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Thu 24 Sep 2020
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Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Daredevil takes Watcher Opportunity for 1 PP, to create Keen Awareness of Surroundings Asset

PPs: 2 (starting; from msg #339) +1 (bonus for playing along with Mind Control) -1 (creating Asset)  = 2

Daredevil steps heavily and slowly toward the cowering reporter who's trying to scurry away from him. Urich doesn't make it far until Daredevil is upon him, baring down on the journalist. Daredevil makes no sound in response to the reporter's pleas, with any facial expression obscured in shadow. Too soon, Urich is against the guardrail along the bleachers, with a sharp fall on the other side, leaving nowhere to run.

"N -- No! You've got to wake up!" Urich implores. "You've got to -- "

But it's too late before Daredevil closes the distance between them in one step and in a single motion grabs the reporter by his jacket to pitch his friend over the side of the safety rail!

"Nooooo!!!" Urich cries as he falls straight down.

Next Action: also Daredevil
The Watcher
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Fri 25 Sep 2020
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Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Venom wins his reaction against the Mob and takes no stress. The Mob beats Spidey's roll but his higher effect die means he takes d6 (rather than d8) of Physical Stress.

Mob reacts to Venom's attempt to create a "Webbed" complication on them.

Team 5d6
Unleashing the Rage d4 (Venom bringing some rage of his own)
Swarm d8

21:26, Today: Mob of Rioters rolled 4,2,4,5,5,2,3 using 1d6,1d6,1d6,1d6,1d6,1d4,1d8.  Mob of Rioters reacting to Venom creating a "Webbed" complication on them.

Total: 10
Effect: d8
Opportunities: 0

Mob's total of 10 just beats Venom's 9, and they take no complication. Added 1d6 to the Doom Pool for the Mob's use of the "Unleashing the Rage" distinction at d4.

Venom extends his wrists and fires off symbiote-webbing, but in the thick crush of bodies, there isn't enough room to spread the trajectory. The webbing hits the nearest attacker like a cheap wad of Silly String. The rioter looks straight at Brock, his eyes narrowing behind his Carnage mask. Then the burly man clutches his baseball bat tighter and shouts, "That it?! Let's get him!"

Not far away, Spider-Man takes aim with his own web-shooters, but at a different type of target. As the roiling mob shoves and slams him around, it's all he can do to pick out a high vantage point-- the stadium lights, the news trucks, anything-- and fire off a quick webline. If he can only get away from this mob, and get above his attackers, he knows he'll have the advantage.

Team 5d6
Unleashing the Rage d4 (Getting in each other's way)
Swarm d8

21:39, Today: Mob of Rioters rolled 5,3,3,3,2,1,5 using 1d6,1d6,1d6,1d6,1d6,1d4,1d8 ((5,3,3,3,2,1,5)). Mob reacting to Spider-Man attempting to create Webline asset.

Total: 10
Effect: d6
Opportunities: 1 (Available first to Spider-Man)

Spider-Man wins and creates a "Webline" d10 asset. Added 1d6 to the Doom Pool for the Mob's use of the "Unleashing the Rage" distinction at d4.

Doom Pool: 6d6, 1d8

With his own symbiote-suit actively fighting off the attackers as well, Spidey suddenly finds his chance. As the mob is beaten back for just an instant, he launches a webline that brings him soaring into the air above his opponents. From his perch, he can clearly see them closing in on Venom... the same "partner" that abandoned him moments ago. What's a web-head to do...?

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The Watcher
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Fri 25 Sep 2020
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Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Away from Yankee Stadium, a similar scene is playing out in the surrounding city blocks. With the sports arena as the epicenter, riots break out in neighboring Harlem, spreading all the way through the upper East and West sides, on back to Hell's Kitchen and beyond! In the last few hours, the Sanctum Sanctorum on Bleecker Street-- the former home of the late Dr. Strange, and now his successor Tigra-- has become a refuge from the madness overtaking Manhattan. With a large amount of the citizens in the stadium transported within its walls, placed under the care of the dutiful Wong, they begin to heal from the psychic afflictions placed on them by Shriek.

