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Rumors of the realm.

Posted by The MetaFor group 0
The Meta
GM, 56 posts
Tue 24 Mar 2020
at 21:46
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Rumors of the realm

I will be updating this post with rumors about the different settlements, the lands, and of the rulers. some of it will be nonesense, some of it will be public opinion, some will be leaked info (spy's, court members, etc) that gets out (so, if you have a secret meeting with someone and you take the appropriate precautions to conceal it, I won't 'leak' it).

As a Note, Beware scrying, most people are level 1 so its extremely unlikely to happen right now but be mindful of it.
The Meta
GM, 91 posts
Mon 30 Mar 2020
at 19:36
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Rumors of the realm

New Port Town:
Talk of Pirates are starting to breed across the small pier, and in the tavern, as the sailors begin sharing information with one another; Both while working and while drinking. There is still not much said or know about it as the sailors seem to be trying to keep it just between themselves. The Louder, drunk, sailors in the tavern can be heard talking about a particular ship but even drunk they all seem to be dismissive when any none sailors approach them about it.

There is a clearly hysterical rumor from clearly paranoid people, yet one that finds itself spoken of in mock and humor, that the ruler of New Port Town is a Vampire.
The Ruler is said to be a female elf named Magphyra Araiel (or Lady Araiel, A-ree-yel or Ar-rey-al when poorly pronounced and Ah-ur-ayi-el when properly pronounce).
While seldom seem outside, the manor in town said to house the ruler has plenty of windows that generally stay uncovered and some say on occasion they've seen her sitting at one overlooking the docks.
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