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The Watcher
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Sat 31 Oct 2020
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Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
In reply to Daredevil (msg # 391):

Wow, DD, that was an excellent roll. Maybe the highest anyone's had so far? It appears your success is a foregone conclusion, but let's see what the Doom Pool manages...

Stepping up 2d6 in the Doom Pool for Domino's *2 opportunities in Msg #389.

*SFX: Spread Some Chaos. When Carnage has Team or Buddy Affiliation with other members of his “family”, all heroes’ actions or reactions against Carnage generate opportunities on a 1 or 2.

Also stepping up 2d6 for Venom's 2 opportunities in Msg #390.

Doom Pool: 2d6,9d8,1d10

07:56, Today: The Watcher rolled 5,5,6,5,4,5,8,4,5,6,1,9 using 1d6,1d6,1d8,1d8,1d8,1d8,1d8,1d8,1d8,1d8,1d8,1d10 ((5,5,6,5,4,5,8,4,5,6,1,9)).

Total: 23
Effect: d8
Opportunities: 1 (Available first to Daredevil)

Daredevil wins with an extraordinary success. Spent 1d8 doom to add a 3rd die to the total (d8 that rolled 8).

Doom Pool: 2d6,8d8,1d10

Daredevil's thrown billy club line snags the Purple Man, striking him at an angle that forces the length of cable to wrap tightly around the falling villain's waist in a secure hold. The expert throw leaves enough slack for the other end of the club to reach over to Ben, who grabs onto it gratefully. The reporter has been clinging desperately to an inch-thick lip of concrete above the drop, his knuckles white from the effort of hanging on. The vigilante's plan goes off without a hitch, with the center of the cable now resting against part of the railing and forming a sort of fulcrum. From there, the two evenly-sized men slow each other's falls, leaving them both dangling in mid-air.

But still not home free, until Matt carefully pulls each of them to safety. As Ben's situation is more precarious-- and perhaps seeing as he's not a miserable villain-- he gets that honor first.

"Hey!" calls Killgrave. "Is this thing going to hold m-?"

But as the villain spins and swings in the cable's grip, his head lightly smacks against the concrete foundation of the bleachers and he falls silent. It isn't an impact approaching anything life-threatening, but it's enough to leave him out cold for the moment. The Black Cat watches silently from a few yards away, arms folded across her chest as she wears a disapproving look.

"You didn't have to do that," she murmurs, seeing the unconscious villain dragged to safety. "His life wasn't worth saving."

She lightly traces the shape of the purple bruises on her neck, left there by Killgrave's death-trap. Then she turns her attention back to the field.

The Purple Man is down and DD now has the ability to rejoin the other heroes on the field with Team affiliation. He may also talk to Ben and try to gain some info on tonight's events.
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Mon 2 Nov 2020
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Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Domino quickly shut the locked artillery case as she notices the three approaching figures ... and stands her ground as they initiate their parley.
Nodding to the Misty, she replied, "Domino".   Looking past the three, at the destruction around them, "You guys throwing some kind of party here?", she asked, rhetorically.

Then, "If you'll excuse me, I have a Contract to finalise"*.
Domino was reasonably sure that these folk weren't cackling 'family members': so not only did they not interest her so much, but she felt kinda confident taking her attention from them.

Turning back tot he artillery case, he flipped it open with her foot, and cooed, "Come to mama, baby".  And lifted one of the rocket launchers out, gently and lovingly.

Then, turning towards the where the Carnage-Copter hovered in place 'a safe distance' above, it's spotlight shining a bright beam over the field and on to the assembly...
"It's time the 'grand master of events' came down and joined the party," she said, flipping the required switches to bring the 'delivery' on line, "Dontcha think" she said to the threesome nearby as she easily and comfortably swung it up on to her shoulder.

The targeting mechanism came to life in front of her, and when she sensed that the moment was right, Domino let the package fly ...

ACTION:   try again to shoot that chopper out of the sky
d6   Team (damnit, why do all these 'hero' types insist on getting in her way?!?)
d8   Hardened Mercenary
d10 Superhuman Reflexes
2d12 Two Rockets (asset)
1d10 Combat Mastery

- rolled 1,7,6,2,9,9 using 1d6,1d8,1d10,1d12,1d12,1d10.
spend 1PP to add another die to the Total

Total: 25
Effect: d12
Opportunities: 1   (receive/recover 1 PP)

PP: 1

* 'Relentless' Milestone:  1 XP when you declare a villain your current ‘Primary Target’.

