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07:11, 21st July 2024 (GMT+0)

Abscence  thread.

Posted by SightlessFor group public
GM, 42 posts
Thu 17 Sep 2020
at 02:52
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Abscence  thread

If you are going to be away for more than five days, please post here.

Just so I can be on the up and up, because stuff happens.
GM, 43 posts
Mon 21 Sep 2020
at 16:08
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Abscence  thread

Power has been out, expect updates today.
GM, 62 posts
Mon 12 Oct 2020
at 07:05
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Abscence  thread

Hi, I'm the guy that had life just decide to toss a few dozen more curve balls at me. I won't go into the curve balls before this weekend, since this weekend is enough to explain why, well, you've not seen me round much. I'll start with the most unavoidable thing, there is a tree part way in my living room and I'm on the second floor, and that's the icing on the cake.  My neighbors are giving my landlor hell, because cops were here looking for drugs - - they didn't find any in my apartment, but they have found some in the floor down, and they are getting hell from someone in the department to check everywhere - - but one of them mentioned I have a shotgun. You can't have a blindman with a shotgun, he could hurt somebody with it.   It doesn't matter if he's lived there for years, or that he has knowledge of how to clean and operate said weapon, and its point is for personal defense inside said apartment.

If I were sighted, they might be yapping about something else, they are that kind of neighbors after all, but anyhow, I'm about to go back to chopping up part of a tree... with an axe... you might want to go make sure all the locks are secure on your doors, because I'm a blind guy with an axe.

Nobody seems to be particularly concerned that a sighted idiot cut down the tree wrong, and that it is. part. way. in. two. apartments.  Two.  No. I've got a shotgun.   Oh, the humanity.  Anyhow, for those of you waiting on me, I will get to you some time by Wednesday at the absolute latest.

right, time to go make firewood.
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