From a neighboring rooftop, the heroine known as Spider-Woman watches and observes. She had caught the broadcast that cretin Carnage was putting on the airwaves. When she saw the deadly sport that Kasady was forcing her friends to take part in-- (superhuman baseball, really?)-- her first impulse had been to head to Yankee Stadium and give them a hand.

But Jessica Drew wasn't your typical superhero. No, she was smarter than that.

With a little detective work, she uncovered the building in Hell's Kitchen that Kasady was broadcasting from-- though it appeared to have just been blown up-- and arrived just in time to see the cackling madman speeding away in his stolen helicopter. Then the news crews beamed out the latest images from the stadium: Tigra ushering a handful of innocent bystanders through a large, sparkling portal. Jessica was no sorceress, but she knew a thing or two about this mystical stuff, and she recognized the signature teleportation spell Strange had always used. Greer was taking the innocents to the safety of the Sanctum in far-away Greenwich Village.

Jessica knew her friend Greer Nelson quite well. Well enough to know that she could handle herself in a fight, and the fact she hadn't yet returned to assist her friends in the stadium meant something was up. And so that was how Spider-Woman came to find herself perched across the street from the sacred building... just in time to hear shouts and sounds of a struggle within!

Gazing down, Jessica sees the front door fly open and Wong fall down the steps, pursued by an angry mob!

Next Action: Spider-Woman
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 Jessica Drew
Fri 25 Sep 2020
at 09:39
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Spider-Woman wasted no time! The Dark Angel kicked off the wall of the neighborhood bodega and glided on gossamer wings toward the fallen Wong. She landed beside the fallen servant and quickly pulled him to his feet. “Up on your feet...Wong, right?” They’d encountered one another in one of the many mass superhero team-ups that had become more commonplace since that fateful night at The Raft.

“Time for a little crowd control with a hefty dose of my own take on ‘Mother’s little helpers’!” Jessica recently gained better control of one of her more exotic powers: Pheromone Control. Dr. Strange saved her life after a devastating assault by Morgan Le Fey. She owed it to the late Sorcerer Supreme to save the man who’d become more than a butler to him.

If her plan paid off, her pheromones would soothe the crowd. “Everyone, please calm down! Just tell me what’s going on so I can help you.” Jessica spoke loudly, but calmly, and kept her tone friendly enough. She sent her superhumanly potent pheromones wafting on the air to hopefully calm the small mob...


OK, I’m using Spider-Woman’s pheromones here as an attempt at crowd control.

05:24, Today: Spider-Woman rolled 14 using 5d8.  Pheromones for crowd control.

Solo d8 + Alluring d8 + d6 for Pheromones (stepped up to induce a “Suggestible” mental stress) + Enhanced Senses d8 + Psych Expertr d8

Next: Tigra

Mob of Rioters
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Fri 25 Sep 2020
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Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
In reply to Spider-Woman (msg # 347):

09:58, Today: Mob of Rioters rolled 6,3,5,4,2,3,4 using 1d6,1d6,1d6,1d6,1d6,1d4,1d8 ((6,3,5,4,2,3,4)). Mob of Rioters reacting to Spider-Woman's pheromone complication.

Total: 11
Effect: d8
Opportunities: 0

Spider-Woman wins and knocks out 1d6 from the Mob with a "Suggestible" d8 complication.

Mob reduced to 4d6.

The rioters eye Spider-Woman with hostility, with one man in a particular rage. It's as though her bright-red costume acts as a bullfighting cape, and this big bruiser is the bull. He charges the heroine, but as she exerts more and more of her pheromones, he slows to a stop. His raised fist falls rather lamely to his side as the man blinks slowly, looking around at his fellow rioters.

"Uh... What were we doing again?"