Reaction: Carnage Copter
Next Action:  a villain

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Mon 2 Nov 2020
at 04:26
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Back in the Darkforce Dimension...
"Do you have a better idea?" Moon Knight asked Tandy. She was a sweet kid, but naive. The world was a dark and dirty place, and her light didn't really amount to much in comparison. "Because I don't foresee the three of us fighting our way out of this. And I've been known to roll the dice on some seriously narrow odds."

"We could..." Tandy starts, but falls silent after a hard look from the others. She never says the word "fight," but it's clear she wanted to.

"Let's let the man read, shall we?" the Predator growls in its guttural tone. "He's got places to be."

After a long few moments, Marc finishes poring over the demon's document. He takes his time, examining every line carefully-- the devil is in the details, after all. And though there are a few questionable passages, the issues are more stylistic than anything. For example, the author commonly refers to the agreement's human participant as a "foolish mortal."

"If the soul is not delivered by the agreed upon time, the foolish mortal agrees to surrender his own (or that of another willing participant of the demon's preference) in its place..."

"Ah, I apologize for the outdated language. I believe the correct term nowadays is 'misguided lower life form.' Now then, shall we sign?"

"No, I can't let him do this," Ty interrupts, stepping between Marc and the demon. "I was the one who got us into this mess. Let me sign."

"Ty," Tandy pleads. "What will happen to me if he gets your soul? If you die... If you aren't there to feed on my light... It's going to burn me up from the inside out!"

"Children, children," clucks the demon. "I've a solution. Mr. Spector just needs to deliver me the soul I asked for by... Hm, let's be generous and say dawn, shall we? And if he doesn't, I might take his soul instead... or perhaps settle for either of your preachy, annoying ones."

He extends a clawed hand toward the trio, offering what looks like a small, ceremonial knife. The implication is clear: this contract will be signed in blood. There is a poof as a small, metallic case appears in the demon's free hand.

"Yes, all three of you just sign right there on the dotted line, and I'll explain what you need to do... with this."
Moon Knight
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Mon 2 Nov 2020
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Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
With an annoyed grunt, Moon Knight took the knife. Always in blood, these things needed to be signed. The blade was sharp enough that he could cut the tip of his finger right through the reinforced mesh of his glove. Blood welled easily, and he signed the contract.

"Now, what's in the damned box?"

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Tue 3 Nov 2020
at 18:30
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Back at the Sanctum Sanctorum...

Wong leads Tigra and Spider-Woman through the halls of the Sanctum, occasionally stopping to right some crooked tapestry or sweep some broken glass out of the way with his slipper.

"If Stephen saw what had become of this place... Oh, rest his soul," he mutters. "Wha-?! Tigra, you're tracking Symbiote goo in the halls!"

Turning to a cluster of figures, he calls, "Hey! A little help here?"

At Wong's beckoning, several Mindless Ones draw near holding mops, buckets, and other assorted cleaning gear. The sight of the rock monsters might cause Tigra to tense up ordinarily, but she knows better. This particular group was liberated from Dormammu's control during their latest battle. Now, they set to work helping clean up the mess caused by the rioters earlier.

"Mr. Wong!" calls a voice from down a nearby hallway. There is the sound of light, pattering feet.

"Johnny! Lisa! Denny! What are you three doing out of bed?"

A trio of children run toward the heroines, swarming Greer and hugging her around the legs. She recognizes them instantly-- they are the children she saved from the symbiote-rioters earlier tonight. The Demogoblin had tipped her off that they were in danger... and she still didn't fully understand why. She notices each one is clutching a colorful Avengers toy figure in their free hand.

"Stephen had some old toys boxed up that he kept in his doctor's office for nervous young patients," says Wong. "The young woman insisted on a Tigra figure, and... well... I had to make-do."

The little girl beams at Greer, holding what is obviously a Captain Marvel figure, only with some office supplies tacked-on as cat ears and a tail. It looks like someone Sharpie'd the correct colors onto her and glued a napkin on to represent the sorceress' cloak. "Thanks for saving me and my brothers, Miss Tigra," says the girl. Then, looking up at her: "You can beat that Carnage guy!"

"Run along, now, children," says Wong. "Go with the nice rock monsters."

The children nod to Wong and head off toward the infirmary beds, escorted by the Mindless Ones. He watches them go, then turns to his companions. "Now, back to business."
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Tue 3 Nov 2020
at 18:40
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Wong beckons to the Orb of Agamotto, still held in Tigra's symbiote-cage.

"If you don't mind..." he nods. The Orb winks out of sight, then reappears above Wong's outstretched hands. Images shimmer and swirl within its depths, coming slowly into focus.

"I had been using the Orb to keep track of our allies," explains the mystic. "But that was before the Sanctum was attacked. We had better check in on them again."

The unmistakable landmark of Yankee Stadium comes into view. A hovering helicopter rains destruction down on the heroes there-- Spider-Man, Venom, Daredevil, Domino, and others.

