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Setting Info
Earth, Summer, 1999.

Scientists confirm a comet large enough to cause massive damage is on a likely collision course with Earth within two years. Governments around the world jockey for position to be seen as trying to solve the problem, but despite the seeming existential crisis, most of the effort winds up going towards containing the problem rather than finding a solution.

During this period, panic rises. A number of Heaven's Gate-like cults rise up, some more serious than others. High-altitude bunkers sell out among the world's richest. The Atlantic Coast on both sides begins to empty, as the meteor is projected to land somewhere between France and the mid-Atlantic states. The lack of certainty does not help.

Winter 1999.

The comet approaches quicker than expected. Many expect the apocalypse. Mass riots occur. Others do their best to live their lives or turn to hedonism. The US elects its first third party candidate, a man named Paul Ilyovich, who campaigns entirely on survivalism and calls for national unity that lean towards the fascist.

February 5th, 2000.

An unexplained event occurs just outside of Earth orbit- the comet seems to explode. Several smaller impacts do occur: the western coasts of England and Ireland are hit with a tidal wave that causes a number of deaths, as are West Africa and New England.

The world rejoices and attempts to recover.

Off the Coast of Ireland, March 17th, 2000.

The first proven sighting of what would come to be known as "remnants" show up: at the spot of meteor impact off the coast of Ireland, a permanent whirlpool begins to form, along with strange humanoid creatures made of water that hum with strange bubbling music. Thankfully, only the whirlpool seems to pose any danger.


Not all are so pleasant.

Northwest of LA, October 3rd, 2001.

A downed meteor fragment explodes, creating an area of roughly 100 square miles of mostly mountainous terrain that wasn't there before. This area will soon begin attracting researchers, then residents, eventually becoming Monte Nuevo.

United States, 2001-2008.

For various reasons, the events of 9/11 never occurred, but President Ilyovich's two terms and the damage to the economy cause a similar, in some ways even harsher, rise of the security state and nationalism, curtailing of public civil rights, and exacerbation of partisanship. The Republican Party begins to shrink and shift, most to Ilyovich's National Unity Party. Otherwise, history begins to proceed as normal, and a young Senator from Chicago named Obama manages to win in 2008.

China, Spring 2015.

A young man of 14, bullied by his peers, erupts in a bright white light. Chunks of earth begin swarming around him, killing three including his teacher, and he gains a number of unnatural-looking features, including yellow reptilian eyes, bright white scales, and a ring of small horns around his brow that seem to be made of true marble. After a short, world-famous trial, the event is determined to be a tragic accident.

He later describes the event as "as if I had again taken my first breath and connected to the land itself".

United States, Autumn 2016.

The University of California opens a satellite branch in Monte Nuevo, primarily focused on research, but also offering the country's first BS and MS degrees in Remnant Studies.

Donald Trump of all people runs on the Unity Party ticket, with Mitt Romney trying a second go as the Republican. This splits the conservative vote, throwing the election just barely to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

United States, March 2016.

An outbreak of viral pneumonia on Capitol Hill takes President Clinton's life as well as that of several staffers and one Senator. She is succeeded by President Tim Kaine.

Worldwide, Autumn 2019.

The first attempt is made to take a census of what are formally called neohumans and informally called dragons. As extreme circumstances and stress seem to be involved, and therefore many neohumans are concentrated in poor areas and the Global South, it proves complicated, but at least five thousand are found worldwide (among a population just now re-rising towards 7 billion).

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