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The Village of Moremile
Moremile is a small village in the center of the Cambrian Steppes. Several weeks' journey to the northwest is the Glittering City of Opraxes, the central seat of power of the province. Due south are the jagged range of mountains called the Folly. A couple weeks away from Moremile, the Folly is the  natural border between Cambria and the southern province of Magrhys.

The population of Moremile is less than one hundred people. Families that call Moremile home have lived, worked, and died in the village for generations. Moremile was once a frontier town with a rich silver mine. When the silver vein dried up generations ago, so too did the fortunes of the town. Most folks that remain support themselves as humble farmers and tradespeople.

Eighteen years ago, the Cambrian Steppes were visited by the Great Rains. A relentless monsoon, this phenomena lasted for months before eventually clearing up. Several months after the Great Rains, the first of many children were born. These children are the player characters.
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The Village of Moremile
In the current day, the village of Moremile is little more than a cluster of buildings along a well-tread dirt road. This roadside village, running vaguely north to south, is a bare shadow of itself in its heyday. During the days of silver mining, Moremile sprawled across the gently rolling plains and provided livelihoods for thousands.

Mirvena Grambohl has been the village mayor for decades now. She is a folksy, matronly woman with a core of solid iron. Most folks around Moremile regard her as fair, kind, but not to suffer fools easily.

Coyne Havish retired from the Cambrian militias and settled in Moremile to raise his two sons alone. He took on the sheriff's job just after the Great Rains. His sons are now grown men serving in the provincial militia.
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The Village of Moremile
I don't have an exact map of this village, and I sorta like leaving it a bit fluid at the time. I invite you all to participate in the generation of the village. If you have ideas, shoot me a message.

As I envision this, Moremile is a small village. The majority of what comprises the village is centered on a single well that the villagers share. The main road runs north and south, and the great majority of the tradesfolk have their shops on either side.

The village forge, helmed by Sora's family, is the northernmost shop in Moremile. Near to the forge, just to its south, is the communal loom where Sora's auntie Sesane weaves the fabrics commonly used by the villagers. Her more delicate works, sheets of an impossibly sheer fabric, are frequently on the Grambohl's cart when they make trade trips.

The Grambohl home, the first floor of which serves as the de facto government seat of the village, sits directly across from the well to the east. On the opposite side of the well, Grambohl Trading Company stands. Once a powerful family during the great silver boom, the Grambohl name is a shadow of its past glory. In the current day, the Trading Company appears as a backwater general store or trading post. The Grambohl men take trips to the Glittering City of Opraxes once a year, bringing exotic wares back from the provincial seat.

A tiny apothecary exists just to the south of the Trading Company, where Granza's mother Mailan offers her skills as a herbalist and healer.

Just to the north of the Trading Company is the village's sole tavern, a place called the Empty Vein. The tavern is run by a relative outsider, a tiefling named Loyal, who won the humble establishment in a game of cards well over a century ago. Though it was something of a scandal at the time, Loyal has become a pivotal member of the small community and keeps the Empty Vein immaculately clean. The Empty Vein has seven rooms, and most of them remain perpetually unused.

Behind the Empty Vein is the Third Knife Distillery, a brewing company now owned by the Theladun family. The dwarven family bought the distillery centuries ago during the silver boom. Their product is another popular export sold by the Grambohl Trading Company.

Most of your family's homesteads are just outside of the village proper. If your folks are farmers, this may be even further away if you wish.

An hour outside of Moremile to the west, a narrow trail through the forest leads to the Ladytear Lake. The largest body of water in the vicinity, the lake provides fish and sometimes fresh water. In the summer, the shore is a popular site for family picnics.

Across the lake, to the far western shore, exists another village named Grinvale. Grinvale rarely factors into life among the denizens of Moremile. There is a popular rumor that the Grambohl family has some kind feud with some of the folks of Grinvale, and that this is one reason why the two villages rarely interact. Another reason is that the two villages are a couple weeks away by land, and that the Moremile village has no boats sturdy enough to make the trip by lake.