Next Action: Tigra
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Fri 25 Sep 2020
at 17:20
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
"My thanks, Spider-Woman," replies Wong as he gets to his feet. His signature Tao mandalas crackle to life around his outstretched hands as he assumes a defensive stance next to the heroine. "Have you seen Tigra anywhere?" he asks, with a note of worry in his voice. "We are rather outnumbered, and even my sorcery has its limits."
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 Jessica Drew
Fri 25 Sep 2020
at 17:56
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Spider-Woman shook her head. “No. I lost track of Tigra back at the stadium.” She gestured at the mystic sigils glowing like a nimbus around Wong’s hands. “I couldn’t miss the glowy accents, though. It looks like Tigra had a serious upgrade in power since the last time I saw her.”

Her mind wasn’t off the mob, though. One man, the apparent “Alpha” of the group, had broken. To his groggy question, she said with artfully feigned cheerfulness, “You were evacuating to this man’s home, which he kindly opened to everyone here.” Jessica thanked a misspent youth with HYDRA for an exceptional talent in undercover work, which involved no shortage of acting.

“We’re all going to rest and recover from a harrowing day, right?”
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Sat 26 Sep 2020
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Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
In reply to The Watcher (msg # 346):

Tigra felt herself being pulled out from the stadium at full force. She landed in a dark place, hitting her elbows against what seemed like boxes. There was a strong smell of cleaning supplies.

"What is that smell, and why do you like it so much? It stinks." Symba's voice brought Tigra back to her senses.

Tigra recognized the scent of Suavitel, Wong always used that yellow Morning Sun bottle. She - they - had landed in one of the closets back at the Sanctum Sanctorum. "Looks like you're going to meet Wong sooner than later."

"Good. That tumbling got me starving even more."

Tigra looked at the bottom of the door, she saw someone's shadow quickly pass by,hearing Wong screaming, "We are just trying to help you!" Tigra saw another shadow go through, then many more followed, partnered with shouting, and sounds of heavy objects breaking behind the door. After what seemed like ages, she heard the main door to the Sanctum Sanctorum shut with a loud THUMP.

Tigra opened the closet's door, and saw torn up tapestries, broken doors, tables and chairs missing legs, and a few broken windows.

"Are we going out there or not?"

Tigra ran out the door, leaping out one of the broken windows of the building, landing next to Wong and Spider-Woman. "Hey! Nice to see you two! Sorry about that, Wong.I was teleported into the hallway closet by something...or someone. Oh, and look, I have a symbiote buddy! The name is Symba. Look what we can do!" Tigra's body stretched up a few feet high, overlooking the mob. "Pretty cool, huh? Anyway hopefully I can help calm them down a little more. The Purple man had them mobbing at the stadium and this was the only safe place I could think of to keep them from hurting themselves and others."

Tigra is going to try to use telepathy to reach out to the mob and try to calm them down more.
Team d10
Adventurous Sorceress d4 - never done this before.
Telepathy d8
Mystic Master 2d8

12:59, Today: Tigra rolled 4,3,4,3,7 using d10,d4,d8,d8,d8 ((4,3,4,3,7)).

Total: 7+4 +3 ( 1 PP xtra die) = 14
PP total: Spent 1, gained 1 from d4

Mob of Rioters
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Sun 27 Sep 2020
at 14:47
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
In reply to Tigra (msg # 351):

Wong watches as Tigra's body elongates high into the air, with a sickly greenish pallor coming over his face.

"That... was horrible," he says, trying not to gag. "Please do not do it again."

As Tigra returns to the ground, Wong creates a barrier of energy around them, to defend the Sorceress Supreme as she attempts to quell the mob's rage...

Mob of Rioters reacts to Tigra's telepathic attack.

Team 4d6
Psychically Manipulated d4 (Magic manipulation is a step above)
Grab d8

07:21, Today: Mob of Rioters rolled 3,5,3,4,4,3 using 1d6,1d6,1d6,1d6,1d4,1d8 ((3,5,3,4,4,3)). Mob of Rioters reacting to Tigra's telepathic attack.

