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Redcliffe Personalities
Here are a few of the folks you know in and around Redcliffe. I'll add to it as we introduce other NPCs:

Eamon Guerrin, Arl of Redcliffe, veteran of the Ferelden rebellion, well loved by the people of the village
Isolde Guerrin, Eamon’s wife
Connor Guerrin, Earmon and Isolde’s son, he’s only 2-3 years old at this time

Ser Perth, a young knight of Redcliffe, 20s
Mother Hanna, mother of Redcliffe chantry, she’s been there a while
Murdock, newly appointed mayor, mid-30s
Ser Elias, a templar in the service of Mother Hanna, mid-20s
Ser Faustine, a templar in the service of Mother Hanna, mid-20s
Sister Winter, a chantry novice

Owen (blacksmith), early 40s, recently widowed.
Valena (Owen’s daughter), late teens (not yet hired as a maid at the castle, currently helping her father)
Lloyd, the tavern owner who just took over for his uncle

Fay, the wife of a local soldier, late 20s (her son Bevin won’t be born until 9:23)
Bennett, Fay’s husband
Kaitlyn, Fay’s young daughter (6-7 years old)

Rigby, a chantry layman
Jetta, Rigby’s wife
Brand, Rigby & Jetta’s son (late teens), a novice layman

Irenia, a bride-to-be who works at the tavern
Donnal, Irenia’s groom, a young soldier for hire

Bella, an orphan pre-teen (10-12 years old) under the care of the chantry (she has not yet started work at the tavern)

Dwyn, a surface dwarf smuggler who does a little loan-sharking on the side

In and around the Crossroads:

Gerard Thresher, a farmer
Anna Thresher, his wife
Gemma Marten, Anna's younger sister, of marriageable age
Heinrik Thresher, their young son

Borne Harding, a surface dwarf trader, who's often away
Hilda Harding, his wife (a seamstress, also a surface dwarf)
Lace Harding, their young daughter

Donnal Brannam, a farmer
Terra Brannam, his wife
Loghain Brannam, their young son
Maric Brannam, their infant son

The Brands, who own a farm in the eastern highlands over the Crossroads and the small home that is often rented by travelers in the Crossroads proper

Owen Giles, a young farmer, not yet married

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