"Hmm... That looks very bad," says their host. "But where is the other one who helped you earlier? I believe he was called Moon Knight?"

Wong flicks his hand to the side, and various other images come into play. The heroines see a burning building as it crumbles to ruins, looking as though it had been struck by some kind of missile. A battered Deadpool pulls himself from the wreckage, snapping his broken appendages back into place. "Oof, that smarts," he says, though Wong doesn't seem to pay him any mind.

"Perhaps if I go back..." says the Sanctum's guardian.

With a few more hand movements, the sequence of events become clear, as though the trio are rewinding and watching a movie. The building was destroyed by the same helicopter now attacking Yankee Stadium-- the one piloted by Carnage and Shriek. Moon Knight is soon approached by a hooded man and a young woman in white, and drawn into some kind of portal.

"Cloak and Dagger," says Wong, stroking his chin. "Then that must mean he's in... Hmm, perhaps the Orb can show us."

The monk strains as though in greater effort, before the contents of the Orb turn a deep, solid black. It almost looks as though they've "lost the signal" before a group of figures slowly appears. In what looks to be a dimension of pure darkness, a hunched demon hands some sort of parchment to a white-robed vigilante, who takes the document and signs it in his own blood.

"Is that...? No, it can't be!" gasps Wong. He knits his brow in frustration, as though he doesn't believe what he is seeing.

"I fear your friends are in great danger," he says gravely. "Tigra... Spider-Woman... You must put a stop to all of this now!"

Tigra and Spider-Woman, I'll need a quick post from you to decide if you split up or continue to go Buddy. Whichever you choose will set up your actions in this round.
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Wed 4 Nov 2020
at 03:01
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
The last thing Spider-Man remembers clearly is the bright light and the heat from the exploding missiles. Without enough time to save himself, he had just enough time to have a half-coherent thought before the wave of force hit. All that came to his mind was an image and two words: Mary Jane...

His body was mostly limp when Doppel's barbed web saved him at the last second, and Spider-Man's head was so rattled from the explosion that he wasn't comprehending the adulation from the crowd of spectators or his fellow heroes. His whole body was vibrating, and he couldn't tell if any of it was his Spider-Sense or not. Through the slideshow of images his brain could recognize as his eyes ached to open, he sees Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Misty Knight, and the crowd of former rioters, but their words are muffled. Slowly, Spidey begins to realize that people have been patting him on the back.

His whole body feels like it's fallen asleep, and the Symbiote suit seems rattled as well. Peter can see it trembling all over his body, and—as feeling beings to slowly return—he can feel the Symbiote pulsing against his skin. Although Spider-Man avoided the brunt of the fire itself, the heat and vibrations from the explosion was enough to rattle the Symbiote's sensitivity, too.

I can...barely move...

Spider-Man tries to stand, but his brain isn't talking to his body so well yet. His limbs give some indication of movement, but then they stop as if the connection is severed.

I'm still...too tired. Still too shaken.

Spider-Man is able to stammer out a half-hearted joke, waving his hand loosely in front of him. "Five more...minutes."

He needs some time to recover, but he doesn't have any to spare. Carnage has already made his next move, and bullets come raining down towards him. Spider-Man can barely react, but the Symbiote suit weakly tries to shapeshift into a shield protecting them.

Reaction to Carnage Attack (Total: 16, Effect: d8)

Affiliation: Team d6
Distinction: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility d4 + 1 PP (Spider-Man's actions saved a lot of people, but he's not fully recovered for combat)
SPIDER-POWERS: Superhuman Reflexes shut down (Limit: Exhausted. Shutdown any Spider-Powers power to gain 1 PP. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during a Transition Scene.)
SYMBIOTE SUIT: Shapeshifting d10

20:57, Today: Spider-Man rolled 2,1,5 using d6,d4,d10.

Total: 7
Effect: d4
Opportunities: 1

3 PP remaining (+1 Distinction, +1 Limit, +1 Opportunity)

The Watcher
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Sun 8 Nov 2020
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Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
In reply to Venom (msg # 390):

Stepping up 1d6 in the Doom Pool from Domino's 1 opportunity in Msg #395. Adding 1d6 to the Doom Pool for Spider-Man's 1 opportunity in Msg #400.

Doom Pool: 2d6,9d8,1d10

Yankee Stadium...

The civilians scream and run for cover as the gunfire suddenly rains down on the field. Thinking quickly, Venom moves to cover them with his symbiote, forming shields to block the innocents. Although he's successful in protecting them, several bullets strike him in the process. He's hurt, but it's not the first time he and his symbiote have taken a barrage of bullets. If anything, this is just more fuel on the fire of his crusade against Carnage!

