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DM (Alex)
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Mon 16 Mar 2020
at 00:10
Introduce your characters
Introduce your characters backgrounds here! Just a description and rough personality is good.
 Sniper, 2 posts
Mon 16 Mar 2020
at 00:34
Introduce your characters
In reply to DM (Alex) (msg # 1):

Hey im just someone not trying to get eaten by zombies.
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Mon 16 Mar 2020
at 19:26
Introduce your characters
In reply to DM (Alex) (msg # 1):

Good morrow fair friends! I just realized we only have three cans of refried beans left, can I call dibs on them? I just love me some frijoles. Anyways it's been interesting getting to know you all these past few days, being locked up in this warehouse on a pier together. I'm glad we finally got that talent show scheduled because I've been working on some cool juggling tricks. Hey, has anyone noticed or followed the patterns of the tides here? We should start tracking that in case it comes in handy :)

Yeah I miss being at the university. I hope my best students survive, really want to see B-Lymphocyte's term paper about the quality and quantity of gender performativity as it pertains to coming of age ceremonies across five cultures. I think they were going to do Quinceneras, Bar/Bat Mitzvas, Bullet Ant Initiation, Khatam Al Koran, and something else... anyways I want to read it. I've pretty much memorized the couple of books I had on me when I got here and I'm itching in my knowledge addiction if you know what I mean.

What do you know about zombies, everyone? I thought they were made up. The closest thing I've heard of to real zombies are people poisoned with pufferfish venom but this ain't it. And of course the old Haitian voodoo magic but I think that's just pretend. Seems pretty contageous, eh?
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 Mary Madeline
Tue 17 Mar 2020
at 01:44
Introduce your characters
Hey man. Iím pretty good with guns, I guess. I donít like to be noticeable, and Iíd rather all of us keep this mission on the down low (I know you only really could tell zombies, but even still). Glad to be working with you guys. Donít fuck up pls.
pikmin wombat 1
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Tue 17 Mar 2020
at 02:48
Introduce your characters
In reply to DM (Alex) (msg # 1):

How do I do the thing with the zombies and the things?
I'm just a clueless fellow wandering in my hipster warehouse and all these people came in my space, man.
Pikmin pikmin pikmin.
How do you even win that game?

Um also what is a dodecahedron and how do I dice it?


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Thu 19 Mar 2020
at 05:19
Introduce your characters
I'm Anthony. Whiz behind a keyboard, although I don't have a working one right now. Still, I'm not bad at engines and mechanics. Just try not to ask me to pick anything up.

I'm a fair shot with my handgun, got some range time. I can't punch worth a damn and I don't take hits very well, though, but if all goes well, I can talk myself out. At least when I'm not talking myself into it...