The social structure of nobles, warriors, workers, and children is unbreakable.
    * When two Lion Men are of equal status, age determines higher status.
    * When age is unknown, either party may take the superior stance. The other must challenge for the right to be superior or accept a submissive role.
    * Nobles eat before warriors, who eat before lower classes.
    * Only those ready to fight may carry weapons.
    * Boasting is for the weak. The brave need only tell the truth to be honored.
    * A host must protect guests from physical harm and from insults. In return, guests must not fight their host or bring shame to his household while under his roof.
    * Only females eat with both hands. A male must have one hand ready to fight at all times.
    * Lower social classes must immediately listen, and obey, the requests of a social superior unless such requests are detrimental to one’s tribe.
    * An insult from a social inferior must be contested in combat or dishonor will fall upon the family. An insult from a higher social class may not be challenged. To do so is to question the honor of the insulter.
    * Nobles may claim any unmarried female as their wife, though proper gift giving to the family must be obeyed.
    * The wives of warriors slain in combat may reject future marriage offers from any Lion Man.


    The Psiclops are a barrel-shaped race with large domed heads and no neck. A single eye, the size of a human fist, sits in the centre of their faces. They have a large mouth, but lack any discernible nose or ears, although their sense of smell and hearing is on par with that of most races.

    They possess two arms, which protrude from just below their head. Their arms are short in comparison to their bodies and end in three stubby fingers. Their legs are likewise short and though capable of fast movement, they propel the Psiclops with a waddle-like gait.  At the end of the legs are small, round feet, with three toes on each foot. Psiclops lack nails and body hair. Their skin is blue-grey, rubbery to the touch, with bulbous, green veins running just under the surface.

    The entire race is psionic, a rarity in Slipstream, and also a liability. Queen Anathraxa has declared their entire race to be outlaws. Her Handmaidens and Primals hunt them mercilessly, and bounty hunters, attracted by sizeable rewards, scour the fragments for their presence.  Even on worlds resisting Anathraxa’s empirical goal, Psiclops must always be wary of trusting strangers, for the thought of earning the Queen’s favor by revealing their presence is a tempting reward to many aliens.
    Psiclops are a peaceful race, wishing only to be left alone to rebuild their lost civilization. They are not pacifists, but few resort to using weapons, preferring instead to use their mental powers to disable foes.

    The Psiclops homeworld was sucked into Slipstream and shattered. The largest piece, the fragment Psidonia, is now uninhabited by their race. When Anathraxa learned of their presence, her Handmaidens attacked, forcing a mass exodus. The world has been interdicted ever since. What secrets and treasures they left behind have undoubtedly fallen into the Queen’s hands, though rumors of intrepid explorers unearthing caches of psionic technology are commonplace.

    Names: Psiclops’ names actually use a blend of vocalization and empathic visuals. Non-psionic races cannot understand the visual part, and so only use the spoken segment. Their names tend to be rather fluid, such as Llofali, Aetheliba, and Malillius.

    Racial Edges & Hindrances
    • Mentalist: Psiclops are masters of psionics. They gain the Mentalist Professional Edge without having to meet the minimum requirements.
    • Outsider: Other races are fearful of the Psiclops’ fabled mental abilities and their “ability” to attract Anathraxa’s minions. They suffer a –2 penalty to Charisma among non-Psiclops.
    • Psionics: The entire Psiclops race possesses psionic powers. Every Psiclops begins the game with Arcane Background (Psionics) and a d6 in the Psionics skill.
    • Wanted (Major: by the Queen): The Queen and her Handmaidens hunt Psiclops mercilessly. Even non-Psiclops found in their company are executed. They make friends only rarely among other races, preferring the company of their own persecuted race.


    Robot Men are sentient machines. Their external appearance is that of a metallic human, though there was no record of contact with humans before Earthlings entered Slipstream.  They possess no organic components of any sort, using mechanical servos and gears to move their limbs and pumps to push hydraulic fluid throughout their bodies. Their faces lack most features common to other races. They even lack mouths—a mechanical voice generator in their torso produces their emotionless voices. While Robot Men do not require organic nourishment, they must recharge their batteries.