Total: 9
Effect: d8
Opportunities: 0

Tigra wins. Mob reduced to 3d6, and her extraordinary success creates a "Mob Justice" d6 asset to use in her next roll. Added 1d6 to the Doom Pool for the Mob's use of the "Psychically Manipulated" distinction at d4.

Doom Pool: 7d6, 1d8

As Tigra focuses her telepathy upon the mob, the remaining rioters sense that she's trying to placate them. This seems to anger them even more, and they surge forward to try and grab her!

"Let's get that cat-freak!"

But Tigra's soothing telepathy seems to break through the psychic conditioning these brutes have undergone at Shriek's hands. Several of them blink out of their stupor, realizing the symbiotic sorceress seems to have cured them. Rage turns to gratitude as they turn toward the few remaining attackers, and grab onto them so the heroines can free them too!

Next Action: Mob of Rioters

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Mob of Rioters
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Tue 29 Sep 2020
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Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
As Spider-Woman's pheromones and Tigra's telepathy soothe the crowd's rage, the other rioters try to shrug off the heroines. Something rolls down the stairway, coming to rest at a man's foot.

"The Orb of Agamotto!" breathes Wong as several rioters grab onto him. "They mustn't get their hands on that!"

The burliest of the men stoops to pick up the Orb, staring into its shimmering depths. The crystal ball glows at the man's touch, prepared to reveal untold knowledge to its new bearer. With its connection to the vast fabric of the universe, whosoever masters the orb can force all space and time to surrender their secrets. If such an artifact were to make it into the hands of a true villain, it would surely lead to unmitigated disaster!

Fortunately, the rioter holding it seems to think it's just for throwing. He chucks it at Tigra.

Team 3d6
Loose Artifacts d8
Grab d8

12:44, Today: Mob of Rioters rolled 6,1,6,3,1 using 1d6,1d6,1d6,1d8,1d8 ((6,1,6,3,1)). Mob of Rioters throwing a crystal ball at Tigra.

Total: 12
Effect: d8
Opportunities: 2

Reaction Needed: Tigra

Next Action: The Watcher

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Thu 1 Oct 2020
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Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
In reply to Mob of Rioters (msg # 353):

Tigra sees The Orb of Agamotto flying out of the crowd going straight for her face.

Tigra, with Symba’s help, got ready to grab the Orb of Agamotto. Carefully, reaching out with tentacles and transmuting them in a little makeshift padded gooey cage once they touch the orb.

"Don't worry, Wong. It should be safe with Symba and me."

Trying to safely and carefully grab The Orb of Agamotto.

Team d10
Mob Justice asset d6
Mighty Lion (d4, Symba thinks too highly of itself)
Tentacles d8
Transmutation d8
Acrobatics master 2d8

18:23, Today: Tigra rolled 1,6,4,6,7,2,8 using d10,d6,d4,d8,d8,d8,d8 ((1,6,4,6,7,2,8)).

Total: 7+8 = 15
Effect: d8
Plot points total: 1 + 1 from d4 + rolling 1 = 3
Opportunities: 1

Next: The Watcher

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Fri 2 Oct 2020
at 20:32
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
In reply to Tigra (msg # 354):

Adding 1d6 to the Doom Pool from Tigra's opportunity in Msg #354.

Doom Pool: 8d6, 1d8

Wong wipes the sweat from his brow in relief as Tigra gets hold of the Orb. He gives the Sorceress Supreme and Spider-Woman a nod of thanks as he shrugs off the rioters holding him.

"That could have ended quite badly," he says. "Good work, both of you."

He takes up position in between them, as the three heroes face off with the remaining rioters. As sounds of breaking glass and looting continue from within the Sanctum, a few more mean-looking brawlers emerge to square off with Tigra and her friends. One is holding a gleaming golden sword, and the other a short metal staff clutched like a lead pipe.

"Dragonfang... and the Wand of Watoomb," says Wong, massaging his temples. "Oh, you have got to be kidding me."