Venom takes d10 Physical Stress from Carnage's extraordinary success.

Nearby, the exhausted Spider-Man has little time to regain his strength before his spider-sense is already warning him of a new danger. With his thoughts too scrambled to properly guide the symbiote, it tries to react on its own, with limited success. The bullets are just raining down too fast and numerous for it to properly defend him, let alone any nearby citizens. This time, it seems the web-head has little hope of a last-minute save. Or does he...?

Beside Peter, the Doppelganger flings its six arms to the side, shoving the numerous civilians out of harm's way. No sooner are they clear of danger than the alien being is hurling itself atop Spidey and knocking him to the grass. As it shields Spidey, the creature lets out a pained shriek as Carnage's bullets pierce its flesh. Blood seeps through the front of its costume, darkening the fabric as it drips onto his counterpart. The creature begins to wheeze and gasp...

Spider-Man takes d10 Physical Stress from Carnage's extraordinary success.

Not far away, Domino hunkers down behind a mound of rubble near Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Misty Knight. Bullets continue to ping off the wreckage, narrowly missing the group.

"I see you down there!" gloats Carnage over the 'copter's PA system. "Now come to papa!"

"We've got to knock that chopper out of the sky," says Luke, wearing an annoyed look as a stray bullet leaves a hole in his shirt. "Or at least find a way to scramble its sensors. But how?"

"Uh, Luke..." says Misty, blinking in surprise. "I think she's on it."

Before the startled eyes of Domino's new allies, she produces a rocket launcher seemingly from nowhere and takes aim at the chopper. Before they can even protest, she fires a pair of rockets straight at the hovering aircraft!

Carnage prepares to take evasive action!

3d10 (Large Scale Threat)
Hijacked Helicopter d8
Sensors d8
Vehicle Rookie d6

15:17, Today: Carnage rolled 3,1,6,5,3,2 using 1d10,1d10,1d10,1d8,1d8,1d6.  Carnage trying to pilot the Carnage-Copter away from Domino's rockets.

Not a good enough roll to beat Domino's 25 total. Let's spend 1d6 doom and see what this SFX can do...

SFX: Sensor Suite. Spend 1d6 doom to add Sensors (or step up if already in your pool) and reroll all dice on a reaction.

15:17, Today: Carnage rolled 3,2,10,6,1,1 using 1d10,1d10,1d10,1d8,1d10,1d6. Carnage trying to pilot the Carnage-Copter away from Domino's rockets.

Total: 16
Effect: d10
Opportunities: 2 (Available first to Domino)

Still not enough! Domino wins with an extraordinary success. Her d12+ effect die removes one of the Carnage-Copter's 3d10 Affiliation dice. The extraordinary success triggers the chopper's Limit and shuts down Sensors d8:

Limit: Malfunction. Shut down a HIGH-POWERED TWIN-ENGINE CRAFT power to add 1d6 doom or step up the lowest die in the doom pool. Activate an opportunity to recover that power.

Doom Pool: 10d8,1d10 (Stepped up 1d6 from Malfunction Limit)

Too late, Carnage spots the incoming projectiles and tries to jerk the chopper toward the left. One of Domino's rockets just misses the cabin, while the other strikes the large 'C' at the rear. There is a huge explosion as the rear fin is set ablaze, and the chopper begins to plummet, spinning several rotations. But before it hits the ground, the stabilizers kick in again and the aircraft begins to rise once more.

"Guess you were overdue for a lucky shot," hisses Kasady over the intercom. Even the madman sounds a bit rattled!

From having been used in her action, Domino's Rockets 2d12 goes away.

Actions Available: Spider-Man, Venom

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Luke Cage
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Sun 8 Nov 2020
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Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
"Damn, girl," whistles Cage to Domino. "Nice aim."

He motions to her, Iron Fist and Misty.

"You guys ready to play some more ball?" he says, pointing to an abandoned wheelbarrow full of what look like ordinary baseballs. But upon closer inspection, one can easily tell these are in fact more of the Demogoblin's pumpkin bombs! It seems the villains had sloppily painted a few to disguise them, intending to play a few nasty tricks on the heroes during the Purple Man's ball game! Cage and his allies grab a few of the bombs, alerting any nearby heroes to their find. With the damaged chopper unable to reach its former altitude, it seems to be well within range of a properly-aimed throw. If Spider-Man and Venom are within earshot, they surely want to take note!

Spending 1d10 doom to make the "Innocent Bystanders" into a Scene Complication, and spending 1d8 to restore Pumpkin Bombs as a Scene Distinction.

Doom Pool: 9d8

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Wed 11 Nov 2020
at 00:21
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
"Doppel! Nooooooo!"