    Robot Men hail from Mechanos, a fragment whose surface is one enormous steel city. The city is a marvel of technology, with streetcars zipping along magnetic rails, conveyor belt sidewalks, and household appliances that can talk. They are among a handful of races that produce rocketships.

    Their society is extremely well-ordered and functions like clockwork. A ruling class, the Technocrats, oversees the smooth running of the city.  Moving down the social ladder, one finds Designers, Operators, Constructors, Maintainers, and Laborers. Each has a vital role to play in maintaining the Robot Men civilization.

    Names: Robot Men use a serial number as their name. Most are 6 to 10 digits long, though members of the ruling class possess names of 20 digits.

    Racial Edges & Hindrances
    • Clunky: Robot Men move with a rigid stance and their limbs are not as flexible as those of other races. They can never raise Agility above d6. They also have a Pace of 5.
    • Construct: Robot Men lack organic bodies, but are capable of emotions and sentient thought. They add +2 to recover from being Shaken, do not suffer wound modifiers, and are immune to poison and disease. Robot Men do not suffer additional damage from called shots. They suffer no penalty when operating in the rarefied Slipstream air.
    • Electrical Susceptibility: Robot Men suffer an additional d6 damage when struck by electricity. This die may Ace.
    • Machine: Robot Men lack the ability to heal naturally. A Repair roll is required to treat their injuries. Each Repair roll requires 1d6 hours of work. They may not take the Fast Healer Edge.
    • Outsider: Robot Men cannot change their facial expressions or vocal patterns. As such, they come across as cold and emotionless. They subtract 2 from their Charisma when dealing with races other than their own.
    • Psionic Immunity: The mechanical brains of Robot Men are too alien. They are immune to all psionic powers. Robot Men may not take the Arcane Background (Psionics) Edge.
    • Recharge: Robot Men require regular recharges in order to function. A Robot Man must have access to a source of power (any hi-tech world power outlet, functional rocketship, or a heavy ray gun battery suffices) for an hour every day. Those who don’t are automatically Fatigued each day until they are
      Incapacitated. The day after that, they perish.
    • Technosavvy: Robot Men start with a free d6 in Repair. Robot Men with the All Thumbs Hindrance are outcasts from their society and gain the Outsider Hindrance to their own species as well.
    • Uniform Size: Robot Men come in only one size,  shape, and age.  They may not take the Brawny Edge, nor the Obese, Small or Young Hindrances.


    Hailing from the swamp world Septis (originally these aliens inhabited the twin planets of Andee and Hopp), the Septosians are a slug-like race renowned for their foul odor.  Roughly 6 feet in length, they crawl across surfaces using one large foot. A layer of slimy mucus allows for swift movement over flat surfaces. Two eyestalks located on top of their head are capable of rotating independently in a complete circle. Their arms are actually extendible tentacles and end in a sticky sucker rather than fingers, making fine manipulation difficult.

    Their ability to exude a stinking cloud of fetid gas evolved from a purely defensive mechanism to one the Septosians can control at will. No other race with a sense of smell enjoys their company for prolonged periods, especially in confined quarters.
    The Grand Pong, a particularly large specimen whose stench is capable of causing unconsciousness, rules the Septosians from his Swamp Palace. Like most Septosians, he is especially fond of alcohol.

    Names: The Septosian language is a series of burbles and gurgles. Their names reflect the language: Bloop, Blurg, and Schlurp are examples.

    Racial Edges & Hindrances
    • All Thumbs: Septosians lack dexterous fingers and find fiddly work difficult. All Repair rolls and rolls to use hi-tech items suffer a –2 penalty. In addition, a roll of 1 means the Septosian has broken the equipment, which cannot be used until a Repair roll is made and 10 minutes is spent fixing the item.
    • Rubbery: The rubbery skin of the race grants them +1 Toughness.
    • Squelchy: Septosians move in a manner similar to slugs. They make a squelching sound as they travel  and leave a sticky goop trail behind them. They are –2 to Stealth rolls and rolls to Track them are at +4.
    • Stench: Septosians have the ability to release a cloud of fetid gas from a special gland located on their back. The gas fills a Medium Burst Template centered on the Septosian. Any non-Septosian within the Template not protected by a bubble helmet must succeed at a Vigor roll or be Shaken due to gagging (this counts as poison). The gas dissipates after one round. Septosians have 5 Power Points for the sole purpose of creating this cloud, which costs 2 Power Points per use. Points recharge at the rate of one per hour and are unaffected by Rapid Recharge.
    • Tentacles: The tentacle arms of a Septosian can extend to double their normal length, allowing them to add +1 Reach to any melee weapon.


