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Sun 5 Apr 2020
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A quick wrap up of the story.

As you search more, you would have found that escape by sea would have been difficult. Zombies donít need to breathe, donít actually need to eat, and can walk along the bottom of the sea, or just drift carried by currents. Once out at sea, it would have been safer, but getting there and getting off the boat again would have been all but impossible.

As Pyrokine had discovered, the origin is decidedly supernatural. Someone had done this deliberately, or rather, a group had, and one of them was still in your city.

Jane and her group had been holed up at the top of an apartment complex. The doors were barred to the dead, but the living had begun an assault, either to take their supplies, or take their home.

Escaping would be difficult, but possible. Mess with one of the trucks in order to make it capable of plowing through barricades, or find and supe up some motorcycles.

Either way, escape or confronting the person causing this would have resulted in the person responsible reacting, sending hordes of zombies your way, as well as alerting human factions, telling them that you were hoarding supplies and where you were.

If you managed to escape, the game would have ended at a farm a little ways away, at the top of a hill, a fence half completed to keep the zombies out before the original owners were taken out. Complete construction and tend to your crops.

If you chose to stay and fight back, the person responsible would have to be confronted. It likely would have ended with someone dying to take them out, as they are significantly tougher than your average person, and surrounded by zombies they personally control, making them smarter, faster, stronger.

In the end, though, win or lose, the zombie apocalypse would still be going. But those still standing would be smarter, stronger, tougher, more able to survive, and to help others survive.