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Fri 13 Mar 2020
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The Winning Hand Revealed (Beware SPOILERS)
Alas Vegas is a game centered on a mystery.  How fast the characters can resolve that mystery determines whether they win or lose the game.  And they are playing for very high stakes indeed.

But the game has been spoiled on the internet.  A canny Google search will reveal all of the important mysteries of Alas Vegas.   In short, I have no power to stop you from knowing all of the stock game's secrets.

The good news is that the game can still be enjoyable if you do know it all.  So, if you all ready know the ending permutations (or just want to learn), you can still be in the game.

What I do ask is that you don't spoil the game for those who don't know (and don't want to know) the revelations of Alas Vegas ahead of time.  And please start with the assumption that a player or lurker doesn't know (and wishes not to know) ahead of time unless they explicitly say that they do.

Here, the solution can be openly discussed if you want to.  I will put the first few spoilers in SPOILER tags however in case an accidental visitor has a particularly big screen.

Please note that I reserve the right to change my game of Alas Vegas from the standard one.  And just because you read it on the internet doesn't mean that this Vegas plays by the usual rules.

I think there are levels of partial revelation that don't give away everything upfront.  And some players might enjoy being just a little illuminated.

In order of revelation....


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The characters seem to be trapped in a dream (more accurately, a nightmare) with a logic and rules of its own that aren't limited by our mundane reality.


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The characters are dead and are now in Hell.  But this personal version of Hell doesn't fit the sermons and myths they may have heard.  Can they figure out the rules of this infero and escape..?


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OK, this is it.  The following link spoils the entire standard game as well as any I have seen.

FATAL & Friends - Alas Vegas

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