Doppelganger's heavy body lay on top of Spider-Man, bleeding from the wounds of his selfless sacrifice. Peter Parker isn't sure if the creature is alive or dead. He holds the still Doppelganger in his arms as they both lay on the ground.

"Somebody help! He's hurt!"

Spider-Man's masked eyes seem to be pleading with those around him.

OOC:Spidey is going to let Venom take the initiative with using the painted pumpkin bombs, if he chooses to. He's concerned about helping Doppelganger this turn.

Next Action: Venom

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Wed 11 Nov 2020
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Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Back in the Darkforce Dimension...

Cloak takes the demon's contract after Moon Knight finishes signing his name. Though Ty sees the worry in Dagger's eyes, he too adds his signature to the document in blood. The girl is the last to add her own name to the parchment, giving a look to each of her comrades that says, "I can't believe I'm doing this."

"Now then," says the demon, taking the parchment back and rolling it up into a tidy scroll. "All you business partners of mine need to do to hold up your end of the deal is stab Mr. Kasady in the heart with that nice little writing implement I loaned you." He nods to the knife still clutched in Tandy's hand, used in the group's signing ritual.

"Once that's done," he says, cracking open the case, "Have your nice friend the... er... hairy sorceress... recite this spell, and your hated enemy's soul shall be sent right to my doorstep. It has to be Kasady or it won't work. So no switcheroos." He procures from the case another bound scroll, handing it to Dagger. "The whole process is quite convenient, a bit like that online shopping you mortals seem to enjoy so dearly."

"That's it?" Tandy says, blinking as she looks over the scroll. "We stab him with a pen and have Tigra recite a poem?"

"I haven't forgiven what you did to those innocent people," growls Ty to the demon. "But we have a deal. Now release us so we can end Kasady's madness."

"Not a problem, my dear child," nods the Predator. "And yes, that is all. Now then, with your trespassing here forgiven, I believe it's time I sent you three on your way..."

The group begins to feel a floating sensation as the demon teleports them out of his dimension. "Well, that whole thing felt gross," Tandy says, shuddering at the sight of the disappearing demon. Then-- perhaps remembering her and Ty's past mistakes-- she extends the knife to Marc. "Here. You take this."

Moon Knight receives "Demon's Dagger" d12 asset usable against Carnage. MK is also transported to the field at Yankee Stadium.

Actions Available: Moon Knight, Venom

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 Jessica Drew
Wed 11 Nov 2020
at 10:25
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
At the Sanctum Sanctorum...

Spider-Woman stiffened at the chaotic nightmare revealed by Wong’s scrying. “My god, it’s...Carnage will burn New York to the ground if we don’t stop him. Like, now!” She looked away from the dismal scene. “Tigra, can you get us there? We could probably take down that copter and help our friends shut down Carnage’s $#!%show.”

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Wed 11 Nov 2020
at 13:31
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Venom reels after the barrage. He looks around checking on those he was shielding before snapping up towards Carnage. With a growl, he leaps into the air and a tendril of web shoots into the wheelbarrow to grab a pumpkin bomb for him to chuck at the helicopter. "Get the wounded off the field Spider! We will draw our foolish spawns' attention!" Despite his bravado he is trailing blood as he goes.

D4 Pumpkin bomb scene +1 pp
d6 Team
d6 Web-slinging
d8 Reflexes (-1 PP multipower step down from d10)
d8 Combat expert

Total: 11
ED: d6
1 opps

08:24, Today: Venom rolled 3,3,3,8,1 using d4,d6,d6,d8,d8 ((3,3,3,8,1)).

Moon Knight
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Thu 12 Nov 2020
at 14:03
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Recognizing Yankee stadium took a couple of seconds. One stadium looked a lot like another from the playing field, an angle from which Moon Knight had never seen the place. But more importantly, it had become some sort of war zone. And while he wasn't that familiar with the various New York stadia, Moon Knight was all too familiar with war zones.

And hovering over the field was the cause of it all: Kasiday, in his stolen Moon Copter.

"I'm never going to get the stench out of there," Moon Knight grumbled, and made a decision. He reached into his utility belt and pulled out a small remote control with one red button on it. "Good-bye."

He pressed the button and threw the remote away. Up on the copter, a small red light began to flash on the dashboard.

Limit: Self-Destruct Codes. If present in the scene, Moon Knight may activate an opportunity to create a "Self-Destruct" d10 Timer on the Carnage-Copter. Step up the Timer every time Moon Knight takes an action in the turn order. When the Timer exceeds d12, add 2d12 to the doom pool and end the scene with the Carnage-Copter destroyed.
Moon Knight
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Fri 13 Nov 2020
at 14:28
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
With the self-destruct counting down, it was far safer to remain on the ground than to try to bring the fight up to Kasiday. So Moon Knight decided that what he really needed to do was get Kasiday's attention. He could possibly distract Kasiday from the little red light on the dash, and blow up the copter with him in it. The symbiotic psychopath would no doubt survive the explosion, but be in little shape for a fight.

