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Chargen Info
This is an Exalted Third Edition game set in a version of the real world.

Splats Available:
Dragon-Blooded - Open
Solars - Restricted (for numbers)
Lunars - Open
Sidereals (WFHL) - Restricted (numbers, fansplat)
Mortals - Open
Everything Else - Not Available

Lunars are Casteless at game start.

Dragon-Blooded are E2 as standard.

Sorcery is Not Available at game start pending plot.

Attributes: 9/7/5 Lunars, 8/6/4 everyone else

Abilities: 28, none above 3 before BP. DBs get 3 specialties + 2 that reflect where are you from? and how did you Exalt?. Solars get 4, Lunars and Mortals get 3.

Caste/Favored/Supernal: As book. Mortals N/A.

Charms: 15, +5 Excellencies for DBs.

Merits: 10 dots for everyone. See Merits section.

Bonus Points: 18 for DBs and mortals, 15 for everyone else.

Intimacies: In addition to the book requirements- at least four Intimacies, including at least one Defining Intimacy, one Major Intimacy, one positive Intimacy, and one negative Intimacy- I would like a decently fleshed-out character. Four is a bare minimum and depending on your backstory I will probably ask for more.

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Chargen Info

All Merit prereqs must be met unless stated otherwise.

It is reasonably expected that most characters may have one or two Restricted Merits. Restricted does not mean don't ask.

Standard Merits:
  Allies: See Houserules
  Ambidextrous: Open
  Artifact: Restricted
  Backing: Open (2-3)/Restricted (4)
  Boundless Endurance: Open
  Command 2: Restricted (2)/Not Available (3+)
  Contacts: Open
  Cult: Restricted (1-3)/Not Available (4+)
  Danger Sense: See Houserules
  Demesne: Restricted
  Direction Sense: Open
  Eidetic Memory: See Houserules
  Familiar: Open (1)/Restricted (2-3)
  Fast Reflexes: Open
  Fleet of Foot: See Houserules
  Followers: Open (1)/Restricted (2-3)
  Giant: Open
  Heart's Blood: Open to Lunars
  Hearthstone: Restricted
  Hideous: Open
  Influence: Open (1-2)/Restricted (3-5)
  Iron Stomach: Open
  Language: See Houserules
  Manse: Restricted
  Mentor: Open
  Martial Artist: Restricted
  Mighty Thew: Open
  Natural Immunity: See Houserules
  Pain Tolerance: See Houserules
  Quick Draw: Open
  Retainers: See Houserules
  Resources: See Houserules
  Selective Conception: No
  Sobriquet: Open
  Stolen Faces: Open to Lunars
  Strong Lungs: Open
  Tempered by the Elements: See Houserules
  Toxin Resistance: See Houserules
  Well-Bred: Not Available

Supernatural Merits:
  Thaumaturgist: Restricted
  Claws/Fangs: Open to DBs
  Enhanced Sense: Open to DBs
  Tail 1: Open to DBs
  Unusual Hide 1-3: Open to DBs
  Everything Else: Not Available

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Chargen Info


(Unless specified, the houseruled versions of all these Merits are Open.)

Language: At start, only regular Earth languages are available. Due to the sheer volume of languages vs. the standard setting and the coolness of Exalted, each Earth language is two per dot.

Allies: Three dots grants either a young Terrestrial Exalt (E1, probably under 20) or a powerful mortal such as a millionaire, connected socialite, or highly-trained soldier. Five dots may grant a PC-level Terrestrial Exalt or a very powerful mortal such as a CEO, a powerful local politician, or a local crime boss. Celestial Exalted Allies are Restricted due to numbers. All other options are Open.

Danger Sense: The standard Merit becomes one dot, no prereqs. For three dots, prereq Perception or Awareness 3, the character has a preternatural sense of danger and gains one success to detect non-magical traps and ambushes.

Fleet of Foot: Two dots.

Natural Immunity: For the record, this game uses the 2e fluff that Exalted are naturally immune to non-magical disease. As the Merit does not specify non-magical diseases, it's unchanged.

Pain Tolerance: No prerequisite.

Retainers: Two dots grants a mortal ally as stated. Four dots grants either a young Terrestrial Exalt (E1, probably under 20) or a powerful mortal such as a millionaire, connected socialite, or highly-trained soldier who for some reason sees you as their superior. Both levels are Open.

Resources: Depending on area:

Resources 1 is roughly $50k-100k/yr.
2 is roughly $250-500k.
3 is around $5m.
4 is an arbitrarily high level of multimillionaire.
5 is an arbitrary amount of billionaire.

1-3 is Open, 4-5 is Restricted.

Tempered By The Elements: Character also gets one die to Survival rolls while in the specified environment.

Toxin Resistance: No prereqs.

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