Next Action: The Watcher

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 Jessica Drew
Fri 2 Oct 2020
at 20:53
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
“Oh, for f***’s sake!” Spider-Woman recognized Dragonfang from Vslkyrie’s tenure with the Secret Avengers. “They couldn’t just loot flatscreen TVs, they stole Dr. Strange’s enchanted arsenal!” She shook her head and braced herself.

“Tigra, Wong. Why don’t you handle the clown with the magic Wand? I’ve no shortage of experience fighting men with swords!”
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Sat 3 Oct 2020
at 17:56
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
In reply to Spider-Woman (msg # 356):

Wong nods his head, ready to fight. He looks over at Tigra.

"I trust you remember what power that artifact possesses," he says to the sorceress. "Or were you taking one of your cat naps during that lesson?"
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Sat 3 Oct 2020
at 18:01
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Back in the Darkforce Dimension, Moon Knight's question to Cloak and Dagger hangs in the air for a good, long moment. The monstrous silhouette in the distance crouches, then leaps high into the air, to land on the boulder directly in front of the trio. Caught in the glow from Tandy's form, its dreadful features are visible to all.

It is at least seven feet tall, with twisted horns, greenish fur, and long, spindly limbs. Patchwork armor adorns its winged upper body, descending down the legs which end in cloven feet. The creatures' reddish eyes narrow into slits as it observes Moon Knight, its serpentine tongue dangling from its mouth in apparent hunger.

In front of his companions, Ty's voice is barely more than a whisper.

"He is called the Predator," he says quietly. "And we had thought him dead."
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Sat 3 Oct 2020
at 18:28
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
"You would do well to think better of one who has given you so much, Tyrone Johnson," growls the demon. It looks from him to Moon Knight, a greedy expression on its bizarre face.

"Hmm... This one's soul would make a most fascinating addition to the Predator's collection." It draws a skeletal finger to its chin, as if lost in its evil thoughts for a moment. "So much darkness in his soul... And yet such a burning desire for justice... So very unlike those of the other killers in my collection."

Finally, it looks to the third member of the group, who huddles close to Moon Knight. "Bah, it shall have to wait. First, I shall exact my toll for your arrival here. You will allow me to feast upon that one's life-force. After all, symbiotes only satisfy one so much." As it grins, one can see a bit of colored symbiote ooze dribbling down its chin.

The demon reaches out toward Dagger, who grips Moon Knight's hand all the more fiercely. Cloak stays in front of them, his raised hand appearing to tell his partners, "Nobody move...!"

"Whatever you do," Tandy breathes. "Don't-- let-- go!" Any sign of her usual levity is gone now as she looks at Marc with eyes full of fear.

She has a point. With the darkness pressing in all around them, it'd be all too easy to get lost in this endless void. Dagger's light is the only refuge to be found within the Predator's domain!

The Predator attempts to instill fear into Moon Knight and his allies.

Solo 3d10
Collector of Souls d8
Menace Master d10

10:52, Today: Predator rolled 6,3,1,5,1 using 1d10,1d10,1d10,1d8,1d10 ((6,3,1,5,1)). The Predator attempting to instill fear into Moon Knight and his allies.

Total: 11
Effect: d10
Opportunities: 2 (Available first to Moon Knight)

Reaction Needed: Moon Knight

Next Action: Moon Knight

Moon Knight
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Sat 3 Oct 2020
at 20:25
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
"Nobody's feasting on anyone's life force," Moon Knight, the Fist of Khonshu, growled. If this was a team-up, he needed to protect his team. "Not mine, not the girl's..." He hooked a thumb at Cloak "...not even his."

Moon Knight was a menace expert, but this monster was a master of it. Could he hold his own?

Team d6
Fist of Khonshu d8
Menace Expert d8
Moon Knight rolled 5,1,4 using d6,d8,d8 ((5,1,4)).

Total: 9
(Default) effect die: d4
Opportunities: 1
Plot Points gained: 1
Plot Points Total: 2

No. No he could not. This thing exuded terror like a physical force. It was unlike anything he'd ever faced before. Moon Knight lived in the darkness, but this thing was darkness. He needed light!