    Though not related to Earthlings, the Valkyria bare a remarkable resemblance to Earthling females. Tall, muscular, and blonde, the Valkyria resemble Earthlings of Scandinavia stock. All Valkyrians in Slipstream are female, though their race originally had two sexes. Males were subservient to females, and performed only menial tasks. Leaders, academics, engineers, and warriors were all female.

    Valkyrians in Slipstream are all members of a large battle group sucked through a black hole. Without males they thought their race doomed, until they discovered Earthlings, with whom they are genetically compatible. The Valkyrians never claimed a homeworld. They lived aboard huge mother ships, and it is when flying a rocketship that the Valkyrians feel most comfortable.

    The auxiliary mother ship that accompanied the battle group was destroyed as it entered Slipstream. Many Valkyrians respect Queen Anathraxa because she is a female, though this does not mean they support her. The Valkyrians’ open admiration for Anathraxa, combined with their own warrior mentality, has led many to suspect that the Queen’s Handmaidens are recruited from this race.

    Racial Edges & Hindrances
    • Born to Fly: The Valkyria are space nomads and flying rocketships is second nature to them. They begin the game with a d6 in Piloting and the One Man Crew Edge.
    • Death Wish: When Valkyria are born, their gods assign them a life goal. This quest is unique to the individual and varies in difficulty.  Successfully completing the life goal allows the Valkyria to die with honor and enter the afterlife. Dying without completing the goal assigns the Valkyria’s soul to eternal damnation. The player and Game Master should agree on a suitable life goal.
    • Hard to Tempt: The Valkyria’s dedication to their life goal makes them hard to tempt to other courses of action. They start the game with a d6 Spirit instead of a d4.
    • Loyal: Once a Valkyria gives her oath of friendship it is for life. They never betray their friends, nor leave them in perilous situations.
    • Quirk: Valkyria treat males of any species as subservient, regardless of their social position.
    • Statuesque: Valkyria are true amazons. Although not naturally beautiful—though many are—they are striking, and gain +2 Charisma.

    Listed below is a quick guide to the other playable named races of Slipstream. Named races appearing elsewhere in this book cannot be taken as player characters due to their villainous nature.

    Races are presented alphabetically in the following format:  Race (home fragment): brief physical description — Edge/Hindrance (description)

  • Akwasian (Akwas): humanoid with webbed digits—Big Lungs (d6 Vigor), Semi-aquatic, Stubborn

  • Amici (Amicus): pale skinned, gaunt humanoid—Artistic (d6 Knowledge (Arts)), Emotion Control (puppet, 10 PP), Peaceful (as Pacifist, Major)

  • Angeli (Angelis): as human—Code of Honor, Duelist Culture (+1 Parry), Forceful (d6 Intimidation), Skilled Fighters (d6 Fighting)

  • Antelopos (Glade): horned bipedal herbivores—Cautious, Fleet Footed, Hooves & Horns (Str+d6), Racial Enemy (Tigra)

  • Aridians (Arid): grey skinned humanoid— Radiation Immunity (+4 resist radiation), Slow (Pace 5), Suspicious (–2 Charisma), Tough (d6 Vigor)

  • Borealian (Borealis): yellow skinned humanoids—Static Blast (stun, 5 PP)

  • Borooshian (Boroosh): small, bestial humanoid—Agile (d6 Agility), Expert Climbers (d6 Climbing), Navigate (+2 to Piloting and Survival when navigating), Small

  • Cauldron (Cauldra): ruddy skinned humanoid—Anemic, Heat Resilience (+4 resist heat), Thermal Vision

