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Tue 17 Mar 2020
at 21:07
A driving theme in this story is that the characters are inexperienced kids from a humble background. The PCs begin our story at 1st level, and will grow into more seasoned adventurerers as the game progresses. We will be using materials from DnD 5th Edition.

Again: the characters are kids, and they will literally begin their adventuring lives in the story. Character concepts should reflect this, and applications that don't embrace this idea won't be considered. Please answer the following questions:

Who are you?
How long have you been playing DnD?
What do you like most about DnD?
What time zone are you in?
How frequently can you post?

About your character:
Eventual Subclass Goal:
Tell me about your character's family.
Tell me about your character's childhood.

With regards to Races, this story is only using the Player's Handbook. For classes/subclasses, character's can use the PHB and Xanathar's Guide to Everything. We will also use the Variant Class Feature insert from Unearthed Arcana (found at https://media.wizards.com/2019...UA-ClassFeatures.pdf). We are not using any other materials at this time.

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Tue 17 Mar 2020
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After giving it some thought, I think we'll probably need to homebrew some Backgrounds to better reflect a more lowly, rural upbringing.

I want to reiterate: the beginning story arc here is that a group of kids are just starting off. I strongly advise keeping your backstories humble and folksy.