Reaching into his belt, Moon Knight removed a small cylinder and popped the end off with his thumb. Light blazed, but not nearly as far as it usually would, being swallowed by the near-impenetrable darkness.

Converting 1 XP to Magnesium Flare Resource.
 NPC, 3 posts
Sat 3 Oct 2020
at 20:44
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
In reply to Moon Knight (msg # 360):

Moon Knight takes d10 Emotional Stress. Adding 1d6 to the Doom Pool for Moon Knight's opportunity.

Doom Pool: 9d6, 1d8

The Predator appears pleased with the group's reaction as it exudes its dark aura upon them. Even the one with such darkness in his heart-- Moon Knight-- appears to be in over his head. It was always satisfying to experience a mortal's first encounter with a demon. So pleased with itself is the monster, it doesn't notice as Marc reaches into his belt and removes a small, metal tube...

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Moon Knight
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Sat 3 Oct 2020
at 21:04
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
"GRAHH!" Moon Knight snarled wordlessly as he popped the cap on the magnesium flare, increasing Dagger's light with his own. He felt fear clutching at his heart but he refused to succumb to it. He was terror, damn it! He'd fought demons before! (Admittedly none quite so powerful as this one, but there had still been a few.) He wasn't going to run and hide!

With all the rage he could muster, Moon Knight used his Superhuman Strength and Stretching ability to strike at the Predator, stabbing the flare at its eyes...!

[Attempting to inflict Blindness complication; -1PP/Opportunity]

Team d6
Dagger's Light (scene distinction) d8
Superhuman strength d10
Stretching d8
Combat Master d10
Resource: Magnesium Flare d8

Moon Knight rolled 5,1,6,2,2,3 using d6,d8,d10,d8,d10,d8 ((5,1,6,2,2,3)).

Total: 11
Effect Die: d10
Opportunities: 1 (+1PP)

[... and now the RNG hates me.]

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Sun 4 Oct 2020
at 22:59
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
In reply to Moon Knight (msg # 362):

The Predator cocks its head at Moon Knight's roar of anger, and raises its gnarled hand. Marc senses something is about to happen, and he knows he has just seconds to act!

The Predator creates a magical defense against Moon Knight's attack.

Solo 3d10
Dagger's Light d8 (Wanting to feed on it)
Sorcery d10

15:33, Today: Predator rolled 7,6,3,8,9 using 1d10,1d10,1d10,1d8,1d10 ((7,6,3,8,9)). The Predator reacting to Moon Knight's magnesium flare attack.

Total: 16
Effect: d10
Opportunities: 0

Though the Predator wins with an extraordinary success, he cannot counterattack on this turn due to his Limit.

Limit: Inferior Foes. The Predator never makes an effect die on a reaction unless that hero has previously inflicted stress or a complication on him.

Instead, adding 1d6 to the Doom Pool for Moon Knight's opportunity in Msg #362.

Doom Pool: 10d6, 1d8

As the vigilante charges the monster, a barrier of emerald energy materializes in between them. The magnesium flare sparks and flashes, and though the demon shields its eyes from the annoying light, the weapon cannot reach through to cause any real damage. Amusement shines in the dark creatures' eyes as it seems to taunt the hero. Meanwhile, Dagger hangs onto Marc's hand for all she can!

"Don't let go of me!" she repeats. "Without my light to protect you, the darkforce will swallow you up!"

"You amuse me greatly, Marc Spector," hisses the demon. "Perhaps after I finish my meal, you ought to stay a while. I promise you Tandy will survive the experience. Though she may find it... unpleasant."

The beast flashes a quick, hideous grin. "A demon always keeps its word, you know."

Next Action: The Watcher (New turn order)

*Please note that as of my next game post, we are switching to an open turn order, per Msg #224 in the OOC thread.

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The Watcher
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Mon 5 Oct 2020
at 00:30
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Above Yankee Stadium, Carnage and Shriek continue their chat with Domino. Though there's lingering tension in the air from the mercenary's kiss with Kasady, the supervillains remain oddly welcoming.