Anyway, that was his theory, and he was sticking to it. And, as such, he formed a web-ball in his hands and pitched it at the copter. He was not really expecting to damage it — he knew just how durable it was — but merely to attract attention to himself.

Team d8
Fist of Khonshu d4 (because right now he's working for the Predator)
Superhuman Strength d10
Web-Slinging d8
Combat Master d10

Moon Knight rolled 1,3,8,3,2 using d8,d4,d10,d8,d10 ((1,3,8,3,2)).

Total: 11
Effect die: d10
Opportunities: 1
+2 PP

The Watcher
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Sun 15 Nov 2020
at 00:06
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Stepping up 2d8 in the Doom Pool for Venom's opportunity in Msg #406 and Moon Knight's opportunity in Msg #408.

Spending 1d10 doom to reunite the heroes at Yankee Stadium (d10 since Tigra and Spider-Woman each have d10 Team affiliation).

Doom Pool: 7d8,1d10

Will have the reaction to both posts up soon. See Tigra's post to follow.

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Sun 15 Nov 2020
at 00:25
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
In reply to The Watcher (msg # 409):

"Hang on tight, Jessica. I'll take us over to the helicopter. Keep your Dragonfang, I'll keep the Wand of Watoomb. Wong, we'll be back. I think this place needs a little sprucing up, don't you? And pleaaaaase make some dinner soon? Symba and I are starving. Thanks!"

Tigra placed her left hand on Jessica's shoulder, and teleported both of them to the helicopter.

She looked around, focusing her eyes and saw the strangest, and surprisingly cutest thing in the world. There they were, Kassady and Shriek, holding hands like any other couple in love, whispering and cackling over how to defeat everyone in the stadium below.

Symba could not help yell out,"What is this? Carnage! When's the wedding and why was I not invited? So much for being 'family.'".

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The Watcher
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Tue 17 Nov 2020
at 02:30
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Moon Knight creates a d10 "Self-Destruct" Timer on the Carnage-Copter.

Tigra receives "Wand of Watoomb" d12 asset. Spider-Woman receives "Dragonfang" d12 asset.

As the heroines Tigra and Spider-Woman materialize inside the Carnage-Copter, the co-pilots seem preoccupied. Neither seems to be paying much attention to the burning, smoking rear of the chopper where Domino's rocket struck, nor the flashing red screens that read, "SELF-DESTRUCT COUNTDOWN INITIATED!" Such is the power of love, for better or worse.

"Oh honey, you always take me to the most romantic places!" giggles Shriek as she rests her head against Carnage's shoulder, taking in a view of the ravaged stadium through the cockpit.

"Anything for my woman! Now let's spruce it up even more!" Cletus laughs, spraying the helicopter's bullets all around the arena. "A few more bodies piled over here, a bit more flaming hellscape over there..."

Suddenly, he seems to notice the pair have visitors. As Tigra's symbiote gives Carnage a piece of its mind, the villains both turn to glare at the newcomers.

"Well, look what the cat dragged in! Another spoil-sport Spider!" says Carnage. Then, noticing Jessica's sword, he adds: "What's this, did they announce a casting call for a Xena reboot? And if so, why wasn't my lady invited?"

"Did Cat-Breath over there just say 'wedding?'" gasps Shriek. "What's that slimy sorceress talkin' about, Carny?" Though it may seem surprising, the heartless villainess' eyes seem somehow... hopeful?

"Oh, so now Ms. Whiskers here wants to spoil my big surprise for the evening?" growls Kasady. "Take a page out of my book, sister: symbiotes should be seen and not heard!"

He nods to his companion. "Let's let 'em have it, babe!"

Actions Available: Tigra and Spider-Woman

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The Watcher
 GM, 220 posts
Tue 17 Nov 2020
at 03:18
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
"I'll deal with them, cupcake," hisses Shriek. "You focus on flying the--"

No sooner has she said the words than Carnage jerks the control stick sharply to the left, sending the entire chopper veering to the side. As Tigra and Spider-Woman tumble toward the wall, they can see incoming projectiles being thrown straight at the windshield!

Reaction to Venom's attack with the pumpkin bomb.

18:43, Today: Carnage rolled 8,9,4,2,5 using 1d10 1d10,1d4,1d8,1d6 ((8,9,4,2,5)).

Total: 17
Effect: d8
Opportunities: 0

The Carnage-Copter wins. Better luck next time, Venom!