  • Charadonios (Charadon): humanoid with air sacs under chin—Deep Divers (d6 Vigor), Pacifist (minor), Racial Enemy (Shark Men), Semi-aquatic, Skilled Sailors (d6 Boating)

  • Crystaloosian (Crystalus): tall, willowy humanoids—Fragile (Vigor cannot go above d6), Keen Ears (+2 Notice when hearing), Sonic Resistance (sonic attacks cause –2 damage; +2 to resist), Stunning Voice (stun, 10 PP)

  • Dracsos (Dracos): reptile men—Brainy (d6 Smarts), Manipulative (d6 Persuasion), Psionic Heritage (d6 Knowledge (psionic artifacts); can be used in place of Weird Science to determine function of psionic artifacts), Psionically vulnerable (see Hindrances), Vengeful (Minor)

  • Drel (Neptuna): fish-headed humanoid— Aquatic, Dehydration (see Hindrances), Sea Hunter (+2 Stealth & Survival underwater)

  • Equine (Equus): horse men—Cautious, Endurance (d6 Vigor), Fleet Footed, Hooves (Str+d6), Loyal, Quirk (attribute everything to spirits)

  • Frigim (Frigim): hairy, ape-like humanoids— All Thumbs, Size +1, Thick Hair (+4 resist cold), Tough (d6 Vigor), Vengeful (major)

  • Gemopian (Gemopia): crystalline—Sonic Susceptibility (sonic attacks cause double damage; –4 to resist; –2 to trait rolls when within 5” of loud noise), Tough Skin (+1 Toughness), Vibrate (smite, 5 PP; affects weapons they hold or their fists)

  • Gyptosian, west side (Gyptos): dark skinned humanoid—Criminal Upbringing (d6 Lockpicking &  Stealth), Fence (see Edges, page 21), Poverty, Racial Enemy (east side Gyptosians)

  • Gyptosian, east side (Gyptos): dark skinned humanoid—Bully (d6 Intimidation), Greedy (minor), Racial Enemy (west side Gyptosians), Rich

  • Hosbecite (Hosbec): small, furry humanoid— Born Salesman (+2 Charisma), Greedy (major), Single Minded (d6 Spirit), Small, Smooth Talker (d6 Persuasion & Streetwise)

  • Koldosite (Koldos): blue-skinned humanoid—Over Confident, Spirited (d8 Spirit), Strong Willed, Stubborn

  • Levitosian (Levitos): small, grey, big eyes— Low Light Vision, Radiation Immunity (+4 to resist radiation), Small, Spirited (d6 Spirit)

  • Lill (Lill): two-headed humanoids— Argumentative (heads are always arguing), Habit (major; alcohol), Hardy, Immune to Poison, Stubborn, Two Brains (roll two Smarts and one Wild Die); Two Personalities (mental Edges or Hindrances apply to one head only)

  • Lupine (Lupos): wolf men—Bite (Str+d6), Claws (Str+d6), Competitive (always have to prove they’re top dog), Fleet Footed, Keen Senses (d6 Notice), Loyal

  • Magrozite (Magroz): metallic humanoids— Bad Eyes, Hydrophobia (–2 to all trait rolls within 3” of body of water), Levitation (fly; 5 PP), Magnetism (telekinesis; 5 PP), Metal Skin (+1 Toughness), Slow (Pace 4)

  • Memnite (Memnon): brutish giants—Dumb (costs double to raise Smarts; d8 max), Gullible (–2 resist Tests of Will), Huge (+2 Size), Mean, Strong (d6 Strength)

  • Nivekian (Nivek): insectoid—Agile (d6 Agility), Faceted Eyes (+2 Notice rolls involving sight), Four Legs (as Fleet Footed), Leaping (double jumping distances), Simple Folk (Smarts cannot go above d6), Unsavory Habits (cannibals, –2 Charisma)

  • Pyrite (Pyre): stony skinned humanoid— Heat Immunity (immune to effects of heat), Slow (Pace 3), Stony Skin (+2 Armor)

