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Game Information
This game will be based in the World of Greyhawk and based on 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons rules.  The source material for the campaign will be 1st edition adventures, starting from TSR in 1980, so the game might have a particular "old school" feel to it.

Let me set the stage:

For several years, organized bands of pirates and slavers have made a living by raiding the coastal towns on the Sea of Gearnat.  Ranging from Onnwal to the Wild Coast, they have descended quickly and ruthlessly on the small towns and villages, and carried off innocent citizens into the night.  Although these marauders were not approved of by the lords and rulers of the lands they raided, they were allowed to continue their depredations.  Feuding amongst the lords and lack of funds prevented all but an occasional naval battle with the villains and the slow fortification of towns.  Bribery was often a more effective method of protecting one's lands from the incursions of these avaricious sea-wolves.

Recently, however, the slavers' attacks have become more frequent and vicious.  Believing their prey to be weak and helpless, the raiders have burnt entire villages and pulled down walls of towns.  Women, children, and whole families have disappeared; and though bribes are accepted, the agreements are ignored.  Vast tracts of coastline have been reduced to ashes, left barren except for packs of wild dogs.

The lords have finally become determined to take action, forgetting their petty squabbles to unite against the marauders of the yellow sails.  Through information gained from escaped slaves, and those fortunate enough to have been found an bought by families or friends, the lords have traced the slavers to a port from which they launch their swift attacks on teh coast - the despoiled city of Highport in wasted Pomarj.  Some who have lost kin and fortune to the reavers have advised taking a fleet and crushing the outpost, but cooler heads have prevailed.  They have pointed out that such a base is undoubtedly well-defended and that the slavers, if alarmed, might arrange that loved ones and kin are never seen again.  Instead, they have chosen a plan of stealth.  Adventurers have been gathered together and will be sent to infiltrate the base and destroy the leaders of the evil band.  Caution is recommended, for the true strength and extend of this slave ring is not known, but they seem to be stronger and better organized than encounters with their small raiding parties would indicate.

Highport was once a human city, but the land and town have been overrun by humanoids - orcs, goblins, kobolds, ogres, and gnolls.  Looted, burned, and ill-kept, the city has become a base for human outcasts wishing to deal with these unsavory creatures.  Your party, provided with transport, has managed to arrive in Highport and pose as one of these groups come to deal.
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Wed 18 Mar 2020
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Request to Join
If you'd like to play and want to submit a Request to Join, please do so with the following information:

Description: What do you look like? How do you typically dress? Any distinguishing marks [scars, tattoos, birthmarks]
Background Hook: What ties in your character concept to the story.  Why does he/she want to fight against marauding slavers/pirates?

Writing Sample: Show off your writing skills with this simple writing prompt: Your character is at a tavern, enjoying a meal, when the bartender leans over the counter and whispers "I might know a man that can help with what you seek."
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Thu 19 Mar 2020
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Character Generation
Once accepted into the game, please use the dice roller for generating character stats using the 4d6, drop the lowest 1, reroll 1's options.  Assign as desired for your character build, using the rules of the Player's Handbook.  Additional source material for character generation can be used from "Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide" and "Xanathar's Guide to Everything".

If you'd like, you can use D&D Beyond for character building speed and efficiency.  You'll need to translate your character over to the record sheet here so I have access to it, as I won't maintain a campaign space there.  I will open up the character sheet for your use to document your character's details.

All character's will be advanced to 4th level.

Take all normal starting equipment that you'd like for your character, except for transportation.  No horses, boats, wagons, etc.

All characters will start with d100 gold in money (you can divide by different coins types if desired).

In addition, all characters will start with 1 random treasure, and 1 random magic item to be determined by the DM.

We will be using a dual-Pantheon system with the Greyhawk pantheon, and the Norse pantheon.  If you choose to use the Norse pantheon, write a background that incorporates growing up in the Icy Sea area (ie. Blackmoor, Stonehold, Ice Barbarians, etc.)

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