"Sorry, doll!" says Kasady, upon seeing Frances tossed about the cabin. It's my dear old deadbeat dad Venom and that crackpot Moon Knight! Boy, they don't give up so easy, now do they? Now hang on tight, sweet stuff!"

Reaction to Moon Knight's symbiote ball distraction.

18:57, Today: Carnage rolled 6,1,2,1,3 using 1d10,1d10,1d4,1d8,1d6 ((6,1,2,1,3)).

Total: 9
Effect: d4
Opportunities: 2 (Available first to Moon Knight)

Moon Knight wins. The Carnage-Copter takes a d10 "Flying Blind" complication. (Nice one, MK!)

"Hey, what the--?!"

Moon Knight's symbiote-blob splatters against the windshield, making it hard for Carnage to see where he's piloting his flying death-machine. With the aircraft's sensors still down from Domino's rocket attack, there's no way to get a lock on his targets. He aims his weapons where he last remembers seeing the moon-themed vigilante and prepares to advance on him.

"You just don't know when to quit, do you Marc?" Kasady growls menacingly over the aircraft's PA.

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 XPs: 11
Wed 18 Nov 2020
at 08:58
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
"Every life is worth saving," Daredevil says. It doesn't matter if he means it or not.

He hurries over to help Ben clamber over the railing. The reporter doesn't look back over his shoulder to see what his fate could have been.

"Gotcha, big guy," DD says, not taking his grip away from Ben until the reporter is firmly on his feet again. "We've been here all night. I'm not going to fool myself into thinking this is the only game in town. What else has been going on?"
 player, 7 posts
 Jessica Drew
Fri 20 Nov 2020
at 10:02
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Luckily, Spider-Woman’s superior agility helped her recover quickly. She rolled into a tumble, springing to her feet with Dragonfang in hand. “I meant teleport us near the helicopter, not INSIDE it,” Jessica said with some exasperation to Tigra. The explosions buffeting the copter only made her more annoyed.

Still, the outside attacks presented Spider-Woman with an excellent opportunity. Springing toward the pilot’s seat in a single jump, she grinned at the symbiote architect of all the chaos. “As lovely as a wedding sounds, I’m afraid you’re tied down with another woman right now, Carnage!” Then, Spider-Woman raised the magical sword and plunged downward with her spider-strength, attempting to pin Carnage to the floor underneath the seats. Emerald energy crackled from the Dark Angel’s hands as her Venom Blast coursed through Dragonfang, and hopefully into Carnage!

“Tigra, take down that screeching psycho-bitch!”


Team 1D10 + S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent 1d8 + Venom Blast 1d8 + Superhuman Strength 1d10 + Combat Expert 1d8 + Dragonfang 1d12.

I’m also using Carnage’s Physical Stress against him for an extra 1d8.
I’ll also spend 1 PP for an extra die.

Pin Carnage with Dragonfang, then conduct her Venom Blast for extra damage!

Spider-Woman rolled 5,4,3,1,1,5,5 using 1d10,1d8,1d8,1d10,1d8,1d12,1d8.  F**k Carnage Up & Over W/Dragonfang.

Total: 14
Effect: 12
Opportunities: 2

 NPC, 28 posts
Sun 22 Nov 2020
at 22:17
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Stepping up 2d8 in the Doom Pool for Spider-Woman's 2 opportunities in Msg #414.

Doom Pool: 5d8,3d10

Carnage's eyes widen as Spider-Woman leaps straight at him, preparing to drive her sword clear through his body! It's all the villain can do to try and leap away, but these cramped quarters provide little room for him to dodge!

Carnage tries to avoid Spider-Woman's sword attack.

Buddy d8
Sneaky d4 (Close quarters)
Superhuman Reflexes d10
Combat Expert 2d6

13:19, Today: Carnage rolled 3,3,4,5,3 using 1d8,1d4,1d10,1d6,d6 ((3,3,4,5,3)). Carnage trying to evade Spider-Woman's Dragonfang attack.

Total: 9
Effect: d8
Opportunities: 0

Spider-Woman wins with an extraordinary success. Stepping up 1d8 in the Doom Pool for Carnage's use of his "Sneaky" distinction at d4.

Doom Pool: 4d8, 4d10

As Carnage tries to lean away from Spider-Woman's blade, the heroine adjusts and stabs him right through. The blade is sharp enough that it pierces through the seat behind Kasady and even the aircraft controls themselves. Instantly, her bio-electricity is running up the length of the sword, electrifying the villain and sending his symbiote standing on end. To his credit, Kasady doesn't scream no matter how much it must hurt. He just bubbles and boils as the high-voltage attack cooks the symbiote he wears to a light crisp.

