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Adventurer and Mercenary posting.

Posted by The MetaFor group 0
The Meta
GM, 8 posts
Sat 7 Mar 2020
at 11:29
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Adventurer and Mercenary posting.

This is to represent a posting board, whether via rumors, posters, criers, or otherwise, from kingdoms for mercenaries or adventurers.

What is the reward: (gold? Land? Status? Nothing? This would also be a good place to include if you are going to supply anything for those seeking to answer your call)

Who are you looking for:

What the problem is:

Where the problem is:

Should they meet somewhere first:

Any Extra notes, comments, restrictions, or demands:
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Magphyra Araiel
player, 1 post
Fri 3 Apr 2020
at 20:15
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Re: Adventurer and Mercenary posting.

What is the reward:
5 gold a day + 2 free meals (one in the morning before heading out and one upon return) from tavern as 2 free drinks with each meal.

1 Gold per captured threat (bandits, kobolds, whatever, just bring it alive)
1 silver a scalp or other definitive indication of a kill.

Who are you looking for:
Open Job, just sign up with the guards and go to work.

What the problem is:
The main objective is to patrol, scout, and map the land and thats what the 5 gold is for.
The extra coin incentive is to cover any trouble you run into and incentive for how we would like that trouble handled.

Where the problem is:

All around, but mostly south of, Port Town.

Should they meet somewhere first:

Send your reports, maps, and captures to the training instructor usually found in the estate quad. The Guards at the gate will help with escorting captures through town.

Any Extra notes, comments, restrictions, or demands:

Player, 4 posts
Supposedly Human Monk
Tue 7 Apr 2020
at 03:40
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Re: Adventurer and Mercenary posting.

New in town, and fairly unknown (just how he likes it), the nomadic monk strolled up to the mercenary board, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Reading through them, Magphyra's caught his eye. He quickly jotted down the details and ran over to the nearest guard station to inquire about the job.

"Oh boy, I got a good feeling in my bones about this one."

He speaks to some invisible force as he walks, as if friends were with him, but there's no one to be found around the monk.
player, 92 posts
Fri 8 May 2020
at 20:26
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Re: Adventurer and Mercenary posting.

In the middle of her second week, Aithne decides to post a flyer on the job board.

Adventurer Available!

Highly skilled Gunslinger seeks both fellow adventures and adventures to be explored.   See Aithne (at the Inn) if you're interested.

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