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The Grand Ol' Intro (PC Gen)

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Thu 5 Mar 2020
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The Grand Ol' Intro (PC Gen)

"Welcome, Welcome, One and all.
A land of Rise and Fall.
Come, Have a glass, won't you be a doll.
Come, have some class, don't crawl.

Here, we hit the ground running, one for all.
Or was it all for one?
Will you rise or will you fall. "

This is a pretty open game, we are using pathfinder as the core rules with the king maker variant rule set included. We also are using a converted Birthright rules from 3.5 to pathfinder.

I Will have a character, I will probably have a few anti problem pc's characters as well, but I am going to restrict anything I make for myself by the same rules the players are restricted to. There is also a very real chance I may 'clone' other player characters (my own character will NOT be a 'clone').

Everyone starts at level 1.
please use this sheet: link to a message in another game
Slow level progression.
You get 2 traits standard, 2 flaws for traits, birthright character options, any alignment is acceptable (yes, I said any).

I'm good with most Paizo variant and side rules, you should show me what you want to use but you can assume most of them will be allowed.
(Explicitly, you should use the background skill rules)

This is a multi tier game.
You have the entirety of golarion available to you.
Though, we have added land to the Ivory sea:

default start;

With this option you can have up to 880k starting gold.
No traits or otherwise may increase this (come on, *brooklyn accent: come on!, its already a lot man. come on.)

You can start with up to 150 build points (the cost comes from your starting wealth at a rate of 1,500 per Bp), you can hire npc's and be a roving band, Put up an inn, become a crossroads station worker, or try it solo. What will you accomplish, where will you go?

(if you start on the new land map:
Tian -whatever- origin characters start either on the western or eastern edge of the map.

Everyone else starts on the western edge of the map. )


There is also a call for pathfinders and explorers.

Anyone who wants to come in with basic level 1 pc's with level 1 wealth are welcome.
such characters may start in applicable places to the alternative starting option
(pirates in any water hex, bandits in any land hex, Malitia in a settlement/town, explorers or mercs either as per default start or in any established populated hex, etc etc.)

Currently, a port town is looking for people to map out the local area and find both local resources and local threats.
(standard level 1 with level 1 wealth characters)

There is a militia.

Currently there is a small militia in a port town, if you would like to start as a recruit to this budding military element then come make a character for it. (standard level 1 with level 1 wealth characters)

There are pirates.

Do you want to be on a pirate ship? how about captain a pirate ship? Come in and make a pirate. (standard level 1 with level 1 wealth characters).


Choose one or the other

18, 15, 14, 13, 12, 12 array


roll 4d6 drop one and reroll 1's... roll out two sets of 6... pick the best set.

but once you choose to roll you cant use the standard array.

If you prefer, I am also ok with you guys just doing a single set of 6 rolls, 3d6, take what you get 'god drops'. there will be no benefit or incentive to this at character creation but I will likely find ways to reward people who take up this challenge as the game plays out.

the 7th ability score:
If you want to play a blooded char, 3d6 and add the results to your sheet. your starting blood score is twice that number.

if you dont want to be blooded, roll 4d6 with reroll 1s and drop one. refer to the chart in the below link and add its listed max hp bonus to your hp.
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