But wait a moment... Is that Carnage?


SFX: Symbiote Decoy. When Carnage is stressed out, spend d8 from the doom pool and reveal that the unconscious body the heroes are looking at is one of Carnage’s victims in a mock symbiote suit.

Doom Pool: 3d8, 4d10

As the symbiote body-double collapses in its seat, Jessica knows from reading S.H.I.E.L.D.'s files that the thing she's just "killed" is nothing but a dead body. As the ooze recedes off the hosts' face, an ordinary-looking man is visible behind it. His glassy eyes stare toward the ceiling, taking no notice of Jessica. The fact that the body is already cold tells her that the villain was keeping one of his many victims around for this exact purpose.

"Poor sap," laughs a voice behind the heroine. "He didn't even make it to the night's biggest event!"

Jessica turns to see the real Carnage standing behind her. The villain smiles, holding the unconscious Tigra in his grasp. Jessica realizes Greer must have hit her head when they got slammed around by the pilot's evasive maneuvers. In the chaos and confusion as things were thrown about the cabin, Kasady slipped away from the pilot's seat without anyone noticing and snatched her up. The villain holds Tigra at arm's length while Shriek hits her with a sonic blast to keep her symbiote in check.

"I wouldn't try it," Kasady taunts, already knowing what Drew must be thinking. "Not if you'd like her head to stay on her body."

He lightly traces the tip of a sharpened finger against Tigra's neck. One quick twitch of a finger and he can make good on his threat.

"And now," he grins. "I guess this is the part where Shriek and I give you and S.H.I.E.L.D. a list of our demands!"

Next Action: Shriek

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 NPC, 12 posts
Mon 23 Nov 2020
at 23:30
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
"My first demand is that Spider-Freak gets her ass out of our helicopter," Shriek smirks. "She can listen to the rest from a comfortable distance. I've about had enough of other women moving in on MY man."

She extends her hands, palm outward, and releases a wave of sound that fills the entire cabin. Jessica tries to hang on, even using her bio-electricity to cling to the wall, but it's too much. The rear bay is blasted open and she is swept away, tumbling out of the chopper to land on the field below. She can see Carnage waving to her, still holding the unconscious Tigra hostage.

"Down came the rain and washed the spider out!" laughs Shriek, hopping into the pilot's seat as the chopper's guns train on Jessica next. The villainess places a palm against the windshield, trying to vibrate loose some of Moon Knight's symbiote muck so she can see better.

Spent 1d8 doom to split up Tigra and Spider-Woman. Spent 1d10 doom to create an additional scene complication, "Trapped Tigra d10."

Shriek's action is to apply her Sonic Blast d8 toward the Carnage-Copter's "Flying Blind" d10 complication, stepping it back to d8.

Doom Pool: 2d8, 3d10

Tigra wished to skip her turn this round. The next action is the "Self-Destruct" Timer d10.

The Watcher
 GM, 222 posts
Mon 23 Nov 2020
at 23:38
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
The self-destruct timer triggered by Moon Knight continues to count down, as the unconscious sorceress remains trapped aboard the helicopter in Carnage's clutches! Down on the field, a new figure can be seen moving into position! But is she friend or foe?

The "Self-Destruct" Timer d10 steps up to d12. On its next turn, it will double to 2d12 and end the scene. Heroes can target the timer to try and step it back with a successful roll against the Carnage-Copter + Timer and a d10 effect die or greater.

Next Action: Mayhem (New round)

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Tue 24 Nov 2020
at 04:10
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Mayhem watches the woman tumble out of the back of the helicopter; her sister would have known who she was, of course she would have, but Mayhem at least had seen that she was a flier and could survive the fall.

Flier or not, the unconscious woman in the bio-pred-- she corrected herself; this was the original, this was Carnage-- in Carnage's clutches would not be so lucky.

"Dammit,", she growls. Her plan to observe these strange heroes-- especially the one in her father's costume-- and her plan to introduce herself to them carefully just fell apart. By the time she's fully visible, she's sprinting away from the helicopter at inhuman speed.

She fires two weblines from her back at the corners of the helicopter's rear bay doors; the weblines stretch taut, and a boneless puddle of Mayhem hurtles through the helicopter.

Solo d10 + Auntie M d8 + Superhuman Strength d10 + Shapeshifting d8 + Acrobatics d10 + Symbiote Slingshot Stunt d8

20:59, Today: Mayhem rolled 7,5,5,2,7,4 using d10,d8,d10,d8,d10,d8, unique dice ((7,5,5,2,7,4)).


When they land, Mayhem reconstitutes into her humanoid alien form... uncomfortably aware of the fact that she's now on the wrong end of Carnage's helicopter.

NEXT: Carnage