  • Raptor Man (Amazonia): bipedal dinosaur— Gutting Claw (Str+d6), Racial Enemy (–4 Charisma when dealing with Cavors), Leaping (doubles jumping distances), Repulsive Habit (eat live food; –2 Charisma), Tough Hide (+1 Toughness)

  • Refletite (Reflet): long necked, thin armed, stubby legged humanoid—Camel (can last twice as long as normal without water), Curious, Hormonal Glands (boost trait; 5 PP), Long Arms (+1 Reach), Slow (Pace 4)

  • Rurite (Ruros): multi-limbed humanoid— Four Arms (4 extra arms), Green Fingers (d6 Knowledge (plants), Habit (Strict vegetarians), Pacifist (major)

  • Shark Man (Charadon): bipedal sharks— Aquatic, Bite (Str+d6), Bloodthirsty, Dehydration (see Hindrances), Strong (d6 Strength), Thermal Vision

  • Skalinite (Skalin): dwarf-like race—Bad Eyes, Industrious (d6 Repair), Low Light Vision, Slow (Pace 4), Stout (d6 Vigor)

  • Spider Man (Arachnea): All Thumbs, Bite (Str+d6), Bloodthirsty, Poison (see Edges), Wall Walker, Webbing (can cast webs that cover a Small Burst Template. This is a Shooting roll with a range of 3/6/12. Anything caught  in the web must cut or break their way free (Toughness 7). Webbed characters can still fight, but all physical actions are at –4)

  • Squelmon (Neptuna): squid headed humanoid—Aquatic, Defensive Cloud (obscure; 5 PP; Large Burst Template placed in front of character), Dehydration (see Hindrances)

  • Tigra (Glade): tiger men—Born Hunters (d6 Notice, Stealth & Tracking), Overconfident, Racial Enemy (Antelopos), Teeth & Claws (Str+d6)

  • Tropico (Sandpit): humanoid with prehensile hair—Anemic, Beast Friend (beast friend, 5 PP), Pacifist (minor), Prehensile Hair (make one additional non movement action)

  • Vergelmirion (Vergilmir): small agile humanoid—Agile (d6 Agility), Arboreal (d6 Climbing), Bad Reputation (thieves; –2 Charisma), Greedy (minor; attracted to shiny things), Prehensile Tail (one extra non-movement action), Small (–2), Stealthy (d6 Stealth)

  • Zeeborite (Zeebor): jellyfish-like being— Color Alteration (invisibility; 10 PP), Low Light Vision, Slow (Pace 4), Soft & Squidgy (–1 Toughness), Tentacle Swarm (attack all characters in Medium Burst Template centered on character for Str damage), Ugly

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Races of the Slipstream Universe

