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Thu 26 Mar 2020
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Adventure Log


Welcome to a classic game of D&D. In this thread each player at the end of each adventure will be allowed one post (as long as they like) as if they were writing in a journal, or telling a tell in the local tavern or inn.

Also the DM will post and edit all kinds of players & adventure detailed information, such as monster encounters, and NPCs & locations and adventure notes to share.

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Tue 31 Mar 2020
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Adventure Log
The Village (un-named)

The local village is a small one with no market and only a basic smith. In the center of the village you can find three food carts off too one side. The main road runs straight through the center of the village, there is a local inn.

Smithy's Iron:
The only blacksmith. He can repair most equipment but has only an average skill and no ability to work unusual or enchanted ores. easy going fellow and is happy for any extra work that comes his way. Young man with no family.

The One Pot Wonder:
The local inn has only a common room but cheap food (5 cp gets a day’s lodging and food). Karen, and her husband Randal are the inn keepers. Karen keeps the place clean and takes care of the guest and Randel stay in the back and cook and take care of all the manual labor. No children and Randel's a big fellow that packs a mean punch if he has too.

Local Hunter and Herbalist:
Eann the Hunter is the only man in town who would give a stranger any time. And he will charge for that time. He is a hunter and a guide, but a coward. If he travels with any party he would be almost useless in a fight. He is good at the bow, if he has too use it.

The town drunkard and a touch mad, but harmless. He was once an adventurer and returned traumatized. Since his return he talks gibberish and begs for alcohol. He has money to eat, but drinks the rest. Many think its a sad story but they are tired of him not taking care of himself and he is always dirty and smells horrible.

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Fri 15 May 2020
at 20:18
Adventure Log
The group employed the services of the local hunter Eann. Eann the Hunter agreed to take them just outside the hills at the edge of the forest to Quasqueton.

Quasqueton: An old tower that once belonged to an adventure mage. The tower is now in ruins and the local people stay away because it infested with creature and none ever return to tell the tales of what they have seen.

After about 3 days through the woods, Eann the hunter departs and leaves the group at a clearing just outside the forest. The group continues with Eann to Quasqueton. During these last 3 days Darimillian and Feanor felt that maybe someone was watching them, then founding a fighter by the name of Vatinius who joins the group.

The feeling of being watch is confirmed by a sneak attack from a hunting party of 6 Goblins.

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