"Now then," grins Carnage. "You want a shot at these sitting ducks or what?"

He remains in the pilot's seat, but gestures to Domino to inspect the control panel. A bank of toggles and switches marked "WEAPON SYSTEMS" practically begs the mercenary's attention. She still has a clear shot at the villains on the run as they flee the stadium. The truck holds Carrion... Bullseye... Sabertooth, and others. And she'll get a handsome reward for each villain taken out. For a mercenary known for being lucky, she may have just hit the jackpot!

Action available:
Domino (Solo... or Team w/ Carnage & Shriek to gain 1 PP)


Down in the stadium, Spider-Man and Venom remain in a standoff with the remaining rioters. Perched atop his webline, Spidey has a clear vantage point of the stadium now, though the lights are out.

"No idea where Shriek is, Spidey!" calls Luke Cage. "I got other problems right now!" He gestures to the fallen Iron Fist, while Misty Knight seems preoccupied trying to figure out what has happened to Daredevil.

Too late, the answer comes to her and anyone else watching, as the mind-controlled Daredevil leaps out of the press box. In a flash, he pounces on the quivering Ben Urich and tosses him over the side of the bleachers!

Actions available:
Daredevil (Solo due to Mind Control complication)
Spider-Man, Venom (Team w/ other heroes)


Back at the Sanctum Sanctorum in Greenwich Village, Spider-Woman, Wong, and Tigra continue their own battle against the tide of mayhem swallowing Manhattan. Rioters clutching loose artifacts from Dr. Strange's mystic arsenal advance on the heroines, heedless of the dangers the items possess! Though the Orb of Agamotto rests safely in Tigra's hastily-created symbiote cage, Dragonfang and the Wand of Watoomb remain in unsafe hands!

"We must get those weapons away from them," says Wong with grim determination. "Ideally, without harming them."

Actions available:
Spider-Woman, Tigra (Team w/ Wong)


Meanwhile, in the smoke-filled Darkforce Dimension, Moon Knight continues to square off against the Predator. His allies Cloak and Dagger are closeby, with Tandy in the demon's sights as it prepares to feed upon her lifeforce!

"Dammit!" growls Tyrone. "That demon's got total control of this dimension! I can't teleport us out!"

As he spares a glance toward his companions, his expression says it all: there's no choice but to fight!

Action available:
Moon Knight (Team w/ Cloak & Dagger)

Moon Knight
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Mon 5 Oct 2020
at 00:43
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
"If you thought he was dead," Moon Knight said, preparing himself for further conflict, "what beat him to almost-death last time?"

This was insane! How the hell were the supposed to beat a demon who had his own whole dimension? And how were they supposed to do it quickly enough to get back to New York in time to catch Carnage... before he blew up half the city with the Moon-copter?!

"I don't suppose we could make some sort of deal here?" he asked the Predator. "I mean, I'm gonna have a whole bunch of super-villains to get rid of in a little while...."
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Mon 5 Oct 2020
at 02:29
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
In reply to Moon Knight (msg # 365):

"Not what beat him," replies Cloak, "But who. Isn't that right, demon?"

"Ah yes, the child refers to Strange," says the Predator. "Indeed, that was a defeat. I, banished from this dimension and stripped of my power, forced to walk the earth. 'So long as he lived,' I believe were his terms. Yet it seems he lives no longer." It extends its arms, gesturing to the empty void around them. "Now I've returned home... though regrettably, without any of the tantalizing souls I found in your world."

The demon's eyes shine brightly as it goes on. "So much evil... so much sin... so many killers, villains, mercenaries and more... all begging to be a part of my collection of souls."

Tandy lets out a gasp as the creature's hooved foot kicks something aside. Tumbling across the giant boulder they stand upon, all can see it: the discarded remains of a symbiote-clad rioter.

"As for these pitiful, weak-minded pawns you brought me..." the monster grins, licking its lips. "I assumed they were just a snack."