1) Concept
First, you need to decide what sort of creature you wish to play. What do they look like?  What was their homeworld like? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Do they value or despise technology? How do other races perceive them? Spending a few minutes deciding these facts makes the next step much easier. Once you know roughly what you want to play, you can proceed to creating a suitable racial template.
2) Choose Racial TRAITS
Once you have a basic idea of what the race is like, you can begin picking racial Edges and Hindrances. These should fit into your vision of the race, not simply provide game mechanic bonuses or penalties.
All races begin with a free +2 Edge from the list below. Additional Edges must be countered with an equal value of Hindrances. A +2 Edge, for example, may be countered by a single –2 Hindrance, or two –1 Hindrances. Individual Game Masters should decide on the maximum number of racial Edge points allowed in their game, but 4 to 6 points is not unreasonable. This provides enough scope to make an interesting race, without unduly unbalancing the game. Give each racial Edge or Hindrance a suitable name.
The list below is a guideline. If the player wants something special or not listed, he should talk it over with the Game Master. The GM is the final arbitrator.
For example, the Raptor Men’s Leaping Edge is handy, but unlikely to overbalance the game, making it a +1 Edge.
    +3 Edge
  • Construct (sentient mechanical men)
  • Free Seasoned Edge (regardless of requirements—except for those that require other Edges—you cannot take Improved Level Headed without having Level Headed first)
  • Hardy (a second Shaken result in combat does not cause a Wound)
  • The race begins with a d8 in one attribute and may raise it to a d12+2 during character creation. Through the Expert and Master Edges it may reach a d12+4.
    +2 Edge
  • +1 Parry (warlike race)
  • +1 Size (wide, tall)
  • +1 Toughness (tough skin, weird physiology; not negated by AP weapons)
  • +10 Power Points (Psionics only)
  • +2 Armor (metal, stone, or crystalline skin; negated by AP weapons)
  • +2 Charisma (charismatic, popular race)
  • +4 to resist the effects of heat, cold, or radiation (resilient, alien physiology)
  • Aquatic (cannot drown in water, move at full Swimming skill, d6 Swimming)
  • Base Pace 10 (lightning fast, multiple limbs)
  • Free Novice Edge (regardless of requirements— except for those that require other Edges)
  • Multiple arms (one extra non-movement action per limb, incurs no multi-action penalty, price is per additional limb)
  • Poison (victims that suffer a Shaken result from your natural weapons must make a Vigor roll or be paralyzed for 2d6 rounds)
  • Start with a d6 in one attribute
  • The ability to Fly (wings; flying Pace equals normal Pace and the alien may “run”)
  • Use of a single arcane power. The character has 5 Power Points usable solely for this power. Power Points recharge at the rate of 1 per hour and are unaffected by Rapid Recharge. Power Points from other sources cannot be used with this power. This power represents a single psionic function, such as generating frightening hallucinations (fear) or a shocking touch (stun), or a natural ability, such as generating a “smoke screen” (obscure) or a highly developed adrenal gland (quickness).
    Psionic-type powers use Smarts; physical ones use Vigor as the arcane skill.
    +1 Edge
  • +1 Reach (extendible arms, abnormally long arms)
  • +2 to resist the effects of heat, cold, or radiation
  • +5 Power Points for use with a single racial power (as described above)
  • Burrowing, Wall Walker, or similar
  • Free d6 in any skill
  • Immune to poison or disease
  • Keen Sense (+2 to Notice when using one sense) Low light or thermal vision
  • Natural Weapons (Str+d6 in any one weapon or Str+d4 with any two)
  • Potent Poison (must have Poison, each level gives victims a –1 penalty to their Vigor roll)
  • Semi-aquatic (gain Fatigue level every 15 minutes he holds his breath. On reaching Incapacitated, must make a Vigor roll every minute or drown. Fatigue recovers one level per 15 minutes back in air.)

    –3 Hindrance
  • One attribute can never advance beyond a d6, even during play.
    –2 Hindrance
  • –1 Parry (peaceful race, clumsy)
  • –1 Toughness (thin skin, exposed organs)
  • –4 to resist the effects of heat, cold, pressure, or radiation (poor physiology, thin skin)
  • Dehydration (the alien must immerse itself in water one hour out of every 24. Those who don’t are automatically Fatigued each day until they are Incapacitated. The day after that, they perish.)
  • Major Hindrance (or equivalent effect)
  • Pace 3 or less (d4 running die) (slug-like race, stubby legs, ultra fat)
    –1 Hindrance
  • –2 to resist the effects of heat, cold, pressure, or radiation (poor physiology)
  • –2 Charisma (bad reputation, really ugly, unsavory habits)
  • Minor Hindrance (or equivalent effect)
  • Pace 5 (stocky, short legs)
  • Racial Enemy (–4 Charisma when dealing with one other race)

3) Racial Name & History
The last step of race generation is to name your creation and provide a racial history. Some races have generic names by which the inhabitants of the Slipstream know them, such as Lion Men or Robot Men, whereas others are named after their former homeworld, such as Septosians or Valkyria.

4) Game Master Approval
Once you have finished, show your new race to the GM for approval. The GM should alter any race that upsets his view of Slipstream. Creating a new race requires liaison between the player and the GM.  Races that specialize in one aspect of the game, such as combat, may well unbalance the party, not to mention the game itself. The GM should pay close attention to Racial Hindrances, ensuring that they play a frequent part in the game. Even the most powerful race can be brought low through careful attention to Hindrances.