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PC Connections
Brother Loran
Fost: A devoted weapon of the maker he tended his wounds so he could carry on the makers work

Mikhail Loren: though a registered mates with the circle he is weary of him.

Orlin: the dwarf is the first of his race Brother Loran has met and would like to get to know him and his culture better. The monk has tended his wounds and met him at the castle a number of times

Richard: brother loran sees a rogue in the man but also underneath a good soul he would trust him if they were friends

Brother Loran: has cared for my injuries when I fought off raiders in the region

Mikhail Loren: has only recently arrived in Redcliffe, no connection yet

Orlin: has advised on the defense versus raiders from the Frostback Mountains with his intimate knowledge of the region and terrain

Richard: I helped him against some thugs, now he thinks we are buddies

As the new face in Redcliffe, he hasn't had much opportunity to get to know people as a whole. Outside of the Chantry and perhaps a castle visit on the whims of the Arl or his family. In general, he doesn't feel comfortable heading into a tavern during peak times, but he still finds a way to get a drink during the low periods.

Bother Loran: Mikhail holds the Chantry in high regard, but he assumes that trust will only come given time. So, while he won't avoid Loran, it's not like they see each other every day.

Orlin: The dwarf has been friendly toward the newcomer, and they occasionally share a drink in the tavern.

Fost: Fost has retained Orlin's services when passing through. Orlin respects his self-sufficient lifestyle.

Brother Loran: Orlin has been to his for healing before. Orlin has seen Loran's powers, and while he isn't sure he believes in the Maker or that Loran's powers come from such, he doesn't question a good thing.

Mikhail: Being incapable of performing magic, Orlin is both fascinated and slightly terrified of a Circle Mage, not that he would show either outwardly. Instead, he would try to remain on Mikhail's good side by offering his services if the mage needs anything while he is in town, but would otherwise maintain a safe distance. The pair may have met before the mage came to Redcliffe, and they occasionally share a drink in the tavern.

Richard: Orlin is amused by Richard's light-hearted jabs and jokes. He may have even approached Richard on behalf of his employer about a job or two in the past.