"Tandy..." Tyrone begins, already predicting her reaction. "We had no way of knowing..." But Dagger shakes her head, burying her face in Moon Knight's side.

"We thought they'd be safe in here... but we killed them, Cloak!" she whispers. "First, we sent Shriek in here and she lost her mind... that was years ago, and we still haven't learned our lesson!"

"We've been over this, Tandy," replies Tyrone. "Shriek was already psychotic when we found her selling those drugs. It was that cop's bullet to her head that tipped her over the edge! Not what we did!"

Though Tyrone attempts to comfort Tandy, she shrugs him off. Her sobs echo in the endless void around the group as, standing across from her, the demon seems amused by the outburst.

"So then," it continues after a moment. "Unless you've a sorcerer among your ranks, I believe I shall remain quite alive. To feed upon that which sustains me, to make deals as I like, and to serve the darkness."

Satisfied the trio have no way of escape, the creature bores into each of them with its dark gaze, inviting them to offer more.

"And speaking of deals...?"

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Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
The two lovebirds remained in their pilot (and co-pilot) seats, somewhat making eyes at each other.
Domino moving over to the aforementioned control panel, and began looking it over.   It wasn't so different from he tank and shipboard controls that she was familiar with, thankfully, and her Combat expertise quickly adapted her thinking to its use.

being a chopper, she could see that there were two missiles, one on each side of the helicopter ... for symmetry and balance.  And, of course, it would fire both simultaneously.
Generally, at the same target.    But not necessarily, as Domino surmised.

Placing herself so that the two idiots couldn't quite see what she was doing at the control panel, her Superhuman Reflexes danced her fingers quickly across the Targetting Systems before her.
She split the control orders, so that both fired at the same time, as usual ... but that one was directed at the truck of villains below, while the other was designed for a return trip, with heat seeking facilities activated.

The kids here hoped that she was playing Buddy-buddy with them, but this was a Solo mission for Domino.
But she could feel Lady Luck on her side.

Action:  Fire them rockets
D8   Solo
D8   Targetting Systems
D10 Supernatural Reflexes
2d8 Combat Mastery
d8   Luck Luck on my side ... Spend 1PP to borrow a Doom Pool Die

- rolled 1,8,5,6,7,3 using d8,d8,d10,d8,d8,d8.
Spend 1PP to use Effect Die against a second target
Spend 1PP to add one die to the Total     ... thats all my 3PP in one action!  Is that permissible?

Total:  21
Effect: d10 ... against both 'truck of fools'  and  'Carnage-copter'
Opportunities: 1

PP: 1
Watcher:  do I get that extra 1PP for cooperating with Carnage as requested, and shooting his family like he asked?
Also, return that Doom Patrol Die as a d6!

"Ok, kids", Domino called to the two 'crazy funsters' in the pilot seats, "Lets have a blast" ... as she punched the launch button.

And, expecting them to turn and watch the excitement out the front window ahead of them, Domino quickly (Spending 1PP) snatched up the Teleporter ... and her Guns (if I've earned that extra PP for working with Carnage) ... and prepared to punch open a nearby door and dive out of the chopper before that second missile returned.

PP:   0
Next:   a Villain, I am guessing the Cackling Cohort here, in response to my action?

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Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
MK did his best to soothe the distraught, terrified girl who was burying her face in his side, but this was so far outside of his wheelhouse that he didn't know if he would have any positive effect on her at all. Innocent people had died because of Cloak and Dagger's error. She was understandably upset.

Defeating the Predator had required Doctor Strange the last time? Figures. Somehow he didn't think that their current Sorceress Supreme was up to his level yet. Maybe she could do it, or maybe not... but there was no way to reach Tigra to find out without the Predator actually allowing it.

As distasteful as it was, they needed to make a deal with the demon. Otherwise they were just plain screwed. But what could they offer the demon?

"Tell me," Moon Knight said in Stephen Grant's smooth, cultured tone, "what is it you truly desire?"